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Today's log


Flower Hospital

Stacy Powers, Toledo, girl, April 20.

Jill and James Waikowski, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Lori and David Pariseau, Toledo, boy, Thursday.

Amy and Lance Hillker, Toledo, girl, Friday.

Michelle and Michael Crisp, Metamora, girl, Friday.

Tawny Sanford, Maumee, girl, Friday.

Lake ships

Due today

CSX dock

H Lee White, from Cleveland, load coal for Ecorse, Mich.

L A Tregurtha, from Detroit, load coal for Muskegon, Mich.

Restaurant inspections

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations:

King SK Food Mart, Inc., 1501 Mott, inspected March 3. Critical violations: Observed boxes of motor oil sorted above cases of pop and beer in back storage rooms. Do not store chemicals above food to prevent cross contamination. Do not store food to be discarded or credited with food for sale to prevent contamination of food products. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Rite Aid, 5619 North Main, Sylvania, in-spected March 5. Critical violation: Candy boxes stored directly on floor behind cooler. All food, drinks, and related items must be stored at least 6 inches off the floor at all times to prevent contamination. Inspector: Karim Baroudi.

Cottage Inn Pizza, 5929 West Sylvania, inspected March 5, Critical violations: All processed or prepared potentially hazardous foods must be properly date marked with a 7-day "use by" date at the time the food is prepared or manufacturer's seal is broken. Food served in 24 hours is exempt. Wet wiping towels observed at food counters and surfaces during inspection. All wet wiping towels must be kept in a 200 ppm quat sanitizer solution when not in use. Towels left at room temperature are breeding grounds for bacteria. Refresh sanitizer as need during operation. Inspector: Baroudi.

Bob Evans, 6435 Centers, Springfield Township, inspected March 5. Critical violations: Provide scoops with longer handles to prevent handles from falling into and contamination food items. Top portion of cook line cooler not holding proper temperatures. Cooler has not held held proper temperature for the last several inspections, replace immediately. Inspector: Heidi Sanders.

Miss Cue Billards and Darts, 3150 Navarre, Oregon, inspected March 8. Critical violations: Observed hot dogs, hot dog sauce, and pizza sauce held cold without date-marking. All potentially hazardous food held over 24 hours must be marked with date of opening, preparation or thaw and held for no more than 7 days at 41 degrees. Cheese sauce held at 128 degrees in hot hold unit. All hot foods must be held at 140 degrees or above. Sauce was discarded. Fryer oil, chips, and wing sauce stored on floor at time of inspection. Store all food products 6 inches off the floor to aid in cleaning and to prevent contamination. Food handler did not have hair restraints. Provide hat or hair net to all employees preparing food. Inspector: Jaclyn Kistler.

Cottage Inn Pizza, 3165 Navarre, Oregon, inspected March 5. Critical violation: Store all chemicals in a designated storage area away from food and clean utensils. Inspector: Jaclyn Kistler.

McDonald's, 7159 West Central, Sylvania Township, inspected March 9. Critical violations: Clean the interior of the cappuccino dispenser. Inspector: Herzberg.

Recent inspections found non critical violations at:

Volunteers of America, 1201 Champlain, inspected March 4 by Kelly Sattler.

Order on the Way, 6540 West Central Ave., Sylvania Township, inspected March 9 by Herzberg.

Maurice's Green Lantern, 509 Broadway, inspected March 8 by Butcher.

Perretti Enterprises, 3408 West Alexis, inspected March 3 by Karim Baroudi.

Marino Beverage Depot, 5735 North Main, Sylvania, inspected March 5 by Baroudi.

Rite Aid, 5055 Alexis, inspected March 5 by Baroudi.

Friendship Food Store, 1965 South Byrne, inspected March 4 by Mike Brady.

Marathon, 6700 Sylvania, Sylvania Township, inspected March 5 by James Herzberg.

Marco's Pizza, 2036 Woodville, Oregon, inspected March 5 by Jaclyn Kistler.

Sylvania Schools Early Child Care, 5403 Silica, Sylvania, inspected March 8 by Herzberg.

KFC, 5649 West Alexis, inspected March 8 by Baroudi.

Taco Bell, 5860 West Alexis, inspected March 8 by Baroudi.

Ramona's Restaurant, 3345 Monroe St., inspected March 8 by Debbie Dacquisto.

McCord Jr. High School, 4304 McCord, Sylvania, inspected March 9 by Herzberg.

No violations found at:

Erie Drugs, 4502 Lewis.

Toozer's Time Out, 1003 Key, Maumee.

Crossgates School, 3900 Shadylawn, Maumee.

