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Fifteen years ago, Steve Pollick, The Blade’s outdoors editor, and Jeff Basting, a Blade illustrator/designer, began an unusual collaboration —The Outdoors Page, which has become nationally acclaimed, award-winning medium for bringing nature to readers.

Each richly illustrated page is a special monthly edition of the newspaper’s popular Toledo Magazine page, published on the back cover of the Sunday Behind the News Section.

The Blade is now publishing Best of the Outdoors Page, “Celebrating 15 years of nature in northwest Ohio and beyond.”An atlas-size, coffee table-style book, it features more than 60 selections from among some 170 editions of The Outdoors Page since 1997.

The visually engaging pages emphasize exploring, discovery, and observation of the natural world while being entertaining and educational.

Monthly subjects have ranged widely, include such topics as forecasting weather by cloud formations, red fox, dragonflies, Ohio caves, bobcats, and hummingbirds.

Both Mr. Pollick and Mr. Basting have won regional, state, and national awards for their writing and illustration-design work, individually and as a team.
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