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Today's log


Bay Park Community Hospital

Stacy Groll, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Flower Hospital

Tia and Terrell Leech, Sylvania, girl, Monday.

Tiaunna and Anthony Richardson, Toledo, boy, Monday.

Stephanie Sandy, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

St. Anne Mercy Hospital

Heather and Benjamin Cantwell, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Dawn and Matthew Ahern, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Ronna and the Rev. Clint Hayslett, Oak Harbor, Ohio, boy, Tuesday.

St. Luke's Hospital

Jessica and Jonathan DeFranco, Holland, boy, Wednesday.

Korie and Kurt Poling, Luckey, girl, Wednesday.

Melissa and Allen Luginbuhl, Toledo, boy, Thursday.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Carol and Randy Perry, Erie, Mich., boy, Wednesday.

Trina Scicere, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Joyce Clarke, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Toledo Hospital

Amitha Kesireddy-Rieman and Stephen Rieman, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Joellen and Nick Kaufman, Waterville, girl, Wednesday.

Misty Swary, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Lisa and John Hrifko, Maumee, twin boys, Wednesday.


Lucas County

July 9, 2003

Mark Schmidlin, 31, HVAC technician, and Tracy Wodarski, 31, customer service representative, both of Oregon.

Rickie Williams, 23, and Dalorie Smith, 36, both of Toledo.

Jeffrey Rini, 23, U.S. Army, and Alicia Firstbrook, 23, teacher, both of Toledo.

Jeremy Bostelman, 26, accounts payable, and Shannon Rood, 23, receptionist, both of Toledo.

Donald Cousino, 29, mechanic, and Gina Wren, 34, interviewer, both of Toledo.

Charles Nerswig, 62, and Barbara Widney, 63, both of Toledo.

Robert Hutka, 22, manager, and Stacey Compton, 27, residential specialist, both of Toledo.

John Noegel, 23, fabricator, and Cynthia Swanson, 23, stylist, both of Oregon.

Donald Amon, 48, sales, and Kathy Strzyinski, 42, attorney, both of Maumee.

James Merritt, 39, factory worker, and Sandra Helminiak, 42, factory worker, both of Toledo.

Matthew Merzke, 31, deputy clerk, and Katelyn Stevens, 22, hostess, both of Toledo.

Michael Rouen, 49, auto dealer, of Perrysburg, and Gina Mack, 32, sales, of Toledo.

Anthony Sloma, 35, engineer/attorney, and Paige Crandall, 36, secretary, both of Sylvania.

Charles House, Jr., 20, and Amanda McAtee, 20, waitress, both of Toledo.

Carl Whitaker, 38, landscape foreman, and Nancy Gallo, 42, pheresis technician, both of Toledo.

David Kenney, 47, manufacturer, of Northwood, and Sherrie Thompson, 45, office manager, of Toledo.

John Michalak, 45, factory worker, and Julie Jones, 46, both of Holland.

Michael Wyatt, 29, police officer, and Carrie Abrigo, 23, student, both of Toledo.

William Galloway, 21, crew, and Kara Cummins, 18, crew, both of Sylvania.

Andrew Stillman, 26, teacher, and Kendy Newman, 26, athletic trainer, both of Sylvania.


Lucas County

Brian Kehoe from Kimberly Bell.

Eddie Nash Jr. from Yvette Nash.

Richard Kovar, Jr. from Maria Lioce.

Frederick Ansted from Linda Ritter-Ansted.

Linda Ritter-Ansted from Frederick Ansted.

Della Coleman from Sean Mohammed.

Pamela Solberg from Richard Solberg.

Ricardo Rodriguez from Pamela Rodriguez.

Prisicilla Willis from Gary Willis, Sr.

Lisa Drake from Craig Drake.

Pamela Hooks from Ronald Auxier.

Shannon Ryan from Rocky Keefer.

Jill Jarusiewicz from Louis Gloria.

John Carr from Melissa Carr.

Melissa Carr from John Carr.

Trina Crawl from Mark Weatherly.

Salma Mikhail from Wassef Mikhail.

Wassef Mikhail from Salma Mikhail.

Christine Townsend from Josiah Keene.

William Bowser from Linda Bowser.

Linda Sirbaugh from Brian Sirbaugh.

Kathleen Johnson from Tyrone Herron.

Tyrone Herron from Kathleen Johnson.

Gilbert Oyerbides from Christina Oyerbides.

