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Municipal court

Driving while intoxicated

Christina Ignasiak, 28, of 7043 Springfield, Holland, $300 fine, costs, 17 days jail time, 14 days suspended, 3 days DWI program, license suspended 180 days.

Amanda Chadwell, 22, of 1738 Raynor, Toledo, $300 fine, costs, 20 days jail time, 14 days suspended, 3 days DWI program, license suspended 180 days.

James Hall, 24, of 5621 West Bancroft, Toledo, $300 fine, costs, 17 days jail time, 14 days suspended, 3 days DWI program, license suspended 180 days.

Randall Arrington, 21, of 7438 Starcrest, Perrysburg, $300 fine, costs, 30 days jail time, 24 days suspended, 3 days DWI Program, license suspended 9 months.

John Stevenson, 23, of 1322 Laurel, Toledo, $300 fine, costs, 17 days jail time, 14 days suspended, 3 days DWI program, license suspended 180 days.

Reckless operator

Roger Davenport, 24, of 6643 Janel, $100 fine, costs, 17 days jail time, 14 days suspended, 3 days DWI program, license suspended 120 days.

Jesse Villalon, 19, of 3643 Burton, Toledo, $100 fine, costs, 17 days jail time, 14 days suspended, 3 days DWI program, license suspended 90 days.

Jason Litten, 21, of 6013 Black Oak, Toledo, $100 fine, costs, 17 days jail time, 14 days suspended, 3 days DWI program, license suspended 90 days.

Bowling Green

Crime reports


Emily Keegan, 1000 block North Main, stereo from auto.

Deborah Moorman, Marion, Ohio, cash for hotel room.

Municipal Court

Driving under influence

Samuel Beck, 24, Sylvania, 4 days jail, 1-year license suspension, 2 years probation, $610 fine and costs.

Prohibited alcohol content - breath

Sharon Mason, 56, Weston, 3 days DWI program, 180-day license suspension, 2 years probation, $560 fine and costs.

Wood County


Charlene and Christian Breece, of Hamler, girl, July 16.

Pamela and Kent Crowe, of Weston, boy, July 16.

Misty Harris, of Bowling Green, boy, July 16.

Barbara and Michael Jager, of Weston, girl, July 16.

Stephanie and Garold Welch, of Bowling Green, girl, July 16.

Holli and John Serda, of Deshler, girl, July 18.

Amy and Dennis Fite, of Deshler, girl, July 19.

Kelli and John Keifer, of McClure, girl, July 19.

Lisa Cogan, of Perrysburg, boy, July 20.

Tricia Fosgate, of Fostoria, girl, July 20.

Annette and Eric Stalions, of Bowling Green, 2 boys, July 20.

Christina Thurston and Geoff Woodman, of Weston, boy, July 20.

Melissa Hutton, of Custar, boy, July 21.

Taylor Marshall, of Bowling Green, boy, July 21.

Common Pleas Court


Aaron Dix, 19, Risingsun, robbery, 2 years Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, 9 months post release control, costs. Judge Alan R. Mayberry.

Shawn Clark, 26, Perrysburg, misuse of credit card, 11 months ODRC, 3 years post release control, $1,428.90 restitution, costs. Judge Mayberry.

Jamell L. Richardson, 20, trafficking in cocaine, 4 years ODRC, $10,000 fine, cost. Judge Robert C. Pollex.

Michael P. Meeker, 21, Bowling Green, passing bad checks, misuse of credit card, failure to appear, 3 years community control, SEARCH program, evaluation, obtain employment, $5,051.50 restitution, $50 supervision fee, costs. Judge Pollex.

Modesto Gonzales, 31, Petersburg, Mich., possession of cocaine, 3 years community control, 300 hours community service, substance abuse treatment program, obtain employment, $50 supervision fee, $500 fine, costs. Judge Reeve Kelsey.

Josh Whiteman, 18, Woodville, theft, 27 days jail, cost. Judge Pollex.

Kari Bialecki, 28, Toledo, 2 counts misuse of credit card, 1 year probation, $209.30 restitution, $50 supervision fee, costs. Judge Kelsey.


John Jackson from Peggy Jackson.

Sandy Serrato from Trinidad Serrato.


Jason Harle, 23, factory, and Alison Rice, 22, homemaker, both of Bowling Green.

Chad Stallsworth, 26, self employed, and Amanda Ireland, 19, waitress, both of Perrysburg.