Shoreland Child Care Center, 6214 North Summit.

Rudy's Hot Dog, 6069 North Summit.

Pauken Wines, 221 Golden Gate, Maumee.

Masonic Temple, 4645 Heatherdowns.

Charlies Pizza and Ice Cream, 6600 Sylvania, Sylvania.

Central Tennis and Fitness, 5400 West Central.

Pasta Fina, 5431 Heatherdowns.

El Salto Authentic Mexican Restaurant, 219 Golden Gate, Maumee.

Subway, 4224 Airport.

Stranahan Theater and Great Hall, 4645 Heatherdowns.

Big Lots, 3410 Glendale.

International House, 2801 West Bancroft.

James Pharmacy, 623 Lagrange.

Dollar General, 6730 West Central.

Sterling Milk Co., 1419 South.

Municipal Court


Driving while intoxicated

Trinidad Molina, 24, of 1216 East Bancroft, arrested Jan. 21; 3 days DIP program, $350 fine and costs, license suspended 6 months. Magistrate Jon Blaufuss.

Joseph Disher, 31, of 917 Custer, arrested Aug. 28; 10 days CCNO, $400 fine and costs, license suspended one year, active probation one year. Judge Gorman.

Gary Harmon, 37, of 6015 Durbin, Sylvania, arrested Dec. 15; 30 days CCNO, $350 fine and costs, license suspended March 31 to Dec. 15, 2005, credit from Dec. 15, 2003. Judge Gorman.

Richard Paquette, 48, of 445 Western, arrested Dec. 11; 3 days DWI, $250 fine and costs, license suspended 6 months. Judge Gorman.

Filbert Garcia, 51, of 552 Knower, arrested Nov. 4; 5 days CCNO, $250 fine and costs, license suspended 180 days. Judge Denise Dartt.

Jeremy Fults, 27, of 2241 West Laskey, arrested Dec. 31; 72 days DIP program, $250 fine and costs. Judge Dartt.

James Black, 44, of Findlay, arrested Jan. 20; 3 days DWI program, $250 fine and costs, license suspended 6 months. Judge Gorman.

James Carswell, 30, of 556 Mettler, arrested April 15, 2003; 3 days DWI, $250 fine and costs, license suspended six months, active probation 1 year. Judge Gene Zmuda.

James Hurley, 24, of 7214 Nightingale, Holland, arrested Dec. 29; 3 days CCNO, 30 days EMU if eligible; $250 fine and costs, license suspended six months, active probation one year. Judge Zmuda.

David Ferris, 45, of 103 West Springwood, Oregon, arrested 1996; 180 days concurrent, credit for 5 days served; $1,000 fine and costs, license suspended five years. Judge Dartt.

Steven Milliken, 36, of 16 West Weber, arrested Sept. 27; 3 days, with 60 days EMU if eligible, $250 fine and costs, active probation one year. Judge Zmuda.

James Prottengeier, 64, of Bryan, arres- ted Dec. 19, 2002; 180 days, $350 fine, license suspened one year. Judge Zmuda.

Physical control

Brian Smith, 23, of 6629 West Bancroft, arrested Aug. 12; 90 days suspended, 3 days DWI program, $250 fine and costs, license suspended six months. Judge Zmuda.


Lucas County

Myers, William, 79, 818 Kipling, failure to thrive.

Myers, William, 79, 818 Kipling, old age.

Napierala, Floyd, 74, 3301 137th, pulmonary hypertension.

Navarro, II, Ronald, 30, 3014 Frampton, pending investigation.

Newton, Melva, 82, Allen Township, Ohio, heart disease.

Nisch, Mary, 80, 4819 Robinson, Sylvania Township, heart disease.

Nutt, Mary, 78, Dunbar Pa., heart disease.

O'Neill, Mary, 71, 3459 Fleitz, Oregon, pulmonary fibrosis.

O'Rourke, Edward, 86, 158 Hausman, cardiomyopathy.

Oberhauser, James, 84, 2550 Heatherhills, cancer.

Odesky, Marian, 89, 4220 North Holland-Sylvania, Sylvania Township, hypertension .

Ovall, Jean, 75, 2823 Davidson, Sylvania Township, small bowel necrosis.

Owen, Janice, 55, 2713 106th, myocardial infarction.

Owens, Thomas, 64, 4612 Willys, cancer.

Pakulski, Louise, 79, 4449 Secor, cancer.

Pansky, Julie, 83, 2809 Manchester, cancer.

Parish Wolf, Freda, 54, Lake Township, Ohio, cardiogenic shock.

Park, Lorraine, 84, 3433 Oak Alley, Alzheimer's.

