Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Foreign-made Jeeps coming to U.S.
The Fiat 500L was introduced to U.S. buyers with TV commercials that featured a Paul Revere character storming the colonial countryside on horseback, excitedly hollering that the Italians were coming. The ads were clever and generally well received — but don’t bet on anything similar in touting Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ upcoming import to America. We’re not talking Alfa Romeo or Maserati, here. This time, it’s a Jeep.
2 hours ago


Local businesses to host Italians
May forum to draws 20 companies shopping for opportunities in NW Ohio.
5 hours ago

Pressure on chocolate supply mounts
Firms worry about cocoa-bean farming.
5 hours ago
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Sylvania rents cell antenna space
For water tower space, city gets $75,000 up front, $41,200 a year.
5 hours ago

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