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Suburban Crime Reports

Bedford Township


Terri Bonawitt, 1000 block of Cumberland, cash, CDs, and cologne from vehicle.

Nora Bridges, Massillon, Ohio, audio equipment and CDs from vehicle in the unit block of the west substation.

Troy Evans, 8600 block of Tanglewood, CDs from vehicle.

Jennifer Melchior, 8600 block of Tanglewood, CB radio and stethoscope.

Carol Olszewski, 3800 block of Oldbury, CDs, cash, and sunglasses from vehicle.

Lori Pavlika, unit block of West Substation, audio equipment from vehicle.

Jerusalem Township


Keith Howell, 10900 block of Jerusalem, Curtice, tool box with tools, air compressor, two chain saws, boom box, and weed trimmer from garage.

Lake Township


Flying J, 26400 block of Warns, fuel drive- off, $30.

Fuel Mart, 3600 block of Libbey, fuel drive-offs, $64.

Kayl Lusher, 5900 block of Walbridge, generator from yard, value $300.

Pilot Travel Center, 3400 block of Libbey, fuel drive-offs, $71.

Sunoco, 3500 block of Moline-Martin, fuel drive-offs, $37.

Cory Wells, 5900 block of Walbridge, chihuahua dog, $200 value.



Todd Zimmerman, 1700 block of Chantilly, computer, money, and gift cards from residence; suspect apprehended.


Elizabeth Dukes, 500 block of West Harrison, suitcase and contents from vehicle.

Thelma Gall, Anderson, AM/FM/CD stereo from vehicle in 500 block of West Sophia.

William Hallowell, 500 block of East Dudley, grill from back yard.

Monclova Township


Landmark Builders, 8000 block of Quarry, plywood from construction site, value $4,300.


Auto thefts

Danny Dearsman, 2900 block of Dustin, 2001 Ford Ranger, recovered and suspect arrested.

Robert Gyuras, Cedar Point, Curtice, 2000 Ford Ranger, driver s license, and ATM card from the 2600 block of Navarre.


Bluflame Service Co., 3200 block of Wick, rear license plate from vehicle.

Donald Calmes, 2200 block of Starr, bicycle from front porch.

Frederick Denmark, 2600 block of Bleeker, passenger side view mirror from vehicle.

Sandra Fields, Chevy Chase, Toledo, backpack and contents from vehicle in the 1800 block of Woodville.

Duane Heinze, Truman, Perrysburg, rear license plate from vehicle in the 1900 block of Woodville.

Kroger Gas Station, 3300 block of Navarre, fuel drive off.

Anne Laplante, 100 block of Springwood East, CD player and CDs from vehicle.

Our Lady of Toledo Shrine, 600 block of South Coy, suspect deposited shrine funds into personal account in New York.

Alfred Rosales, North Haven, Toledo, cellular phone while at restaurant in the 2000 block of Woodville.

Robbin Sanchez, 3300 block of Seaman, money.

Sunoco, 2400 block of Navarre, money from office.

Roswitha Whitt, 200 block of Brooke, cellular phone.

Ottawa Hills


Murlidhar Kadandale, 3800 block of Indian, landscaping bushes dug up and taken from property.



Timothy Berry, Riverford, front license plate from vehicle while at restaurant in the 27400 block of Helen.

Kevin Chamberlin, 26600 block of Mohawk, 15 CDs in case, Oakley sunglasses, and coupons in wallet from vehicle.

Nancy Jason, 900 block of West South Boundary, $110 from petty cash box in office.

Virginia Martin, 900 block of West South Boundary, $100 from purse in office.

Perrysburg Township


Ed Schmidt Pontiac, 26800 block of North Dixie, 32 dealer plates from business.

Michael Cappelletty, Ivy, Walbridge, cash and books from locker in the 30000 block of Oregon; books recovered.

Melissa Howard, Simmons, purse and contents from vehicle in the 27500 block of Holiday; credit cards used to make purchases.

Robin Leck, 9600 block of Mandell, license plate from vehicle.

Kenneth Moore, Laura, Oregon, four wire wheel hubcaps from vehicle while parked in church lot in the 29100 block of Lime City.



Kathleen Lovins, 1100 block of Lewis, purse and contents from residence while victim sleeping, and credit cards have been used to make purchases.


Melinda Chandler, 1200 block of Dixie, AM/FM/CD stereo and 112 CDs from vehicle.