Parker, Harry, 85, 5461 Cresthaven, myelodysplastic syndrome.

Pattison, Louise, 91, 7056 Hill, Holland, pleural effusion.

Pearson, Franklin, 89, 4645 Lewis, Alzheimer's.

Pelc, Jean, 77, Perrysburg, myeloid leukemia.

Pierce, Donna, 56, 6128 Suder, pending investigation.

Poitinger, Clarence, 78, 5854 Benalex, myocardial infarction.

Powell, Mary, 92, 1067 Wall, Maumee, cerebral ischemia.

Pozniak, Robert, 64, 4356 Packard, cardiovascular disease.

Proudfoot, Elizabeth, 94, 545 Sandralee, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Pruss, Lottie, 81, 3576 Bellevue, pneumonia.

Pund, Dorothea, 89, 5916 Cresthaven, bowel ischemia.

Ramirez, Delfina, 69, 602 North Byrne, diabetes.

Ramsey, Charles, 67, 1431 Colton, myocardial infarction.

Ranville, Ruth, 83, 3865 Eber, Monclova, diabetes.

Rapp, Sr., Harry, 74, Fremont, coronary artery disease.

Rasik, Dorothy, 72, 118 Gradolph, cardiovascular disease.

Rathbun, William, 66, Bellevue, Ohio, cardiac arrest.

Reaster, Margaret, 56, 419 4th, coronary artery disease.

Redmond, Robert, 81, Port Clinton, perforated gastric ulcer.

Reighard, Marguerite, 93, 2720 Albon, Maumee, coronary artery disease.

Reinemeyer, Richard, 88, 5383 Lewis, ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Reiner, Lester, 72, 302 1/2 Burger, cancer.

Reiter, Dorothy, 96, 4492 288th, congestive heart failure.

Reitz, Larry, 61, Perrysburg, myocardial infarction.

Riccardi, Lewis, 81, Clyde, Ohio, myocardial infarction.

Richard, Robert, 75, 6017 West Benalex, cancer.

Ringenbach, Francis, 86, 4840 Glen Oaks, atherosclerosis.

Ritson, Donald, 66, 2325 Burnside, Oregon, coronary artery disease.

Riven, Eric, 2 hours, 6 Southard, prematurity.

Roberts, Shirley, 68, 752 Northgate, cancer.

Rohrbacher, Hazel, 83, 2015 Perrysburg-Holland, Holland, myocardial ischemia.

Rosenbaum, Ada, 75, Fremont, myocardial infarction.

Roth, David, 61, 1340 Oak Tree, Oregon, non-hodgkins lymphoma.

Roundtree, Pamela, 48, 10 Southard, pending investigation.

Rowe, Theresa, 43, Perrysburg, cancer.

Ruffing, Francis, 88, Tiffin, cancer.

Russell, David, 60, 4010 Southway, pneumonia.

Rutherford, Duane, 68, Millbury, pulmonary fibrosis.

Saba, Vera, 79, 3930 Vermaas, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Sabovik, Harold, 62, Rossford, emphysema.

Salzberg, Rose, 93, 2735 Darlington, degenerative joint disease.

Sanchez, Ricardo, 48, 710 1/2 Federal, homicide.

Sanders, Inez, 72, 23 Rosalind, pending investigation.

Santiago, Edgardo, 78, 632 Crystal Lake, Holland, diabetes.

Schlea, Jane, 73, Gibsonburg, Ohio, can-cer.

Schneider, Pamela, 43, Defiance, pending investigation.

Schwandt, Margaret, 87, 1611 Navarre, uterine cancer.

Secord, Dale, 79, Van Buren, Ohio, accident.

Sedlak, Matilda, 95, Rossford, heart disease.

Sentle, Sr., Jesse, 85, 3501 West Park Place, diabetes.

Serres, Donna, 46, Grand Rapids, Ohio, sepsis.

Shepard, Eleanor, 78, 1125 Clarion, Holland, aspiration pneumonia.

Shields, Clarence, 82, 4343 Parrakeet, cancer.

Shipley, Roselea, 84, Marblehead, Ohio, vascular dementia.

Shirley, Sylvia, 61, Blissfield, myocardial infarction.

Sieg, Florence, 81, Temperance, cerebrovascular infarction.

Sleesman, Iretha, 68, Montpelier, Ohio, small bowel obstruction.

Smith, Charles, 91, 4729 Overland, pneumonia.

Smith, Denise, 49, 5859 Gay pending investigation.

Smith, John, 53, 4000 West Sylvania, pending investigation.

Smith, Lillard, 86, 6437 Berkey Southern, heart disease.

