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Toledo Hospital

Ramona and James Wilkinson, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

Griselda and Raul Buenavista, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Jill and William Biggs, Sylvania, boy, Saturday.

Jessica and Kevin Vogel, Dundee, Mich., girl, Saturday.

Mieke and Lyle Patrick, Liberty Center, girl, Friday.

Nancy and Aaron Allen, Holland, boy, Friday.

Flower Hospital

Deborah and Daniel Krajicek, Toledo, boy Thursday.

Becky and Wally Hood, Toledo, boy, Friday.

Lyndsey and Jim House, Sylvania, boy, Thursday.



Lucas County

Betty Counts, 77, of Grand Rapids, Ohio, July 9 at St. Luke's Hospital. Accidental, heart disease, complications of hip fracture after fall in nursing home.

Ruth Haney, 83, of Waterville, July 6 at Waterville assisted-living residence. Accidental, heart disease, complications of hip fracture from unwitnessed fall in nursing home.

Priscilla Johnson, 32, of Toledo, May 6 in the yard of 775 South Eber in Spencer Township. Homicide, skeletal remains.

Joseph Wallace, 41, of Toledo, July 7 at place of residence. Suicide, hanging.




Driving while intoxicated

Samuel Ray, 24, of 524 Burbank, arrested May 10, 10 days suspended except for 3 days DWI program, $250 fine and costs. Judge Amy Berling.

Brian Bengela, 33, of 805 Oakdale, arrested June 4; 15 days CCNO, 5 days suspended, $300 fine and costs. Judge Berling.

Richard Brown, 42, of 422 Austin, arrested March 27; 1 year suspended except 3 days CCNO and 3 days DWI program, $250 fine and fee, license suspended 3 years, active probation one year. Judge Berling.

Blaine Thomas, 39, of 708 Utah, arrested Dec. 20, 2002; 90 days CCNO with 80 days suspended, $300 fine and costs, license suspended six months, active probation one year. Judge Francis Gorman.

Physical control

Jacque Bremer, 24, of 7260 Nightingale, Holland, arrested June 21; 30 days suspended on completion of 3 days DWI program, $250 fine and costs. Judge Gene Zmuda.

Reckless operation

Wesley Roberts, 41, of 318 Victoria, arrested 1988; $50 fine and costs. Judge Berling.



Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations

Long John Silver, 1227 Reynolds, inspec|ted May 13. Critical violations: repair line freezer or do not use. Do not thaw shrimp at room temperature. Inspector: Brown.

Rosary Cathedral School, 2535 Collingwood, inspected May 12. Critical violations: Date-mark foods such as sliced ham and cheese that are kept longer than 24 hours. Install hand sink for kitchen staff and after-school program staff, with soap dispenser and towel holder. Inspector: Debbie Dacquisto.

Alexis Beverage Center, 2101 West Alexis, inspected May 8. Critical violations: keep eggs on lowest shelf of refrigerator, corrected. Inspector: Jeff Neistadt.

Little Caesars, 2535 Starr, Oregon, inspec|ted May 7. Critical violations: make sure all potentially hazardous foods are labeled and date-marked. Inspector: H. Sanders.

Marco's Pizza, 2607 Starr, Oregon, inspected May 7. Critical violations: make sure three-vat sink set up properly to wash, rinse, and sanitize. Make sure sanitizer buckets available at all times for sanitizing surfaces. Provide proper test strips. Inspector: Sanders.

Kmart, 1801 West Alexis, inspected May 7. Critical violations: thoroughly clean bot|tom of reach in refrigerator of food particles. Cookies and pies must be labeled with name of food item, nutrition content, ingredients, weight, and address of manufacturer. Inspector: Neistadt.

Sylvania Marathon, 6700 Sylvania, Sylvania Township, inspected May 7. Critical violations: spray bottles of sanitizer and other cleaners must be labeled, corrected. Inspector: James Herzberg.

Arturo's Pizza Kitchen, 4035 Navarre, Oregon, inspected May 6. Critical violations: make sure to date-mark and label all potentially hazardous foods. Provide designated area for personal food items. Make sure sanitizer buckets available at all times for cleaning work surfaces. Do not use sponges to sanitize surfaces. Inspector: Sanders.