Adam Kidder from Stacy Kidder.

Velvet Goodwin-Brown from Trent Brown.

Lynda Singer from Dany Singer.

Dany Singer from Lynda Singer.

Kathy Okonski from James Okonski.

Amy Dombrowski from Edward Dombrowski.

Robert Woodard from Nellie Mayer Woodard.

Marcus Boling from Crystal Shelton.

Rhonda Johnson from Charles Johnson.

Jennifer Creger-Peterson from Carl Peterson.

Carl Peterson from Jennifer Creger-Peterson.

Ruth Redd from Donald Redd.

Larry Thornton, Sr. from Mary Thornton.

Darlene Lapalm from Randy Stokes.

Andrea Ross from Timothy Ross.

Timothy Ross from Andrea Ross.

Jauncy Kwiatkowski from William Kwiatkowski.

Jonathan Richards from Carol Richards.

Carol Richards from Jonathan Richards.

Jonathan Bratton from Mary Bratton.

Cheryl Long from Lawrence Long.

Dana Bebeau from John Bebeau Jr.

John Bebeau Jr. from Dana Bebeau.

Amy Gauer from Eric Gauer.

Lisa Lau from Duane Lau Jr.

Peter Vanherwaarden from Elaine Vanherwaarden.

Joann Poteete from Eugene Poteete.

Michelle Edmondson Barry from Dellsworth Barry.

Rachael Kimball from Robert Goldberg.

Sarah Gadus from Leonard Gadus.

Leonard Gadus from Sarah Gadus.

Sarna Crawford from Bradley Crawford.

Matthew Scribner from Darlene Hurt.

Cathy Rumschlag from Jeffrey Taylor.

Ella Williams from Oswald Huggins.

Tony Foster from Deborh Foster.

Jeffrey Parker from Christine Parker.

Mary Lacey from Orlandus Hearn.

Marianne Keller from Robert Keller.

Robert Keller from Marianne Keller.

Thomas Scofield from Rose Scofield.

Rose Scofield from Thomas Scofield.

Gail Henley from David Henley Jr.

Randy Case from Rose Case.

Rose Case from Randy Case.

Tilisha Bonds from James Simmons.

Karen Lakatos from Eric Lakatos.

Eric Lakatos from Karen Lakatos.

Clara Miller from Donald Miller.

Donald Miller from Clara Miller.

Oscar Trevino from Sharon Trevino.

Sharon Trevino from Oscar Trevino.

Amanda Baxter from Brian Baxter.

Brian Baxter from Amanda Baxter.

Martha Stalhood from Brian Stalhood.

Brian Stalhood from Martha Stalhood.

Kathleen Wenninger from Kenneth Wenninger.

Kenneth Wenninger from Kathleen Wenninger.


Lucas County

Deborah Osborn and Marvin Osborn Jr.

Jacqueline Cedoz and Michael Cedoz.

Zauzi Travis and Charles Travis.

Terry Gomoll and Marilyn Gomoll.

Quotaichi Rambus and Kazedore Lanier.

Ocean Celestino and Marco Celestino.

Matthew Ueberroth and Jennifer Ueberroth.

Penny Shane and David Shane.

Viva Majdoub and Imad Majdoub.

Gabrielle Warncke and Michael Friedman.

Ann Forbes and Joseph Forbes.

Renee Trudeau and Abbas Yaghi.

Raymond Westover and Tamara Westover.

Amy Kieswetter and Mark Kieswetter.

Diana Stachowiak and Caleb Fetherlin.

Martin Contreras and Ruby Alderson.

Scott Clark and Nancy Clark.

Cathy Simpson and Richard Compton.

Brian Wixey and Jennifer O'Neill.

Christine Wagner and Eric Wagner.

Mark Varner and Tammie Varner.



Alice Okator, of Toledo, purse and contents by a man who pushed her to the ground and punched and kicked her in the face on North Detroit at Indiana about 7:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Bambino's Pizza and Subs, Airport, cash from a clerk by a man with a knife about 12:35 p.m. Wednesday.

Brian Billups, of Toledo, auto by a man with a gun in the 2800 block of Douglas about 11 p.m. Wednesday.


Ross Financial, Secor, loss undetermined.

Toledo Cut Stone, South, loss undetermined.

Wash Board Laundry, South Byrne, loss undetermined.

Megan Bentley, Pilgrim, computer, monitor, keyboard, and CDs.