Randy Hunt, 200 block of Riverside, jewelry and Rolex watch from residence, value $9,050.

Kelly Jo Spohn, 1100 block of Lewis, CD stereo from vehicle.

Spencer Township


Church of God Apostolic, 500 block of South Irwin, plexiglass cover for church sign, value $700.

Springfield Township

Auto thefts

Jennifer Riethman, 7300 block of Nightingale, 1992 Honda Accord.

Somkiet Thepsourinthone, 1100 block of North McCord, 1995 GMC Vandura from business lot.

Venus Willis, 500 block of Banquot Way, 1990 Chevy Astro, recovered.


Tim Taylor, 6600 block of Inglewood, gas grill from back yard, and gas blower from shed.


Ian Adams, 400 block of East Aberdeen, two tool belts with tools, two screw guns, two rotor zips, cords, and foot lift from residence.

Carrie Baxter, 6600 block of Hill, CD stereo from vehicle.

BP Gas Station, 6900 block of Airport, fuel drive-off.

Carrie Cornwell, 7000 block of Sudbury, riding lawn mower from front yard. (not on map)

Robert Huron, Chesapeake, Ohio, radar detector from vehicle in the 6100 block of Trust.

Troy Irvin, Ordway, Bowling Green, radar detector from vehicle in the 1500 block of South Holland-Sylvania.

Jean Kelly, 2200 block of Old Plank, validation sticker from license plate on vehicle.

Sabrina Rudski, Wellesley, cash from purse under counter while working in nursing home in the 2000 block of Perrysburg Holland.

Alan Sasse, 6900 block of Greentree, five burner stainless steel grill, value $1,200.

Rebecca Stahl, 6700 block of Inglewood, stainless steel grill from deck area, value $2,600.

Swanton Township


Christine Barker, 10400 block of Airport, 36-inch TV, 32-inch TV, DVD player, and CD player/receiver from residence, value $1,450.

Dennis Davis, 9800 block of Old State Line, two air nailers, air compressor, weed trimmer, 150 piece tool box, welder, four fishing poles, crossbow, chain saw, and cordless drill from garage.



John Hoppenjans, 7100 block of Altara, golf club set with accessories from garage, value $1,000.


BP America, 6100 block of Monroe, fuel drive-offs.

Nichole Cureton, Stoneybrook, Temperance, purse and contents from counter while at party in the 5600 block of Elliott.

Hair Express, 6300 block of Monroe, money from register by overcharging customers on different occasions.

Ella Morris, 5200 block of South Main, jewelry and clothing from residence.

Angela Papenhagen, 5800 block of Elden, debit card information obtained and used to make purchases.

Brittany Taylor, 5300 block of West Alexis, CD/radio, 50 CDs and case from vehicle.

Sylvania Township


Brandon Beard, 6900 block of Ramblehurst, guitars, instruments and equipment from garage, value $1,690.


Dean Buckenmeyer, Archbold, Ohio, mother s ring and wedding band belonging to deceased relative in the 4100 block of King.

Jeremy Jordan, 7800 block of Hawkins, identity used to cash a check for $591.34. (not on map)

Renaissance Place, 6000 block of Renaissance Place, cash from business. (not on map)

Crimes against children

Joseph Martinez, Walmar, mountain bicycle from restaurant area in the 5500 block of West Central.

Devon Schumaker, Goodhue, mountain bicycle from restaurant area in the 5500 block of West Central.

Speedway, 5900 block of West Central, counterfeit bills used to purchase fuel.



Violet Vogt, 30600 block of Drouillard, jewelry from residence, value $5,300.

Washington Township


Cigarette Express, 6100 block of North Summit, 100 cartons of cigarettes from business, value $1,370; suspects arrested.

Robert Jackson, Coldwater, Mich., VCR, doll, and video tape rewinder from residence in the 2400 block of Shallowford.

Sharon Maxfield-Weirich, Bowen, rear license plate from vehicle in the 6200 block of North Summit.

Randy Rittner, 2400 block of Woodfox, camera bag, two cameras, accessories, and equipment from residence, value $3,513.

Waterville Township


Elizabeth Dukes, 5400 block of Whitehouse-Spencer, two palm pilots, video recorder, and speakers from residence.



Thomas Aukland, 6800 block of Providence, subwoofers in box from garage, value $475.


James Fischer, 6700 block of Gilead, outboard motor from property.

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