Mighty Mart, 580 North Byrne, inspected May 6. Critical violations: doors opening onto street must be always closed, tight fitting, and with a self-closing mechanism. Keep twice daily temperature log for cold holding units. Inspector: Karim Baroudi.

Cottage Inn Pizza, 5929 West Sylvania, Sylvania Township, inspected May 5. Critical violations: garlic spread sitting out at room temperature. Pizza toppings must be labeled with date prepared or removed from original container. Repair leak in pizza prep unit refrigeration, clean mold from walk in cooler. Shield light bulb in walk in cooler. Keep back door closed or get screened door. Store onions off the floor. Inspector: Herzberg.

Sterling, 401 Wheeling, inspected May 5. Critical violations: provide bleach or quat ammonia sanitizer for cleaning coffee pots. Provide proper test strips for sanitizer. Inspector: Sanders.

The Pharm, 410 Wheeling, inspected May 5. Critical violations: do not place damaged cans of baby formula for sale. Store all foods 6 inches off the floor. Display cooler must be rust free and painted surface smooth and easily cleanable. Inspector: Sanders.

Eagles Landing, 5530 Bayshore, Oregon, inspected May 8. Critical violations: make sure to date-mark and label all potentially hazardous foods. Soak pop nozzle regularly to prevent mold. Inspector: Sanders.

Adams Place, 2417 Laskey, inspected May 8. Critical violations: keep eggs stored on lowest shelf of refrigerator. Cover potato skins stored in freezer; keep food items six inches off floor. Clean interior top of ice machine of mold. Inspector: Neistadt.

Quarry Beach and Racquet Club, 7955 Quarry, inspected May 8. Critical violations: thaw all food in a prep sink. Soup found out of temperature was discarded. Inspector: Sara Becker.

Schaber's Sports Bar, 105 South Third, Waterville, inspected May 8. Critical violations: provide soap and paper towels behind bar for handwashing. Hair restraints and full shirt, no tank tops, must be worn if bartender prepares food for customers. Inspector: Becker.

Green Valley Restaurant, 519 South Reynolds, inspected May 8. Critical violations: four-vat sink installed behind bar without submitting plans prior for approval; obtain city building approval before using it. Date mark and label all potentially hazardous foods, repeat violation. Always store cleaned and sanitized glassware and single-service items 6 inches off the floor. Food containers must be of commercial grade, NSF approved. Store chicken and eggs on very bottom shelf in refrigerator below cooked and ready-to-eat items. Use 100 ppm bleach water solution for all wiping towels to rest in and monitor bleach concentration with test strips. Inspector: Amy Brown.

Dollar General Store, 2600 West Sylvania, inspected May 8. Critical violations: when connecting a hose to the mop sink, obtain a backflow prevention device to prevent water from contaminating water supply. Inspector: Neistadt.

Rite Aid, 2434 West Laskey, inspected May 29. Critical violations: obtain backflow prevention device for mop sink when hose connected to mop sink. Inspector: Neistadt.

Toledo Country Inn and Suites, 591 Dussel, inspected May 29. Critical violations: designate smoking area out of kitchen area. Inspector: Kevin Halligan.

Cottage Inn Pizza, 3165 Navarre, Oregon, inspected May 28. Critical violations: provide sanitizer buckets and make them available at all times. Inspector: Sanders.

Nick and Willie's Chicago Style Dogs, 237 South Erie, inspected May 30. Critical violation: pull trash in back room daily to reduce fruit flies. Inspector: K. Van Tilburg.

Rally's, 1927 Woodville, inspected June 13. Critical violations: make sure that all employees who are in close contact with food wear hair restraints. Clean and sanitize ice maker. Make sure all foods are covered in the walk in cooler. Inspector: Sanders.

Wendy's, 1945 Woodville, inspected May 29. Critical violations: chicken hot holding drawer not holding at proper temperature, corrected at time of inspection. Inspector: Sanders.

Dairy Queen, 3131 West Alexis, inspected May 29. Critical violations: repair leak in faucet of three-vat sink; repair or replace cold water to hand sink. Do not keep scoops stored inside food items. Keep wipe rags stored in a bucket of sanitizer solution. Inspector: Neistadt.

Charlie's Restaurant, 12407 Airport, Swanton Township, inspected May 29. Critical violations: food containers may not be re-used to store food products. Do not defrost foods at room temperature. No bare hand contact allowed with foods that are ready to eat; use gloves or utensils. Date-mark all potentially hazardous foods. Inspector: Sara Becker.