Ayaan Ismail, North Erie, jewelry, cash, clothing, and fan.

Theresa Isaacs, East Broadway, video game, DVD player, video cartridges, and jewelry.

Sherri Clements, Chase, no loss.

Oxies Floor Covering, Tremainsville, computer.

Two Men and a Truck, Tremainsville, no loss.

Mattie Springs, Post, no loss.

Ernesto Valdez, Terminal, toolbox and tools.

Harrison Marina, North Summit, safe and cash.

Alfonso Anderson, Rosalind, TV, stereo system, receiver, CD player, jewelry, DVD player, and VCR.

Yolanda Hurd, North Erie, clothing, CD player, and purse and contents.

Lenny's Bar, Airport, cash drawer and cash.

Jullian Davdeline, Hausman, purse and contents.

Shervon Peacock, Brand Whitlock Homes, no loss.

Great Eastern Theatres, Secor, checks.

His-Hers Auto, West Laskey, no loss.

Mathew Devine, Revere, cash.

Nicole Dumbach, Vance, computer, monitor, keyboard, TV, VCRs, stereo, and videotapes.

Dick's Sporting Goods, West Alexis, raft.

Lasaunda Tall, Silverside, food stamp card.

Alice Grier, Rockingham, DVD player, DVD movies, duffel bag, and clothing.

Henry Brooks, Evesham, TVs, stereo, DVD player, VCR, speakers, chess board, lamp, coat, clothing, shoes, CDs, jewelry, model trucks, and personal checks.

Mike Baine, West Sylvania, TV, wallet and contents.

Sandra Smith, Woodland, DVD player, cassette tapes, and cash.

Bait Shop Bar & Grill, South Reynolds, cash drawers and strong box.


Ken Masob, Rowland, tools from van at home.

Angela Rotuno, Vermilion, Ohio, CD player, cash, and CDs from auto in the 4200 block of Terrace View South.

Kimberly Warner, Terrace View South, CD player, cash, CDs, stereo, and books from auto at home.

Harrison Marina, North Summit, outboard motor.

Tracey Rudnicki, Goddard, purse and contents from auto in the 2000 block of Tremainsville.

Scott Clapsaddle, Powhattan, amplifier, toolbox, and tools from van at home.

James Markwood, Temperance, golf clubs from SUV in the 1400 block of Baronial Plaza.

Associate Land Development, Angola, plywood, windows, and doors.

Marianne Bennett, South Byrne, purse and contents from SUV in the 1200 block of Woodsdale.

Anthony Rankin, Geneva, check, personal papers, CDs, and keys from SUV in the 4400 block of Monroe.

Reem Fathalla, Monroe, wallet and contents from the 3400 block of West Central.

Shannon Underwood, North Hawley, food, milk, and cigarettes from residence.

Reginald Brown, East Oakland, clothing from residence.

Glen Akers, Mayport, wallet and contents from auto at home.

Rudy Sifuentez, Knower, rifle from residence.

Kenneth Goss, Eleanor, medication from auto in the 2600 block of 109th.

Stephen White, Ventura, wallet and contents from South Byrne at Glendale.

Mechanized Tool Repair, Lagrange, welder.

Sandra Washington, Fulton, purse and contents from truck in the 700 block of South Reynolds.

John Cunningham, Nebraska, camcorder, clothing, TV, surround sounds, and shoes from vehicle on Oakwood at Lawrence.

Richard Evans, Swanton, console holder, CDs, tape recorder, checkbook, headset, flashlights, and cash from truck in the 3200 block of Secor.

Thomas Klockowski, Camille, air conditioning system, tools, meter, and tanks from truck at home.

Leola Schultz, Northdale, purse and contents from the 4900 block of Jackman.

Donna Myrice, Lewis, clothing from residence.

Kathy Rodgers, Utah, DVD player from residence.

James Wagner, North Detroit, rifle, scope, and book bag and contents from auto at home.

Margaret Pugh, Bowling Green, CDs, cellular telephone, and wallet and contents from auto in the 3400 block of West Central.

Virginia Feltman, Regency, tote bag and contents from auto in the unit block of Main.

Laura Glombowski, Napoleon, wallet and contents from truck in the 500 block of Raymer.

Allan Topor, 111th, canoe from residence.

Brett Hauschild, Redington Woods, CD player, Palm Pilot, and auto parts from auto in the 4400 block of Monroe.

