Thursday, September 18, 2014
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Scots decide whether to declare independence
EDINBURGH, Scotland (AP) -- Scots held the fate of the United Kingdom in their hands Thursday as they voted in a referendum on becoming an independent state, deciding whether to unravel a marriage with England that built an empire but has increasingly been felt by many Scots as stifling and one-sided.... 9/18/2014 2:35 PM

Chile arrests 3 suspects in subway bomb attack
SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) -- Chilean police arrested three suspects on Thursday in the country's worst bomb attack in more than two decades.... 9/18/2014 2:34 PM

India, China vow cooperation as troops face off
NEW DELHI (AP) -- Indian and Chinese troops faced off at their countries' unmarked border in the Himalayas on Thursday as their leaders were promising to boost economic cooperation and substantially increase Chinese investment in India's infrastructure at a rare meeting.... 9/18/2014 2:31 PM

Belgium arrests Liberian ex-rebel commander
BRUSSELS (AP) -- Belgium has arrested a high-ranking member of the rebel movement that plunged Liberia into conflict more than two decades ago and charged her with war crimes and crimes against humanity, a spokesman for federal prosecutors said Thursday.... 9/18/2014 2:30 PM

Australian police: Raids thwarted beheading plot
SYDNEY (AP) -- Police on Thursday said they thwarted a plot to carry out beheadings in Australia by supporters of the radical Islamic State group. They raided more than a dozen properties across Sydney and were holding six people and have identified the suspected ringleader, officials said.... 9/18/2014 2:20 PM

Pakistan rescues thousands as floods hit south
ISLAMABAD (AP) -- Pakistan's disaster management agency says rescuers have evacuated thousands of people stranded in parts of the country's south after being hit by floods... 9/18/2014 2:09 PM

South African parliament hosts another ruckus
JOHANNESBURG (AP) -- A South African opposition lawmaker wanted to get a point across to the deputy president during a parliamentary debate. So he raised his middle finger in a gesture widely recognized as obscene.... 9/18/2014 2:00 PM

Nearly 3 million Syrian children not in school
BEIRUT (AP) -- Nearly three million Syrian children are not attending school due to the civil war raging in their homeland, an international charity group said Thursday, as the country's intractable conflict threatens to deny an entire a generation of education.... 9/18/2014 1:59 PM

Cardinals debate marriage before crucial meeting
VATICAN CITY (AP) -- Five high-ranking cardinals have taken one of Pope Francis' favorite theologians to task over an issue dear to the pope's heart and key to the Vatican's upcoming two-year study on family issues.... 9/18/2014 1:57 PM

Kerry, Afghan candidate discuss vote impasse
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) -- A campaign manager for one of two presidential contenders in Afghanistan says U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry spent 25 minutes on the phone with Abdullah Abdullah and his leadership council in an effort to break the country's political deadlock.... 9/18/2014 1:56 PM

Nigeria: Death toll in building collapse up to 80
LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) -- The death toll in a building collapse at a televangelist's church complex in Nigeria has risen to 80, an official said Thursday.... 9/18/2014 1:55 PM

Amnesty: Nigerian police routinely use torture
JOHANNESBURG (AP) -- Amnesty International says Nigeria's police and military routinely torture women, men and children as young as 12 with beatings, shootings, rape, electric shocks and pliers used to pull out teeth and nails.... 9/18/2014 1:51 PM

Series of attacks kills at least 15 in Iraq
BAGHDAD (AP) -- A series of attacks, including several bombings in commercial areas of Baghdad, killed at least 15 people in Iraq on Thursday, officials said.... 9/18/2014 1:49 PM

WHO: 700 more Ebola cases emerge in only 1 week
DAKAR, Senegal (AP) -- The World Health Organization says more than 700 more Ebola cases emerged in West Africa in one week, a statistic that shows the outbreak is accelerating.... 9/18/2014 1:42 PM

Nigerian troops mark rare victory over extremists
MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (AP) -- Nigerian troops celebrated victory against Islamic extremists in which scores of militants were killed near the strategic northeast city of Maiduguri.... 9/18/2014 1:42 PM

Weak uptake for new eurozone stimulus program
FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) -- The European Central Bank has launched a new stimulus program aimed at getting banks to lend more - but low demand for the first round of its super-cheap loans suggests the difficulty the ECB faces in reviving the economy.... 9/18/2014 1:40 PM

Whaling meeting votes against Japan's hunt
PORTOROZ, Slovenia (AP) -- An international whaling conference voted Thursday against Japan's highly criticized plans to resume whaling in the Antarctic next year, but Japan vowed to go ahead anyway.... 9/18/2014 12:48 PM

Doctor: Ford to undergo 40 days of chemotherapy
TORONTO (AP) -- Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will undergo 40 days of chemotherapy to treat a rare and difficult-to-beat cancer that forced him to do what months of scandals over drug and alcohol abuse could not - drop his bid for re-election.... 9/18/2014 12:40 PM

43 accused of running cybersex ring in Philippines
MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- Philippine authorities arrested 43 suspected members of a syndicate that runs a lucrative online cybersex operation catering to clients worldwide, officials said Thursday.... 9/18/2014 12:34 PM

Minority scholar denies separatism at China trial
URUMQI, China (AP) -- A Muslim Uighur scholar accused of separatism sought to show Thursday that his writings and classroom lectures, including descriptions of Chinese as dragons and Uighurs as wolves, were not a campaign to split his native Xinjiang region from China.... 9/18/2014 12:33 PM