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Available stories for Sunday, April 18, 2004

The scientific heritage of Islam
Market appears to be near the end
Roethlisberger is a hot prospect
Amstutz's worries eased
Tigers' Maroth stymies Tribe
Hens fall in 11 innings
IL notebook: Dmitri Young's injury has ripple effect
Hindsight makes Hite's sight look blurry
Low-profile lab, high-profile job
Upscale undergrad housing
Sylvania's Steamroller: Chip Davis returns to Ohio with his famous band for a series of weekend events
Students of fashion
Dancing the night away
Women's rights: What's left?
Whistler's attitude reflected in Detroit exhibit
Is Whistler's Mother from West Toledo?
Tell us how you say 'no' to a date
'Crucible' as chilling as today's news
CD reviews: A no-frills sound on Ellis Hooks' new release
Notebook: Tigers rebound fast after defeat
Preservationists challenge parish in painful dispute
Zoo's newest exhibit will bring African plains to Toledo's Trail
Cheney tells NRA Kerry's a threat to gun owners, indecisive on war
Textbooks stack up financial woes
Auto title cash taken from rural counties
Today's log
In Iraq, support withheld from U.S. out of fear
Henry County crash kills Indiana man
Fest includes mock gay marriage
Data differ from tales of doctors fleeing Ohio
Cut the commentary
The ultimate sacrifice
Family planning, China style
We call the Iraqis insurgents?
Schools to Columbus: 'Show us the money!'
UT in C-USA: a move that makes cents
Rare cranes visit Ohio
Bush or Kerry? Neither man has made the sale
Americans cut their own taxes, when the spirit moves them
Michigan's AG is young and ambitious
Port Clinton doctor made house calls, was WWII veteran
Owner of respite care center spent life helping others
American journalist used his experience to benefit Prague readers
Book fair, signings are scheduled
Plenty of blame to go around for America's obesity epidemic
Feedback: April 11 column

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