Frances Vint, Telegraph, TVs and chair from residence.

Michelle Harris, Woodford, air conditioner unit from the 2200 block of Putnam.

Patricia Barkimer, Dority, dog from residence.

Major Builders, Brice, Ohio, building supplies from the 4600 block of Airport.

Larry Flowers, Joffre, TVs, stereo, DVDs, and microwave from auto in the 100 block of South Hawley.

Dale Wisniewski, North Terrace View, CD player, amplifiers, speakers, and CD from auto at home.

George Lanib, Bainbridge Island, Wash., CD case and CDs from auto in the 5300 block of Heatherdowns.

Kent Gardner, Rochester, N.Y., laptop computer and briefcase and contents from van in the 5300 block of Heatherdowns.

Michael Dodson, Brownstone, CDs from auto at home.

Kevin Pickle, Chester, video game and video cartridges from residence.

Brian Meade, Marne, purse and contents from van in the 4700 block of Monroe.

Andrea Cuellar, West Sylvania, cash from residence.

Jeannette Abraham, Walden, purse and contents from van on Dorr at North Reynolds.

Michael Jargo, Holbrook, N.Y., shoes, CDs, DVDs, computer cartridges, and luggage from auto in the 5300 block of Heatherdowns.

Barbara Wagner, Penn, bank card from residence.

Jay Fortier, Cheyenne, audio system and amplifier from auto at home.

Amy Wallace, Airport, cellular telephone and credit card from the 1200 block of Woodsdale.

Boyd Rose, North Terrace View, speakers, amplifier, and speaker box from auto at home.

Matthew Rice, Woodsdale, tires and rims from auto at home.

Carrie Schonter, Erie, Mich., shoes, sunglasses, clothing, software, personal papers, gift certificates, and purse and contents from auto in the 4800 block of Monroe.

Lori Hillabrand, Crary, wallet and contents from truck in the 5600 block of Secor.

GEM Industrial, Inc., Commodore, Walbridge, laptop computer, software, and Sprint card from truck in the 5800 block of Telegraph.

Vincent King, Huron, Ohio, golf clubs, golf bag, CDs, suitcase, and clothing from auto in the 4700 block of Monroe.

Amy Ritthaler, Sterling Heights, Mich., CDs and CD player from SUV in the 5300 block of Heatherdowns.

John Murphy, Monroe, air conditioning unit from residence.

Larry Tucker, Yates, air conditioning unit from residence.

Ryan Weber, Minister, Md., guitars, amplifier, keyboards, computer, channel sound Tec, speakers, and slidemate from van on North Erie at Jefferson.

Janell Reynolds, Riverview, Maumee, CDs, eyeglasses, and clothing from the 4300 block of Talmadge.

Paradise Jewelry & Such, South Erie, jewelry.

Steven Boehm, Temperance, laptop computer and day planner from SUV in the 5300 block of Airport.

Kelly Hughes, Brentwood, diamond ring from residence.

Mary Hunt, Rushland, furniture from residence.

Barbara Pfleghaar, Farrer, Maumee, purse and contents from SUV in the 2800 block of Broadway.

Ronald Deleeuw, Orchard Lakes, speakers and stereo system from SUV at home.

William Wise, Firethorne, bank card from residence.

First English Lutheran Church, Broadway, microphones, stand, and cords.

Judith Perry, Eleanor, credit card from the 800 block of West Alexis.

Ronald Velliquette, North Michigan, wallet and contents from residence.

Lutheran Homes, North Wheeling, cash box and cash.

Roger Valentine, Acres, Sylvania, cash from the 3100 of West Alexis.



3:37 a.m. - 505 Jefferson, commercial fire alarm.

7:18 a.m. - 245 North Summit, commercial fire alarm.

7:59 a.m. - 4161 River, wires down.

10:10 a.m. - 3848 Elmhurst, residential fire alarm.

11:17 a.m. - Miami and Oakdale, auto fire.

4:05 a.m. - 505 Jefferson, commercial fire alarm.

6:03 p.m. - 711 Locust, commercial fire alarm.

7:45 p.m. - 5501 Airport, commercial fire alarm.

9:31 p.m. - 730 Maywood, outdoor fire.

10:41 p.m. - 4118 Peak, outdoor fire.


Lucas County

Adams, Elizabeth, 95, 2051 Collingwood, nephrosclerosis.

