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Available stories for Sunday, April 21, 2002

Protest's turn-on turns into a turn-off
Rocket QB duel to be continued
Hens depleted and defeated
After the prom
4-H has moved off the farm
A cellist for change
Last Waltz Best Waltz
Morning munchies: Bed and breakfasts offer a tasty start to the day
Police officer shoots, kills man holding gun
Cost of college soars
Officials search for cause of blast at Lima dwelling
Now you see 'em, now you don't: Many new jobs exist only on paper
3 Toledoans die in Monclova crash
Contest draws lots of anglers, few fish
U.S. foreign affairs stretch into murky territory
Northwest Ohio: Stuck in Gear
Browns address deficiency by drafting Green
European travel sure isn't what it used to be
Pistons, Raptors match defenses
Shooters take stock in B.G. man's work
Old leverage tool still valid
Acronyms spell jobs, development
Ex-teacher remembered for upbeat personality, encouragement of reading
Traffic stop on I-75 nets 50 kilograms of cocaine
Bank-robbery suspect caught at N. Toledo home
Genoa woman identified as victim in Rt. 2 collision
Feedback: April 14 column
Ashcroft oversteps authority
A start toward self-sufficiency
The law, habitats, and intent
World traveler owned Blissfield hardware store
Making jobs with ideas Do I stay or do I go?
Divisions over Venezuela
Misconduct not limited to Catholic priests
Does another tax ring a bell? It tolls for thee
Auberjonois is a real American
Shining light for Jeep
CD reviews: Shand has a knack for R&B
Can `brain damage' save Alton Coleman from death?
Wardrobe goes on vacation too
The Marty Frankel puzzle
Julio's universal appeal
As recalls rise, speed of returns decreases
Skillful negotiation can reduce home-sale commission rates
In always hopeful season, farmers extra optimistic
Jobs spring up for area landscapers
Call her `Dr. Powell' now

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