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The weekly record - West



Driving while intoxicated

William Campbell, 35, of 1917 Arlington, Toledo, $400 fine, costs, 93 days jail time, 90 days suspended, 3 days DWI program, license suspended 180 days.

Byron Dailey, 23, of 123 West Sawmill, Findlay, $750 fine, costs, 180 days jail time, 155 days suspended, license suspended 1 year.

Sara Durdel 22, of 5554 Ryewyck, apt. C, Toledo, $400 fine, costs, 100 days jail time, 90 days suspended, license suspended 3 years.

Stacy Ehrmin, 19, of 616 Louisiana, apt., 3, $300 fine, costs, 33 days jail time, 30 days suspended, 3 days DWI program, license suspended 180 days.

Mark Ertman, 19, of 48980 Fairchild, Macomb, Mich., $300 fine, costs, 30 days jail time, 27 days suspended, 3 days DWI program, license suspended 180 days.

Arthur Jankowski, 54, of 541 North Main, Walbridge, $350 fine, costs, 93 days jail time, 90 days suspended, 3 days DWI program, license suspended 180 days.

Vicki Lawniczak, 48, of 329 Raymer, Toledo, $350 fine, costs, 100 days jail time, 90 days suspended, license suspended 1 year.

Brett Limotta, 35, of 485 Stevenson, Worthington, Ohio, $250 fine, costs, 30 days jail time, 27 days suspended, 3 days DWI program, license suspended 180 days.

Gregory Mathis, 44, of 1542 Gould, Toledo, $250 fine, costs, 30 days jail time, 27 days suspended, 3 days DWI program, license suspended 180 days.

Valentine Mora, 47, of 310 South Eber, Swanton, $250 fine, costs, 30 days jail time, 27 days suspended, 3 days DWI program, license suspended 180 days.

Timothy Reed, 72, of 29800 Waterbury, $350 fine, costs, 33 days jail time, 30 days suspended, 3 days DWI program, license suspended 180 days.



Driving while intoxicated

Kevin Biddle, 22, of 5955 North Billman, $380 fine, costs, 3 days jail time, license suspended 180 days.

James Strickler, 26, of 1314 Mill, Fremont, $400 fine, costs, 6 days jail time, 3 days DWI program, 9 months probation, license suspended 270 days.

Reckless operator

Jeffrey Combs, 34, of 9046 Corduroy, $295 fine, costs, 13 days jail time, 10 days suspended, license suspended 120 days.

James Lind, 27, of 1235 Lyon, Curtice, $348 fine, costs, 30 days jail time, 27 days suspended, 1 year probation, license suspended 150 days.




Joan Francis, 400 block of South Summit, two hanging plants from porch.

100 block of North Grove, mountain bike.

300 block of West Reed, bicycle.

100 block of Prospect, two bicycles.

Harrison Damon, 200 block of South Summit, various types of drums.

Dawn Hubbell-Staeble, 300 block of West Evers, mountain bike.

Judy Lambright of Fostoria, portable CD player, headphones, two CDs from auto in 1100 block of North Main.



Ossiel Medina, 24, Bowling Green, 3-day DWI program, 180-day license suspension, 2 years probation, $580 fine and costs.

Garret L. Euler, 19, Bowling Green, 3-day DWI program, 3 days jail, 180-day license suspension, 3 years probation, $588 fine and costs.

Justin J. Follebout, 22, Utica, Mich., 3-day DWI program, 180-day license suspension, 2 years probation, $580 fine and costs.

Robert M. Prichard, 35, of Grayson, Ky., 1 year jail, 10-year license suspension, $785.40 fine and costs.

Prohibited Alcohol Content - Breath .17-plus

Michael Warren Creech, 34, Zephyrhills, Fla., 80 days jail, 2-year license suspension, 5 years probation, $905 fine and costs.

Reckless Operation on Highway

Eric D. Hoover, 22, Lima, 3-day DWI program, 2 years probation, $331.70 fine and costs.




Sandra Camp of Bowling Green, boy, Aug. 7.

Laura and John McIntyre of Maumee, boy, Aug. 7.

Roberta and James Bodnar of Cygnet, boy, Aug. 8.

Angela and Walter Honaker of Grand Rapids, girl, Aug. 8.

Kelly Kirby of Toledo, girl, Aug. 8.

Tracy and Lucas Stahl of Bradner, girl, Aug. 8.

Laura and Jason Westgate of Cygnet, girl, Aug. 8.

Brianna Larson of Perrysburg, boy, Aug. 11.

Angela Wagner of Bowling Green, girl, Aug. 11.