Adolph, Lynn, 85, 4409 288th, cancer.

Akos, Helen, 92, 4214 Lyman, cerebral infarction.

Albright, Melvin, 79, 1738 Winston, pneumonia.

Alverson, Susan, 52, Adrian, cancer.

Andersen, Agnes, 92, 2654 Westbrook, heart disease.

Arnold, Iva, 101, 4101 Harvest, dementia.

Arnold, Thomas, 45, Tiffin, pancreatitis.

Babiak, Helen, 90, 2347 Rose Ann, coronary artery disease.

Babiuch, Joseph, 88, 2841 Munding, Oregon, cancer.

Baker, Mary, 77, 4960 Heatherdowns, cerebrovascular accident.

Bauman, Evelyn, 94, 131 North Wheeling, coronary artery disease.

Baumgartner, Lawrence, 76, Tiffin, ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Bayne, Eileen, 73, 4965 Burkewood, Sylvania, cirrhosis.

Bell, Jr., Alvin, 79, 2634 Castleton, myocardial infarction.

Benge, Oscar, 83, 3121 Glanzman, emphysema.

Bergman, Marvin, 77, 2710 Jodore, cancer.

Bergner, Eleanor, 70, Lambertville, pulmonary embolism.

Bielicki, Frank, 79, 1114 Cady, Maumee, Parkinson's.

Blocker, Ruth, 89, 11239 Waterville-Whitehouse, heart disease.

Boissy, Leola, 80, 3048 April, myocardial infarction.

Bolfa, Geraldine, 82, 5014 Parkside, Oregon, carcinoid tumor.

Bollenbacher, Robert, 79, Perrysburg, diabetes.

Bonk, Sylvia, 82, 539 East Streicher, dementia.

Bormuth, Marion, 79, Jenera, Ohio, intracranial hemorrhage.

Brenner, Betty, 82, Temperance, emphysema.

Breska, Michael, 45, 2128 Champlain, cerebral infarction.

Breska, Michael, 45, 2128 Champlain, cerebral infarction.

Buchholz, David, 50, Swan Creek Township, Ohio, pulmonary embolism.

Buchhop, Ruth, 93, 4220 North Holland-Sylvania, Alzheimer's.

Callahan, Mary, 84, 4220 North Holland-Sylvania, pneumonia.

Callahan, Wanda, 78, Temperance, cancer.

Carey, Thomas, 63, Swanton, myocardial infarction.

Carroll, Mary, 88, 5330 Harroun, Sylvania, renal failure.

Chapman, Virginia, 85, 3618 149th, emphysema.

Chase, Fred, 73, 2128 Mellwood, sepsis.

Christel, Shirley, 71, 5132 Maple, Sylvania, cancer.

Christie, Thomas, 81, Northwood, coronary artery disease.

Clinger, Ruby, 91, Fostoria, myocardial infarction.

Corcoran, Robert, 58, 4607 Rambo, coronary artery disease.

Cox, Johnnie, 76, 2301 Cheltenham, cerebrovascular accident.

Cranon, Loleta, 47, 1919 West Alexis, cancer.

Creps, Donald, 88, 8070 Main, Neapolis, Ohio, congestive heart failure.

Czerniak, Roman, 88, 904 Isaac, Oregon, diabetes.

Czlapinski, Thomas, 58, 3535 Roberta, cancer.

Damon, Elissa, 5 hours, Wauseon, pulmonary hypolasia.

Davies, John, 61, 6068 Bayshore, Oregon, accident.

Davis, Geraldine, 77, 2814 B, renal insufficiency.

Davis, Jr., David, 25, 811 North Erie, homicide.

DeMott, Lois, 83, 955 Garden Lake, pneumonia.

Diehl, Joanne, 75, 4807 Kathy Lane, ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Ditmer, Mary, 85, Findlay, accident.

Dobrolonski, Leo, 77, 2236 Lehman, cardiovascular disease.

Donovan, Pearl, 70, 2510 Consaul, sepsis.

Doyle, Joshua, 1 hr, 5742 Bennett, prematurity.

Driftmyer, Gary, 53, 5204 Regency, accident.

Dukes, Lavada, 50, 904 Evesham, myocardial infarction.

Dullabaun, Miriam, 96, 131 North Wheeling, coronary artery disease.

Egan, Jane, 72, 1011 North Byrne, cancer.

Eichenauer, Sr., Dale, 93, Wauseon, peripheral vascular disease.