Jonathan Weidner, 23, finisher, and Angela Wilker, 24, director childcare, both of Bowling Green.

Anthony Hafner, 36, construction, and Asmahan Goris, 32, forklift operator, both of Bowling Green.

Brian Anderson, 27, accountant, and Sarah Lowell, 29, accountant, both of Perrysburg.

Chad Goins, 29, and Michelle Luthman, teacher, both of Ann, Texas.

Michael Johnson, 27, of Temperance, driver, and Colleen Jinkens, 26, of Walbridge, registered nurse.

Lonnie Eaton, 40, of Bowling Green, factory, and Harriet Wilson, 37, of Carey, assembler.

Robert Foster, 62, financial services, and Patricia Brown, 57, teacher, both of Perrysburg.

James Lotz, 69, of Napoleon, retired, and Carrol Fulford, 64, of Bowling Green, retired.

Nicholas Madden, Jr., 27, maintenance, and Heather Murphy, 22, clerical, both of Weston.

William Verbosky, Jr., 48, banker, and Catherine Borucki, 49, service cashier, both of Rossford.

Frederick Ayres, 56, of Millbury, dental lab technician, and Beth Fowler, 47, dental lab technician, both of Walbridge.

Benjamin Costanzo, 33, warehouse manager, and Misty Jones, 26, substitute teacher, both of Millbury.

Chad Rivera, 29, of Millbury, warehouse employee, and Deanna Hosley, 23, of Northwood, dental hygienist.

Thomas Bauer, 52, printer, and Joanne Dawson, 46, machine operator, both of Rossford.

John Kollm, 29, general sales manager, and Stephanie Day, 25, teacher, both of Chesapeake, Va.

Real estate transfers

Richard and Norma Coventry to Bryan Christy, 834 Christopher, Bowling Green, $172,500.

Donald and Laureen Boring to Melissa Karr, 2389 Coe, Perrysburg, $200,000.

Thomas Padilla to Mark and Sheri Lindsey, 742 Heathermoor, Perrysburg, $215,000.

Howard Sandusky to Douglas Matney, 1005 Walnut, Perrysburg, $147,500.

Alice Christiansen to Jeremy Althaus, 223 Landwehr, Luckey, $123,000.

Shannon Romaker to Christopher Schults, 24378 Second, Grand Rapids, $110,000.

Mary Jane Kushner to Heather and Gregory Heban et al, 206 Eagle Point, Rossford, $107,000.

Sky Bank to William and Brenda Irwin, 27800 White, Perrysburg, $320,000.

Marvin and Carol Keller to Bryan and Julie Skrzyniecki, 655 Kirkshire, Perrysburg, $207,000.

Eric and Tamara Seaman to Nicholas and Vickie Bayer, 907 Oak Knoll, Perrysburg, $193,000.

Ernie and Eva Krall to Jeffrey Sims, 7291 Starlawn, Perrysburg Twp., $119,000.

Vivian Kiraly to Robert and Joan Shreve, trustees, 875 Bexley, Perrysburg, $157,500.

Cameron and Kimberly Rowlands to Teresa Foust, 206 North Main, Bloomdale, $100,000.

Robert Huber et al to David Miesmer et al, 8107 Scotch Ridge, Weston, $152,000.

William and Leigh Crouse to Wendy Solether et al, 502 North Main, Bloomdale, $115,300.

Daniel and Manuela Romero to James and Jody Williams, 0.23 residential acres Sand Ridge, Plain Twp., $10,000.

James and Betsy Roth to Julie Pontasch, 23941 West River, Grand Rapids, $144,900.

Mark and DeAnna Porter to Vicki Weber, 16234 Euler, Plain Twp., $229,900.

William and Dawn Johnson to Michael Voigt, 19781 Needles, Custar, $154,900.

Roger and Maureen Ford to Gloria Roepke, 7326 Winding Brook, Perrysburg Twp., $124,500.

EJS Enterprises, Inc., to Amy Hineline, plat 4 lot 69 Riverford, Perrysburg, $58,000.

Homestead Developers LTD to Gerglac Properties LLC, plat 1 lot 21 Falls at Rivers Edge, Perrysburg, $34,000.

Greg and Jessica Bryant to Christina McDaniel et al, 211 Adams, Luckey, $133,500.

Timothy Franks to Jason Franks et al, 14210 Oil Center, Henry Twp., $50,000.

