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Available stories for Tuesday, November 7, 2000

Live county election results
Man allegedly drives truck into 2 cars, 2 houses
Man charged in car theft, robbery, vehicular assault
Cedar Point officer listed in fair condition at MCO
Truck-stop slaying suspect sent to Wood County jail
State tournament schedule for girls volleyball
Last-minute uncertainty lingers in presidential race
Accused murderer released
Maumee drops talk of imposing theater tax
Jury takes break in Graham case
First Families have their own favorite recipes
There's a little old winemaker next door
Martha Washington's Crab Soup
Raspberry Buttercream
Swedish Spritzbaaken Cookies
Mocha Baked Alaska
Jambalaya with Creole Sauce
Lions' Ross calls it quits
Pinkel frets over Cards
Carr, Moeller go back to 1977
Spirit intact for Browns
Hens announce schedule for last season in Skeldon
City League adds 8 to its Hall of Fame roster
Michigan stunned by NU explosion
Finally, time to decide
`Investing' in the process
Without taxes, society would be poorer
Pollsters and their hang-ups
Engineering school at UT gets new head
Secret report in Hudson draws fire from citizens
Solution to unwanted cat problem sought
FAA grants $410,000 to Defiance airport
Psychiatric unit patient is sought
Parish house to get 2nd look as a historic site
Local firm, 2 others bid on turnpike plaza space
U.S. has 30 days to decide on whistleblower lawsuit
Cats near burning business saved
CNN to Comedy Central: election coverage for every taste
Anti-Resnick ads to get 2nd look
Schools mark Veterans Day as reminder of sacrifices
Charges are dropped; man is set free after 7 months in jail
Physician ordered to pen article on evasion of taxes
Lawyer named bankruptcy judge
Cedar Fair says quarter's results slipped
OC petitions court for permission to buy firm
Local inventor seeks $5 million to invest in zero-pollution engine
A boycott by Lions' fans may get Ford's attention
Lake chief offers to police village
Now's time to decide this rhyme
Bargains are flowing from southern France
Baking contest proves diversity is in good taste
Hunters in hot water for killing trumpeter swans
So you think you're ready to vote, eh?
Late-to-form investment club gets crash course
Ex-rail worker was on Oregon planning panel
Former Mercy Memorial Hospital chief of staff delivered 10,000 babies

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