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Available stories for Sunday, August 12, 2001

Black tie festivities to reopen library
Business Technology Department offers patrons one-stop resource shopping
Colored murals brighten central court, children's area
A library opens a universe of knowledge
Condo project's collapse falls on taxpayers
Politicians gain face time at festivals
Toledo's public library has history of innovation
Too old for MTV
A fashionable face
College trustees do balancing act over conflicts of interest
Beautiful beacons
Governor summons Mr. Fix-it
Frogs, tomatoes fly downtown
Animal-experiment failures cast doubts on human cloning
Old timers do hard time: Fear, cost, justice cited in debate on keeping elderly in prison
Browns smother Packers in preseason opener
Hens outhit Charlotte, but lose
International League notebook: Fired-up Hens have flown up from the depths
Your tax check: A rebate, a refund, or what?
Key player in OC bankruptcy
IRS answers questions most people ask about the check
Tractors pull big load in specialized segment
In these rooms, one will wish to be a kid again
Technology in forefront of new wing
Once-hidden book collection now accessible to the public
Library borrowed ideas that work
Historic document room a rare treat
Genealogy unit to sink its roots in larger, more comfortable space
Labor history: Chronicles of unions receive their due
By design, brothers meld old with new
Branches also get funds for expansion
A new name each month could bridge this gap
Browns' Gay trying to revive legendary past
Vandalia is prepared for The Grand
Michigan wildlife finally shows up for visitors
Rauch Berry Farm proprietor enjoyed outdoor activities
Retired drama, speech teacher wrote poetry
Blunt trauma suspected in Michigan man's death
Prickly fight takes shape over standards for pesticides
On course for investment
Artist's garden floats like a boat
Thorough, yes, but candid?
Consider public transit
Peaches, renovated library are celebrated
If you really want to be a model . . .
CD reviews: Craig David born to do it in U.S., too
Life is just out of reach
A renegade logo that became corporate
Hospital war undermines children's health
Toledo jazz pianist takes on Los Angeles
Teamsters' focus off base
White House Watch: Life is good for Laura Bush
Could `Mayor Gil Hill' turn Detroit around?
Toasting a favorite ginger ale
Palestinians, Israelis - if this isn't war ...
Russia sends visitors a chilling signal
Sing it, Bert: There she goes, Miss America
Feedback: Aug. 5 column

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