James and Susan Gillig to High Plains LLC, 302 South College, Bowling Green, $88,000.

Harold and Joyce Hackworth to John and Mary Sockman, 1064 Bourgogne, Bowling Green, $170,000.

Roy and Rosie Rife to James Darby, 14091 Mermill, Liberty Twp., $54,900.

Benjamin and Julie Bauer to Glenn Dickey, 640 South Summit, Bowling Green, $128,000.

Wood County Sheriff to John Roe, 281 Bronson, Jerry City, $29,000.

Billie Wamsley et al to Gary and Sharon Decant, 323 Farnstead, Northwood, $25,000.

Mitchell Development Co. to Jerome Karnes, plat 5 lot 104 Indian Meadows, $31,500.

Horace Green to James and Barbara Belleville, 40 agricultural acres Plain Twp., $126,000.

Margaret Bucksky to Kimber Lee Chamberlain, 701 Pearl, Bowling Green, $131,500.

Gerald and Linda Bechstein to Andrew Thornton et al, 1320 South Orleans, Bowling Green, $163,000.

Lauren and Nina Van Scoit to Barbara Fuentes, 575 Rutledge, Perrysburg, $200,000.

Hugh and Mary Jane Bowland to Walter and Cindy Casdorph, 2449 South Main, Hoytville, $78,300.

Levis Park Developers LLC to Fu His and Mei Yun Yu, replat Levis Park lot 14, Perrysburg, $380,750.

Arden Homes, Inc., to David and Dee Shinavar, 1032 Ironwood, Rossford, $206,340.

William and Neita Bensman to Scott and Gayle Sampsell, 28777 Hille, Lake Twp., $125,500.

Melissa Mitchell to Daniel Deverna, 1986 Coe, Perrysburg, $192,500.

Alan and Diane Pohlman to Laurence and Julia St. John, 1426 Millbury, Lake Twp., $305,000.

Barry Koepfer to Dennis and Barbara Ressler, 1576 Pelton, Fostoria, $100,000.

James Mesnard to James and Linda Mesnard, trustees, 7662 Eagleville, Perry Twp., $182,000.

Alvera L. Nelson Estate to Robert Bryan, unit in Park Shore Condominium, Fostoria, $43,000.

MTN Realty Partners LTD to Douglas and Beverly Cheetwood, 212 South Summit, Bowling Green, $87,000.

Thomas and Theresa Roberts to Martha Houston et al, 307 North Prospect, Bowling Green, $134,900.

David and Margaret Gelding to Sloan Development LLC, 0.86 residential acres Lake Twp., $40,000.

Daniel Griffin to Fidel Ramos, Jr., et al, 411 Erie, Bowling Green, $125,000.

Gertrude Shanks et al to Sloan Development, 1002 Bradner, Lake Twp., $450,000.

Harley and Winnifred Brueggemeier to Roger and Barbara Bostdorff, 201 Broadview, Luckey, $110,000.

James and Amy Adkins to Mandar and Jyotsna Phadke, 1476 Logan, Perrysburg, $190,000.

Danielle Calandra to Mary Lou Fox, unit in Villas at Saddlebrook Condominium, Middleton Twp., $166,000.

Reserve Associates Limited to Ronald and Tina Elsass, 2170 Wood Hole, Perrysburg, $215,000.

Harold Stone to Carol Healey, unit in Foxgate Farm Circle Condominium, Bowling Green, $114,000.

Country Meadows Development to Marie Ondrus, phase 1 lot 5 Meadows of Millbury, Millbury, $27,000.

Schmalzried Custom Homes LTD to Forrester Wehrle Homes, Inc., plat 6 lot 125 Indian Meadows, Perrysburg, $441,000.

Thomas LaFarree to Nancy Stone, 524 Clover, Perrysburg, $195,000.

Matthew and Amy Allen to Michael and Tracy Henderly, 7251 Lunitas, Perrysburg Twp., $109,000.

Mary Hetrick to Daniel Prucnal III et al, 201 Raymond, Walbridge, $129,000.

Robert and Michelle Rohrs to Todd and Jennifer Osborn, 327 West Seventh, Perrysburg, $129,000.

Wood County Sheriff to Manufacturer and Traders Trust Co., 576 West Eighth, Perrysburg, $52,000.

Manufacturer and Traders Trust Co. to Paris Steele, 576 West Eighth, Perrysburg, $79,900.