Nicole and Jeremy Treen of Napoleon, girl, Aug. 12.

Abagail Vore of Risingsun, girl, Aug. 12.

Leslie and Mike Head of Weston, girl, Aug. 13.

Jenifer McKee of Bowling Green, boy, Aug. 13.

Jeaninne Snyder of North Baltimore, boy, Aug. 13.


Maebell F. Klavinger, 84, of Holland, congestive heart failure.

Ernest Pete Bevelhymer, 81, of Wayne, renal failure.

Ola Katherine Moore, 78, of Toledo, carcinoma colon.

Elizabeth Virginia Lewandowski, 77, of Toledo, acute renal failure and chronic renal failure.

Cindy L. Baker, 41, of Weston, cirrohsis of liver, liver failure.

Eva B. Lewis, 98, of Bowling Green, dementia.

Donald Zielinski, 58, of Swanton, carcinoma of rectum.

Donna B. Garman, 67, of Toledo, carcinoma of esophagus.

Marian N. Loose, 85, of Bowling Green, hypoxia.

Susanna L. Martin, 83, of Wayne, congestive heart failure.

Martha L. Weaver, 71, of Bradner, multiple organ failure.

Donna L. Emch, 65, of Perrysburg, cirrhosis.

Erma M. Chapman, 90, of Bowling Green, respiratory failure.

Richard John Hofner, 92, of Bowling Green, carcinoma of prostate.

Ida May P. Sonntag, 67, of Toledo, ovarian cancer.

Catherine Elizabeth Saurwein, 101, of Toledo, cerebrovascular stroke.

Leonora M. Reynolds, 90, of Perrysburg, cardiac arrest.

Ann Dorothy Kasap, 77, of Oregon, pancreatic cancer.

Michelle K. Hall, 50, of Toledo, breast cancer.

Robert Benton Bates, 77, of Toledo, amyotrophic lateral slerosis.

Sarah Juanita Calaway, 88, of Luckey, myocardial infarction.

Floyd Ernest Wetmer Jr., 73, of Sylvania, respiratory failure.

Virgil Ray Bowe, 85, of Pemberville, arteriosclerotic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

Ruth Irene Ansberg, 81, of Toledo, congestive heart failure.

Raymond Carl Krum, 80, of Toledo, liver failure.



P. Ronald Greavu, 63, pharmacist, and Linda Long, 57, consultant, both of Rudolph.

Thomas C. Blakely, 42, nursing home administrator, and Jessica C. Miller, 29, nursing home administrator, both of Perrysburg.

Tanner A. Babb, 21, student, and Julie M. Magrum, 23, publication, both of Huntington, Ind.

Jeffrey H. Might, 50, boat gauger, and June M. Swanson, 43, office-trucking, both of Walbridge.

Joseph C. Sporer, 38, software engineer, and Kimberly A. Dolce, 41, project manager, both of Perrysburg.

Kenton W. Spriggs, 47, welder, and Diance J. Waltermier, 49, factory, both of Bradner.

Mohamad G. El-Abiad, 26, of West Lafayette, Ind., student, and Abrar Hammoud, 19, of Perrysburg, student.

Timothy J. Korecki, 33, construction foreman, and Robin Grindle, 37, student, both of Perrysburg.

Ronald C. Keckler, 56, retired, and Sharon L. Reibolt, 56, postal worker, both of Cygnet.

Erin M. Kinkaid, 28, engineering manager, and Amy Lee Hine, 25, education specialist, both of Perrysburg.

David C. Hoile, 24, student, and Heather Dawn Olliver, 25, student, both of Custar.

Joshua H. Thusat, 22, of Bowling Green, teaching assistant, and Gabrielle M. Belknap, 23, of Chicago, teaching assistant.

Jamie Len Robinson, 28, electrician, and Lisa Marie Chatelain, 35, secretary, both of Bloomdale.

Andrew Dean Holman, 25, auto service advisor, and Michele L. McDonald, 26, retail manager, both of Fostoria.

James S. Evans, 46, heavy equipment operator, and Colleen A. Henderson, 31, beautician, both of Perrysburg.

Sean Andrew Wyatt, 32, help desk analyst, and Amy Jo Merrill, 28, graduate student, both of Perrysburg.

Aaron A. Matthews, 24, student, and Casandra Jean Keil, 25, expeditor, both of Perrysburg.

Charles Frederick Ackerman, 49, sales person, and Maryclaire Robinson Alkire, 41, teacher, both of Perrysburg.