Snyder, Alice, 79, Perrysburg, renal failure.

Snyder, Michael, 88, 1354 Corry, cerebrovascular accident.

Spilburg, Helen, 87, 5333 South Main, Sylvania, chronic renal failure.

Sprow, Pauline, 60, Pemberville, carcinoma.

Sremec, Maria, 91, 702 North Erie, dementia.

Sroczynski, Lottie, 87, 4341 Harvest, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Steinke, Edward, 75, Bowling Green, ruptured aortic aneurysm.

Sternfeld, Ernst, 90, 2641 Cheltenham, aor-tic stenosis.

Stevenson, Mary, 49, 610 Stickney, homi-cide.

Stevenson, Mildred, 57, Swanton, pneumo-nia.

Stimson, Howard, 73, Monroeville, Ohio, cancer.

Stout, Gloria, 78, Delta, Ohio, accident.

Straube, Werner, 88, 4702 Monac, dementia.

Strayer, Mary, 85, 3260 Schneider, hear disease.

Strayer, Virgie, 76, Wauseon, urosepsis.

Sulier, Eileen, 85, 5330 Harroun, Sylvania, pneumonia.

Suttie, Kathleen, 73, 5762 Summit, Sylvania, cirrhosis.

Swartz, Velma, 80, Pemberville, cerebrovascular accident.

Szymanski, Ronald, 48, Wayne, Ohio, pending investigation.

Thomas, Annie, 68, 1835 Norwood, diabetes.

Thomas, Edward, 60, 336 Crestway, Oregon, cardiovascular disease.

Tomblin, Mildred, 78, 933 South, coronary artery disease.

Topik, Kelli, 22, 2348 Eastgate, pending investigation.

Topolewski, Carol, 65, 1319 Albon, Holland, cancer.

Toth, Elizabeth, 91, 507 Whittemore, ventricular hypertrophy.

Tribune, Vonley, 90, 819 Palmwood, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Tucceri, Robert, 68, Bellevue, Ohio, diabetes.

Tunks, Mary, 78, 2521 North Holland-Sylvania, sepsis.

Turk, Bernadine, 87, 3526 Hoiles, Alzheimer's.

Turner, Terry, 55, 3857 McGregor, coronary artery disease.

Vallone, Josephine, 95, 1580 Eleanor, coronary artery disease.

VanDusen, William, 80, 2905 119th, cancer.

Velasquez, Vincent, 81, 1621 South Byrne, cerebrovascular accident.

Veler, David, 37, 717 Brighton, cardiovascular disease.

Vermett, Frances, 78, Northwood, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Vicary, Gaynell, 88, Rossford, myocardial infarction.

Villalon, Sr., Jesse, 45, 3643 Burton, accident.

Wagner, Ray, 54, Defiance, cancer.

Wagner, Robert, 78, Defiance Township, Ohio, pneumonia.

Waite, Bonnie, 73, 1430 Stanwix, cancer.

Walczyk, Helen, 86, 2214 Elm, pneumonia.

Wandtke, Melvin, 77, 715 South Holland-Sylvania, coronary artery disease.

Watts, James, 75, 7406 Wickford Wood, Sylvania, pending investigation.

Weber, Douglas, 43, 2005 Ashland, cardiovascular disease.

Weber, Jerry, 64, 201 Western, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Weber, Mary, 87, 3333 Heatherdowns, diabetes.

Webster, Lennie, 83, 3437 Blackstone, accident.

Weiker, Fern, 80, Republic, Ohio, renal insufficiency.

Wendt, Ruth, 92, 6670 Embassy, Maumee, myocardial infarction.

Wiczynski, Clementine, 85, 3231 Manley, Maumee, heart disease.

Willard, Bradley, 65, 1148 Columbus, Springfield Township, cancer.

Wilson, Gregory, 47, 4751 Violet, cardiac arrythymia.

Wilson, Pearl, 78, 3600 Butz, Maumee, cancer.

Winters, Genevieve, 87, 4735 King, Sylvania, hemorrhagic shock.

Wittes, Evelyn, 73, Grand Rapids, Ohio, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Woerner, Margaret, 94, 930 South Wynn, Oregon, cerebral hemorrhage.

Woods, Linda, 50, 2435 Lawrence, pending investigation.

Wopshall, Carol, 56, 6500 Cornwell, Sylvania, lymphoma.

Wortham, Henry, 93, 1951 Milburn, pulmonary thromboemboli.

Wright, Eldon, 56, Clyde, Ohio, homicide.

Wright, Theodore, 70, 745 Cuthbert, coronary artery disease.

Wyborski, Anna, 91, 2519 Seaman, coronary artery disease.

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