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Mike Mori
Sales and Marketing Director
Phone: 419-724-6380
Email: mmori@toledoblade.com

Sandy Rockwell
Assistant to Director of Sales and New Media
Phone: 419-724-6492
Email: srockwell@toledoblade.com

Heather Foor
Advertising Director
Phone: 419-724-6440
Email: hfoor@toledoblade.com

Kevin Matus
Local Sales Manager
Phone: 419-724-6280
Email: kmatus@toledoblade.com

Kim Przybylski
Assistant Retail Advertising Manager
Phone: 419-724-6348
Email: kprzybylski@toledoblade.com

Cathy Yungmann
Reach Media Sales Manager
Phone: 419-724-6385
Email: cathy@reachmedia.us

Department Information

Phone: (800) 232-7253

Display Advertising
Phone: 419-724-6350 Fax: 419-724-6391
Email: retailads@toledoblade.com

Display Advertising-Classified
Phone: 419-724-6434 Fax: 419-724-6423
Email: classified@toledoblade.com

General Classified Advertising
Phone: 419-724-6500 Fax: 419-724-6438
Email: classified@toledoblade.com

National Advertising
Phone: 419-724-6400 Fax: 419-724-6432
Email: natadv@toledoblade.com