Drivers line up as gas prices fall at stations across Lucas Co.


Gasoline prices have continued to decline in the Toledo metro area, with increasing numbers of stations charging less than $3 per gallon for self-service regular and the average price now as low as it has been since January.

Among the lowest prices Wednesday was the $2.899 per gallon for regular at the Speedway at Conant and East John streets in Maumee, where motorists lined up.

The Web site reported Wednesday a local average price of $3.13 per gallon for regular, down 36.6 cents in a week and 84 cents per gallon below the recent Toledo peak on June 5, which was blamed at the time on refinery problems in the region. The local average also was 41.4 cents below Gasbuddy's national-average price of $3.544 cents per gallon for regular.

Gasbuddy reports are based on spotter sightings at filling stations across the country. By Wednesday afternoon, seven spotters had reported regular prices below $2.90 per gallon in the metro Toledo area within the previous 24 hours, and numerous others were below $3 per gallon.