Ian C. Pitkin, 24, of Perrysburg, U.S. Army, and Erica A. Neitz, 24, of Mt. Vernon, Ohio, artist-furniture design.



Black, Clara and Black, Michael L.

Dauterman, Karen G. and Dauterman, Francis Allen.

Everhart, Sandra Gay and Everhart, Jacques R.

Ferrell, Nancy and Ferrell, Archie R.

Kuhlman, Anita Kay Ault and Kuhlman, Craig Martin.

Potter, Cheryl Anne and Potter, Brian Edward.

Scherer, Kelli A. and Scherer, James M.

Stanley, Marisa I. and Stanley, Brent P.

Stearns, Susannah and Thacker, Richard.

Walker, Janet A. and Walker, Robert J.


Brown, Theresa Leigh and Brown, Raymond Andrew.

Harris, Cindy L. and Harris, Ronald W.


Joseph Fintel, 22, Fostoria, attempted vehicular assault, 9 months Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections and costs. Judge Robert C. Pollex.

David Ysasi Jr., 41, Findlay, trafficking in marijuana, 2 years ORDC, $5,000 fine, 2-year driver's license suspension, and costs. Judge Alan R. Mayberry.

Jeremy Sims, 23, c/o Lucas County Jail, pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor, 6 months ODRC and costs. Judge Mayberry.


H. James and Norma Brenneman to Patrick and Kartina Beal, lot 39 of Adams Addition Plat 2, Grand Rapids, $25,000.

John Chilcote Bower, trustee, to LaVerin Ferguson, 530 East Sixth, Perrysburg, $64,000.

Marshall and Beckey Wolf to Ross and Ida Pugsley, 2083 Coe, Perrysburg, $178,000.

Marsha J. Kusner to Jason and Denise Tansey, 850 Ashbury, Perrysburg, $228,000.

Craig and Jennifer Krueger to Randall and Jennifer Hill, 14778 Dexter Falls, Middleton Twp., $256,000.

Mark and Alisa Strahm to Jose Campos III, 110 Main, Wayne, $104,684.

Michael and Pamela Biller to Wade and Jennifer Gottschalk, 22 Georgetown, Unit 2, Plain Twp., $95,000.

Shirley A. Clark to Tina and Scott Sigler, 1516 Pemberville, Lake Twp., $82,700.

Richard and Shirley Johnston to Raymond and Cynthia Stump, 516 Yorkshire, Haskins, $248,500.

Woodmont Development LLC to Forrester Wehrle Homes Inc., lot 11 of Woodmont Plat 1, Perrysburg Twp., $34,500.

Pledged Property II LLC to Thomas and Irene Johnson, 13976 Mermill, Liberty Twp., $16,900.

Dennis and Marilyn Hoops to Katherine Fry, 23037 Defiance Pike, Custar, $69,000.

American Title Agency Inc., trustee, to Michael and Joanne McCall, 516 South Wintergarden, Bowling Green, $245,900.

William and Julie Smith to Elizabeth Kiessling and Robert Boltz, 477 South Church, Bowling Green, $138,000.

Homestead Developers Ltd. to Alex D. Levin, lot 26 of The Falls at Rivers Edge plat 1, Perrysburg, $37,500.

Dold Development Co. to Patrick and Linda Audet, lot 6989 of Cogan's Crossing plat 1, Bowling Green, $28,900.

Dold Development Co. to Carolyn S. Beham, lot 7036 of Cogan's Crossing plat 2, Bowling Green, $32,900.

Timothy Miley to Scott and Gloria Spangler, inlots 12 and 13 on Dowling, Middleton Twp., $30,500.

Harold and Carol Arnold to Gloria Jean Owens, inlots 810 and 811 of Perrysburg Heights, Perrysburg Twp., $3,000.

Firman and Betty Holt to Jonathan E. Sander, 200 Oak, Rossford, $109,900.

Dennis and Joni Badik to John and Kathleen Redman, 228 West Indiana, Perrysburg, $105,000.

Jeremy, Kristine, Robert, and Julie Zachrich to Elsie Zachrich and Stephen Walker, 1381 Roundhead, Jackson Twp., $48,000.

Ronald and Virginia Like to Linda S. Mowrey, 105 Washington, Cygnet, $113,500.

Paul David Munger, successor trustee, to Jerome and Jeannette Robison, 226 East Second, Perrysburg, $170,000.

PG&E Dispersed Generating Co. LLC to American Municipal Power-Ohio Inc., 11.67 acres on North College, Bowling Green, $1,530,000.

William Close to Verner and Mariella Bingman, 313 Haskins, Bowling Green, $206,000.