Subway Sandwiches, 1223 North Byrne, inspected May 29. Critical violations: no person in charge who is knowledgeable about safe food handling procedures at time of inspection. Employees' personal belongings must be kept in designated area away from food items and equipment. Inspector: Baroudi.

Recent inspections found non critical violations at:

Toledo Zoo, lodge main kitchen, in|spected May 1 by Perrine.

Baby Doll Treasures, 1920 Jefferson, inspected May 1 by Dacquisto.

Damon's, 5375 Airport, inspected May 1 by Brown.

Discovery Express, 1640 Timberwolf, Springfield Township, inspected May 1 by Brown.

Brazil Market, 111 Indiana, inspected May 16 by Perrine.

Messina's Italian Deli, 237 South Erie, inspected May 30 by Kristine Van Tilburg.

Clark Station, 1530 Cherry, inspected May 30 by Van Tilburg.

BP, 1350 Broadway, inspected May 29 by Van Tilburg.

Country Campground, 8664 Yawberg, Whitehouse, inspected May 29 by Becker.

Petros Foods, 5086 Douglas, inspected May 29 by Neistadt.

Sautter's Food Center, 9533 Waterville-Swanton, Waterville, inspected May 28 by Becker.

Thompson's Carryout, 1336 Belmont, inspected May 28 by Perrine.

Toledo Quality Meats, 3136 Cherry, inspected May 27 by Van Tilburg.

South Food Mart, 1033 South, inspected May 27 by Perrine.

BW-3, 2113 Mellwood, inspected May 30 by Neistadt.

Frisch's Big Boy, 175 Summit, inspected May 30 by Van Tilburg.

Commodore Club of Toledo,3415 Lagrange, inspected May 30 by Van Tilburg.

Grand Rapids Sportsmen's Club, 11900 Jeffers, Grand Rapids, inspected May 29 by Becker.

Ursuline Center, 4035 Indian, inspected May 29 by Baroudi.

Dotson's Famous BBQ and Catering Co., 1008 Nebraska, inspected May 29 by Perrine.

Beaner's Gourmet Coffee, 2142 North Cove, inspected May 29 by Dacquisto.

Navarre School, 410 Navarre, inspected May 29 by Gottschalk.

Heffner School, 255 Heffner, inspected May 28 by Gottschalk.

First St. John Day School, 2471 Seaman, Oregon, inspected May 28 by Gotts|chalk.

Subway, 3165 Navarre, Oregon, inspected May 28 by Sanders.

Arlington School, 700 Toronto, inspected May 28 by Perrine.

McGhee's Day Care Center, 1101 Woodstock, inspected May 28 by Perrine.

St. Hyacinth Elementary School, 728 Parkside, inspected May 28 by Perrine.

Munchie's Again, 1401 Dorr, inspected May 28 by Perrine.

Andre's Lounge, 1337 North Summit, inspected May 28 by Van Tilburg.

Dreamer's, 319 North Superior, inspected May 28 by Van Tilburg.

Erie Coffee Mill, 237 South Erie, inspected May 28 by Van Tilburg.

The Landings, 6190 North Summit, inspected May 27 by Gottschalk.

Caf Chickaroos, 6670 Providence, Whitehouse, inspected May 27 by Becker.

Connxtion's Comedy Club, 5319 Heatherdowns, inspected May 27 by Sheil Gomez.

Nathan Hale School, 1800 Upton, inspected May 27 by Perrine.



Lucas County

Naus, Glenna, 58, Findlay, cavitary lung disease.

Nolan, Jack, 77, Northwood, chronic ob|struction lung disease.

Notheis, Cyril, 82, 3638 Rose Acres, chronic obstruction lung disease.

Notman, Carol, 58, 1448 Primrose, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Osinski, M. Lucilla, 81, 6832 Convent, Sylvania, Alzheimer's.

Owens, Frances, 67, Frenchtown Township, Mich., sepsis.

Perry, Harold, 68, 268 Dearborn, coronary artery disease.

Pickle, Virginia, 91, 3520 Brant Court, diabetes.

Poley, Shirley, 75, Raisinville Township, Mich., cancer.

Polinski, Dorothy, 80, Rossford, sepsis.