John and Jacquelline Allison to Richard Vance II, 1790 Eagleville, Perry Twp., $109,000.

Arapaho Development, Inc., to Cheryl Hawley, plat 2 lot 41 Indian Creek, Lake Twp., 24,900.

Steven McManaway to Kenneth and Diane Vas, 110 Tyler, Walbridge, $120,000.

Dold Homes, Inc., to Timothy Memmer, 807 Longford, Bowling Green, $187,058.

Craig and Susan Mahaney to Kenneth and Susan Greulich, 1745 Middleton, Troy Twp., $165,000.

Laura Thomas to Michael and Lori Romstadt, 244 North Ridge, Perrysburg, $310,000.

Mark and Lori Gavorski to Michael and Teresa Ross, 14789 Prairie Lake, Middleton Twp., $340,000.

Cheryl Schade to David Hartman, 5843 Cherokee, Lake Twp., $204,000.

Frances Stepan to Daniel Schmenk, 196 Hanum, Rossford, $113,000.

American Title Agency, Inc., trustee, to Janice Twork, trustee, 74 Windrush Bourne, Bowling Green, $189,900. Craig Reiter to John and Darlene Lockard, 149 Joyce, Pemberville, $155,000.

Larry and Michelle Heilman to Mary and Michael Gaffin, 1026 East Boundary, Perrysburg, $133,000.

Kathryn Gorski to Melissa Mitchell, 2069 Coe, Perrysburg, $185,000.

Gerglac Properties LLC to Scott Woycik, 1713 Horseshoe Bend, Perrysburg, $199,950.

Thomas and Pamela Sniadecki to Melanie Deland, 7131 East Lake, Perrysburg Twp., $211,900.

Wood County Sheriff to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 2888 East River, Perrysburg Twp., $182,666.

Eleanor Kline, deceased, to Rodney and Victoria Beeker, 721 Crocker, Bradner, $59,000.

Todd and Shawna Carney to Jeffrey and Patricia Hudak, 4045 Rander, Northwood, $177,000.

Edward Bachmeyer, Jr., to Joseph Rymers, Jr., et al, 233 Windsor, Rossford, $161,000.

Anne Rutter to Suzanne and Norman Jurgens, unit in Meadows Condominium, Perrysburg, $135,500.

Vuong Duihinh et al to Scott and Diane Tustin, 617 Kingsborough, Perrysburg, $254,000.

Thomas and Kristine Donnelly to Richard Renz, 551 Chippewa, Perrysburg, $358,000.

Herbert Titkemeir Estate to Gustavo and Maria Hernandez, 332 East Front, Pemberville, $85,000.

Lawrence and Marla David, trustees, to Fifth Third Bank, trustee, 20913 West River, Washington Twp., $325,000.

Jean Vorderburg et al to Phillip Foster, 26677 Foxton, Perrysburg Twp., $178,000.


Karl Robert Meschwitz, 93, of Maumee, stroke.

Leonah B. Hanley, 79, of Perrysburg, sudden death.

Esther Bonner, 88, of Bowling Green, congestive heart failure.

Brian Lee Shoup, 37, of Grand Rapids, chronic renal failure.

Donna Marie O'Donnell, 44, of Oregon, glioblastoma mulitforme.

Everett W. Cowles, 91, of Bowling Green, respiratory failure.

Staci Ellen Malkin-Franklin, 47, of Toledo, lung cancer, non-small cell.

Gertrude Ann Hayes, 95, of Toledo, coronary artery disease.

Ralph W. Spoon, 89, of Bowling Green, lymphatic leukemia.

Michael Bilan, 87, of Petersburg, Mich., acute myocardial infarction.

Lea R. Caudill, 76, of Toledo, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Angela Elizabeth Ziolkowski, 92, of Bowling Green, pneumonia.

Bergis I. Schneider, 90, of Perrysburg, septicemia.

William L. Vogel, 71, of Toledo, empyema with broncho-pulmonary fistula.

Richard Earl Forbes, 82, of Perrysburg, cerebrovascular accident.

Lyle Veler, 69, of Toledo, lung cancer.

Elmer Paul Hornyak, 82, of Toledo, cholangitis.

Earl H. Bailey, Jr., 67, of Northwood, chronic respiratory failure.

Daniel J. Raszka, 72, of Perrysburg, metastatic carcinoid tumor.

Arnold Frederick Lilje, 85, of Walbridge, prostate cancer.

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