Verner and Mariella Bingman to Todd and Jennifer Grilliot, 552 West Wooster, Bowling Green, $126,500.

Hal and Nancy Lee to Andrew and Deena Halleck, 423 Lincoln, Bowling Green, $45,000.

Don and Diane Browne to Jeffrey and Denise Lake, 560 Ketner, Bowling Green, $120,000.

Glen M. Brass to Glenmark Development Co. LLC, 9854 Ford, Perrysburg Twp., $140,000.

Bruce Kronk and Sue Stelmaszak to Jeffrey and Karen Kerscher, 14246 Five Point, Middleton Twp., $260,500.

Pauline Helen Kopp to Robin Agen-Lamprecht, 3.38 acres on State Rt. 582, Webster Twp., $34,000.

Ronald and Candice Householder to Kyle and Sandra Cramer, 3504 Otsego Pike, Jackson Twp., $113,000.

Kent A. Sahr Sr., co-trustee, to Raymond and Christina Pacheco Jr., inlot 38 of Indian Trail Estates plat 3, Lake Twp., $29,000.

Gloria J. Owens to Jennifer and Paul Eckhardt Jr., 13348 Main, Weston, $66,000.

Robert and Pamela Kazar Jr., to Prudential Residential Services LP, 857 Cherry, Perrysburg, $161,575.

Prudential Residential Services LP to Candace C. Archer, 857 Cherry, Perrysburg, $161,575.

David Martinez to Mark and Katy Pannell, 130 South Evans, Bradner, $97,500.

Louisville Title agency for NW Ohio to Jeffrey and Rebecca Montross, lot 41 of Ridgewoode Crossing plat 2, Perrysburg, $34,500.

Society of the Divine Word to Retreat Associates Inc., 46.48 acres on River, Perrysburg, $371,521.

Society of the Divine Word to Roachton Investors LLC, 196.99 acres on River, Perrysburg and Perrysburg Twp., $1,475,897.

LoAnna J. Ream to Awad Ibrahim, 822 Jefferson, Bowling Green, $162,000.

Marcie K. Reynolds to Jason W. Small, 18927 Mermill, Liberty Twp., $118,000.

Wood County Sheriff to Ingomar LP, 162 Bergin, Rossford, $55,000.

Norman Lee Soldwish et al to Pledged Property II LLC, 310 Mulberry, Perrysburg, $92,000.

Richard T. Kanthak et al to Bankers Trust Co as custodian, 2107 Drouillard, Northwood, $43,500.

Julie A. Nollenberger to Christopher M. Rump, 114 Twinbrook, Perrysburg, $161,500.

John and Cheryl Kruse to James and Amy Haupricht, 203 Southlawn, North Baltimore, $140,000.

Ruth A. Richardson to Terry and Virginia Brashear, 717 East Broadway, North Baltimore, $93,000.

Bryan and Patricia Higley to Donald and Sharla Halstead, trustee, 510 Second, North Baltimore, $95,000.

John and Cristina White to Patty and Lynn Masters, 29814 Pemberville, Lake Twp., $270,000.

Trellis Homes LLC to Michael and Penny Mulford, 2369 Woods Edge, Perrysburg, $205,378.

Velma Ann DeGood to Tylor Geiner, 30854 Drouillard, Lake Twp., $40,000.

Timothy C. Thompson to Cody S. Beaverson, 22793 Main, Custar, $30,000.

American Title Agency Inc. to Hassoon and Almaza Al-Amiri, 1127 Charles, Bowling Green, $58,900.

Gary and Tracy Conrad to Ray Wilson and Judy Steyer, 9585 Woodleigh, Perrysburg Twp., $145,500.

Michael J. DeWulf to Deborah H. Bunn, 200 South Tarr, North Baltimore, $72,000.

McCarthy Builders Inc. to Edna Ray, lot 24 of Shannon Hills, Perrysburg Twp., $27,900.

Bruce and Ruth Ehmke to Todd and Kathy Baugher, 3.32 acres on State Rt. 105, Freedom Twp., $35,000.

Robert and Mary Beth Abbey to Estelle Robinson Burke, 28550 Stonecroft, Perrysburg Twp., $320,000.

Joseph and Nacny Sustersic to Gilbert and Stephanie Self, 7115 Twin Lakes, Perrysburg Twp., $178,000.

Kevin and Melissa Kill to Max and Michelle Baumgartner, 10311 North Bramblewood, Perrysburg Twp., $183,400.

PREP Management Inc. to Ronald and Linda Newlove, lot 6729 of Sequoia Heights plat 3, Bowling Green, $59,850.

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