Pomelee, Thomas, 73, Port Clinton, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Pompili, Michael, 77, 2061 Garden Lake, renal failure.

Pope, Gregory, 56, 328 O'Connel, cardiovascular disease.

Popiolek, Joseph, 81, 5330 Harroun, Sylvania, coronary artery disease.

Price, Hazel, 88, Lima, accident.

Pruhs, Richard, 52, 5637 Camberly, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Radie, Hubert, 79, 1140 South McCord, Holland, gastroentestinal hemorrhage.

Ralph, Robert, 69, 1707 Freedom, cardiovascular disease.

Redden, John, 85, 615 North Hawley, cardiomyopathy.

Reed, Richard, 72, 1820 Garden Ridge, diabetes.

Reinhart, Charles, 50, Fremont, scoliosis.

Reiser, George, 74, 5635 Dianne, coronary artery disease.

Renfrow, Howard, 77, 2911 Northwood, diabetes.

Rice, Dolores, 71, 5123 Ryan, cancer.

Rice, Marion, 85, 5450 311th, Alzheimer's.

Riedhart, Vivian, 79, Swanton, coronary artery disease.

Riessen, Virginia, 81, 6632 Merritt, Whitehouse, heart disease.

Ringel, Thomas, 62, 2423 South Holland-Sylvania, emphysema.

Rodriguez, Jr., John, 55, Wauseon, hepatitis.

Rogers, John, 76, 2553 101st Street, cancer.

Rokicki, James, 58, 829 Brinton, cardiovascular disease.

Romstadt, Barbara, 79, 315 White, myocardial infarction.

Rosar, Barbara, 74, 3826 Torrance, cancer.

Rossman, Betty, 73, 4336 Rose Garden, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Ruggiero, Donato, 67, Tiffin, bronchogenic carcinoma.

Rumpf, Chris, 47, 916 Ogden, pending investigation.

Rutherford, B., Gaye, 75, 1144 Mambrino, Oregon, coronary artery disease.

Saine, Constance, 61, 1641 Milburn, cirrhosis.

Sanders, Ilene, 86, 6607 Kingsbridge, Sylvania, renal failure.

Savage, Alice, 87, Delta, Ohio, coronary artery disease.

Schroeder, Charles, 86, 1626 Dier, Curtice, cardiomyopathy.

Scott, Theodore, 62, 2127 Glenwood, pending investigation.

Seman, Jeannette, 77, Rossford, muscular dystrophy.

Sevrence, Nancy, 46, 5001 South, cirrhosis.

Shambarger, Darold, 78, 4703 Clover Lane, coronary artery disease.

Siegel, Marilyn, 67, 1460 Kieswetter, Springfield Township, cancer.

Siesel, Shirley, 67, Bellevue, Ohio, ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Simmons, Janet, 78, 2051 Collingwood, Alzheimer's.

Slover, Lisa, 33, 2807 Chase, hepatitis.

Smirin, Dolores, 72, 4747 Luann, cancer.

Smith, Bruce, 59, Gibsonburg, Ohio, disecting thoracic aneurysm.

Smith, Charles, 58, Youngstown, degenerative joint disease.

Smith, Marvin, 83, Gibsonburg, Ohio, lymphoma.

Snyder, Marion, 87, Luckey, aspiration pneumonia.

Soldner, John, 73, 3422 Barstow, cancer.

Sorg, Penny, 52, Defiance, accident.

Stadler, Barbara, 60, 2839 Kendale, cardiovascular disease.

Staley, Logan, 13 hours, Ada, Ohio, prematurity.

Stark, Margaret, 79, 5545 San Juan, cancer.

Starr, Harold, 76, Findlay, peripheral vascular disease.

Sterrett, Virginia, 77, 629 Williamsville, pneu|monia.

Stewart, Ruth, 87, 5926 Sylvan Green, Sylvania Township, renal failure.

Stribling, Ralph, 65, 2038 Fernwood, cancer.

Stritzel, John, 67, Walbridge, myocardial infarction.

Strouse, Daisy, 94, 5709 Webster, Sylvania Townnship, Alzheimer's.

Strunk, Norman, 86, 1617 Gronlund, Maumee, Alzheimer's.

Swicard, Robert, 76, 2411 Seventh, Maumee, ischemic cardiomyopathy.

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