Sunday, December 21, 2014
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Australian woman charged with murder of 8 children
SYDNEY (AP) -- An Australian woman was charged with murder on Sunday in the deaths of seven of her children and her niece, whose bodies were found inside her home, police said.... 12/21/2014 4:51 AM

A chance to breach divide for young in Cuba and US
HAVANA (AP) -- Daniela Martinez long figured that someday she would leave the struggles of daily life in Cuba and join her uncle in the United States, but after the events of the last few days, the 18-year-old medical student thinks exile may not be her only choice.... 12/21/2014 4:34 AM

North Korea proposes joint probe over Sony hacking
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- North Korea proposed a joint investigation with the U.S. into the hacking attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment, warning of "serious" consequences if Washington rejects a probe that it believes would prove Pyongyang had nothing to do with the cyberattack.... 12/21/2014 12:40 AM

Egypt's powerful intelligence chief replaced
CAIRO (AP) -- Egypt's powerful intelligence chief, a longtime mentor of President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, was removed and replaced by his deputy, security officials said Saturday... 12/21/2014 12:00 AM

Panama's Noriega in prison 25 years post-invasion
PANAMA CITY (AP) -- Former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega is nearly forgotten, languishing in a steamy jungle prison near the interoceanic canal while the country enjoys democracy and economic prosperity a quarter-century after the strongman was toppled by a U.S. military invasion.... 12/20/2014 10:24 PM

Raul Castro: Don't expect detente to change Cuban system
HAVANA (AP) -- Cuban President Raul Castro sent a blunt message to Washington Saturday as the White House works to reverse a half-century of hostility between the U.S. and Cuba: Don't expect detente to do away with the communist system.... 12/20/2014 9:17 PM

French police shoot dead knife-wielding assailant
PARIS (AP) -- Officials say a man armed with a knife has attacked a police station and been killed by an officer in a suburb of Tours, a city in central France.... 12/20/2014 9:13 PM

Kurds advance against IS group in Syria, Iraq
BEIRUT (AP) -- Kurdish fighters advanced on the Islamic State extremist group in Iraq and Syria on Saturday, pushing into the contested, refugee-packed Sinjar mountains and gaining ground in the embattled Syrian border town of Kobani after heavy clashes, Kurdish officials and an activist group said.... 12/20/2014 9:07 PM

Kenya to US: Our terror laws are better than yours
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) -- An official in Kenya is criticizing the United States for raising concerns about a new Kenyan law aimed at fighting terrorism.... 12/20/2014 9:06 PM

AP PHOTOS: A look at 2014 in the business world
LONDON (AP) -- No one said the recovery from the global financial crisis would be easy and 2014 provided that in spades.... 12/20/2014 8:03 PM

Burying the dead after Pakistan's school massacre
PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) -- One of the gravediggers at Peshawar's largest graveyard has a rule. He says he never cries when he buries the dead. He's a professional, he says.... 12/20/2014 7:19 PM

Liberia holds Senate vote amid Ebola fears
MONROVIA, Liberia (AP) -- Health workers carrying thermometers and sanitizers manned polling stations across Liberia on Saturday as voters cast their ballots in a twice-delayed Senate election that has been criticized for its potential to spread the deadly Ebola disease.... 12/20/2014 7:04 PM

Egypt president meets Qatar envoy
CAIRO (AP) -- Egypt's President has met with an envoy of the Emir of Qatar, the first such meeting since Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi took office last summer, signaling a thaw in relations between the two nations.... 12/20/2014 6:32 PM

Francis names new camerlengo
VATICAN CITY (AP) -- The pope has named French Cardinal Jean Louis Tauran to the role of camerlengo, or chamberlain, who takes over the day-to-day running of the Holy See as soon as a papacy ends.... 12/20/2014 6:04 PM

Egypt official says nearly 10,000 detained this year
CAIRO (AP) -- Egyptian security forces have detained nearly 10,000 suspected militants, rioters and others wanted in violent attacks over the past 12 months in a crackdown a senior interior ministry official said Saturday targets those attempting to curtail Egypt's development.... 12/20/2014 6:00 PM

Spaniards protest their nation's proposed security law
MADRID (AP) -- Thousands of people protested in Spanish cities on Saturday against a proposed law that would set hefty fines for offenses such as burning the national flag and demonstrating outside parliament buildings or strategic installations.... 12/20/2014 5:45 PM

Sierra Leone peacekeepers to leave Somalia mission
FREETOWN, Sierra Leone (AP) -- A Sierra Leone military official says the country is withdrawing from the African Union peacekeeping force in Somalia after being blocked from rotating its soldiers over concerns about the spread of Ebola.... 12/20/2014 4:34 PM

Bombings kill 12 in Iraq
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Bombs targeting commercial streets and an army patrol killed 12 people in and around Baghdad Saturday, Iraqi authorities said.... 12/20/2014 3:54 PM

2 car bombs rock southern Sweden's city of Malmo
COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) -- Swedish police say two car bombs have shattered dozens of windows in a multiethnic district of Malmo, Sweden's third largest city.... 12/20/2014 3:36 PM

WHO: Recorded Ebola deaths top 7,000
CONAKRY, Guinea (AP) -- The worst Ebola outbreak on record has now killed more than 7,000 people, with many of the latest deaths reported in Sierra Leone, the World Health Organization said as United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon continued his tour of Ebola-affected countries in West Africa on Saturday.... 12/20/2014 3:20 PM