Espen, Dora, 76, Bowling Green, cancer.

Ewing, Charles, 69, 2435 Newport, intracranial hemorrhage.

Feld, Alfa, 58, Bellevue, Ohio, myocardial infarction.

Ferguson, Francis, 81, 3031 Middlexes, aortic aneurysm.

Fitch, Susie, 79, 4293 Monroe, cerebrovascular accident.

Flowers, Mary, 91, 1620 Michigan, Maumee, coronary artery disease.

Frank, Alva, 91, 2228 Havenwood, congestive heart failure.

Freeman, Maude, 81, 4702 Violet, hypertensive vascular disease.

Friend, Rita, 82, 7411 Nebraska, heart disease.

Furry, Jr., Raymond, 95, Perrysburg, cerebrovascular accident.

Garrity, Mary, 63, Bowling Green, cancer.

Geiser, Karen, 59, 5529 Pageland, carotid artery disease.

Gilmore, Laverne, 75, 3716 Hill, cancer.

Goldstein, Louis, 79, 2700 Pelham, cancer.

Gosnell, John, 57, Searcy. Ark., cardiovascular disease.

Grabenstetter, Virginia, 84, 127 Pasadena, Alzheimer's.

Granger, Jr., Fred, 77, 5952 Douglas, pneumonia.

Grant, Sr., James, 75, 1566 Buckingham, cerebrovascular accident.

Grau, Mary, 78, Marblehead, Ohio, intracranial hemorrhage.

Gribben, Patrick Sr., 64, 1754 Ketner, myocardial infarction.

Grimes, Robert, 78, 876 Orchard, necrotizing myositis.

Groszewski, Melvin, 72, 839 Cherry, Waterville, cardiovascular disease.

Gust, Evelyn, 89, 4220 Holland-Sylvania, diabetes.

Guyton, Cathy, 45, 407 Western, accident.

Guzman, Sr., Johnny, 62, San Antonio, myocardial infarction.

Hahn, Anna, 79, Bowling Green, myocardial infarction.

Hahn, William, 83, 5479 North Genoa-Clay Center, coronary artery disease.

Haney, Jr., Roy, 83, 5255 Bentbrook, Sylvania, cardiovascular disease.

Harris, Jayverr, 8 hrs, 918 North Michigan, prematurity.

Heck, Howard, 94, 620 Brynhaven, Oregon, cancer.

Heineman, Kirk, 75, 3633 Elmhurst, cancer.

Heinrich, Naomi, 83, 4218 Parkcliff, senile dementia.

Henderson, Katrina, 25, 2541 Fulton, atrial septal defect.

Hill, M. Eileen, 82, 5020 Ryan, vascular disease.

Himebaugh, Delbert, 71, 2727 Pin Oak, pending.

Hines, Veola, 70, 2638 Maplewood, hypertensive renal disease.

Hirt, Jeanette, 76, Fremont, pulmonary fibrosis.

Hodge, Gertrude, 86, 4849 Bronson, congestive heart failure.

Hoffman, Gerald, 66, Temperance, ischemic stroke.

Holloway, Joyce, 74, Bowling Green, chronic pancreatitis.

Holtz, Louis, 75, 2015 Perrysburg-Holland, Holland, myocardial infarction.

Homan, Roy, 76, Wakeshma Township, Mich., chronic seizure disorder.

Horner, Agnes, 91, Lambertville, cancer.

Hudanski, William, 88, 1350 Picadilly, Maumee, myocardial infarction.

Hughes, Dolores, 74, 3219 Jeanette, pneumonia.

Hutchison, Jr., Timmie, 23, 646 Federal, suicide.

Hyman, Dorothy, 83, 5040 Jamieson, myocardial infarction.

Irwin, Woodrow, 77, 3206 Lagrange, cardiovascular disease.

Jordan, Donald, 25, 7223 Maumee Western, Maumee, restrictive lung disease.

Jovanovic, Filip, 73, 840 Saturn, heart disease.

Julian, Chloe, 22 hours, 4847 Haddington, prematurity.

Kalell, Michael, 74, 12149 Providence-Neapolis, myocardial infarction.

Kazmaier, Melvin, 74, 830 Hampton, cancer.

Kellems, Katrina, 43, 213 Oswald, pending investigation.

Kennedy, Mamie, 91, 804 South Erie, gastric hemorrhage.

Kieser, Portia, 82, 4020 Indian, cardiovascular disease.

Kiess, Robert, 89, 9640 Sylvania-Metamora, Sylvania, pneumonitis.

Kinton, Claud, 84, Woodville, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Kisseberth, Nellie, 101, 1001 North Byrne, accident.

Klisz, Ann, 86, 6832 Convent, cerebral arteriosclerosis.

Knapp, Jean, 65, Petersburg, Mich., vascular disease.

Koester, Kenneth, 48, 4645 Lewis, accident.

Kohnke, Bernard, 86, 3505 Brown, Oregon, asbestosis.

Komives, Levi, 1, 2525 Consaul, leukemia.

Kosmider, Pauline, 95, 520 Bronson, sepsis.

Krajewski, Raymond, 82, 2716 Lagrange, pneumonia.

Krauzer, Bessie, 85, 2751 Tremainsville, heart disease.

Kuhr, Gene, 48, Ottawa, pending investigation.

Ladd, James, 78, 2539 Briar Lane, Parkinson's disease.

Lance, Henry, 75, 610 Stickney, cardiovascular disease.

Langley, Lillian, 90, 3943 Almeda, cancer.

Lasater, Claude, 74, 3226 Eastmoreland, Oregon, myasthenia gravis.

Latimer, Thomas Sr., 69, 214 South Munson, Swanton, cerebrovascular accident.

Lauterbur, Herman, 82, Tiffin, pneumonia.

Lechman, Mary, 68, 2954 West Central, diabetes.

Lemke, Gloria, 59, 2214 Dundee, sepsis.

Lentz, Betty, 80, Allen Township, Ohio, aortic stenosis.

Like, Marie, 93, 1001 North Byrne, coronary artery disease.

Lloyd, Connie, 47, 6715 Garden, Maumee, suicide.

Loeffler, Harold, 70, 12450 Patton, Grand Rapids, Ohio cancer.

Longbrake, Oscar, 98, 3220 Terry, congestive heart failure.

Longnecker, Hila, 92, 6410 Finzel, Whitehouse, ischemic heart disease.

Lopez, Florencio, 42, 822 Yates, cerebral palsy.

Love, Arthur, 66, 168 South Detroit, diabetes.

Lupton, Dan, 78, Northwood, cerebrovascular accident.

Lusk, Bernice, 76, 7528 Airport, Holland, cancer.

Lyell, George, 67, 5222 Brandon, cancer.

Lyon, Owen, 4 months, 142 Mead, Holland, failure to thrive.

Malinowski, Virginia, 79, 4445 285th, coronary artery disease.

Mann, Loretta, 68, Delta, Ohio, cardiac arrythmia.

Markowiak, Edward, 81, 4111 Holland-Sylvania, Sylvania Township, myocardial infarction.

Marlow, Donna, 77, 11981 Corduroy, Curtice, cancer.

Martin, Michelle, 45, 4155 North Lockwood, cancer.

Matthews, Precious, 90, 1036 Avondale, pneumonia.

Maynor, Sharon, 53, 2332 Warren, cancer.

McConnell, Barbara, 52, 2727 Drummond, cardiovascular disease.

McGregor, Theresa, 54, 4329 Westway, pending investigation.

McVicker, Michael, 64, 3115 Navarre, Oregon, ischemic stroke.

Meach, Forest, 49, 530 Walden, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Meuche, Leon, 75, Perrysburg, suicide.

Michalak, Klemens, 94, 2401 Cass, Alzheimer's.

Mileski, Dolores, 74, 2830 Northwood, cancer.

Miller, Louis, 72, 1102 Slater, ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Mitchell, William, 63, 3425 Nebraska, coronary artery disease.

Morana, Donna, 62, 319 Layer, Holland, cancer.

Morgan, Frances, 79, 3511 Westchester, non-hodgkins lymphoma.

Mourad, Muneera, 78, 3904 Mill Run, coronary artery disease.

Mulholland, Norman, 83, Bedford Township, Mich., coronary artery disease.

Munkacy, Ruth, 80, 2649 Juniper, cancer.

Murray, Ruth, 88, 2001 Perrysburg-Holland, Holland, coronary artery disease.

Musch, Leslie, 89, 5280 Oakridge, cancer.

Nagel, Joan, 76, 2042 Marengo, cardiovascular disease.

Neff, Roy, 71, Swanton, accidental.

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