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Bay Park Community Hospital

Melanie and Joseph Medrano, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Flower Hospital

Melissa and Adam Oglesby, Toledo, girl, Monday.

St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Melissa Hollis, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Kellie Phillips, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

St. Luke s Hospital

Jessica Snuggs, Toledo, girl, Thursday.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Gina and John Warren, Bowling Green, boy, Wednesday.

Sonya and Charles Hollingsworth, Toledo, girl, Thursday.

Toledo Hospital

LaKisha Woodmore, Toledo, boy, Oct. 3.

Jodi Lorenzen, Toledo, boy/girl twins, Oct. 16.

Misty Sheehan, Newport, Mich., twin girls, Oct. 25.

Monica Suarez, Wauseon, boy, Oct. 21.

Claudia Gootee, Toledo, boy, Nov. 1.

Michelle Moore, Toledo, boy, Nov. 10.

Jamie James, Toledo, boy, Nov. 11.

Tifani and John Jenkins, Toledo, boy/girl twins, Nov. 14.

Kiersten and Mark Robinson, Toledo, boy, Nov. 20.

Gina Herrera, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

LaNae and Jason Malcolm, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Melinda Boyer, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Sharis Cartlidge Shuler, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Reeshemah Adams, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Amy and James Henneman, Toledo, twin girls, Wednesday.

Jeanne and Steven Schall, Petersburg, Mich., boy, Wednesday.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Nov. 30, 2005

Dennis Johnston, 50, refinery coordinator, and Christine Zimmerman, 46, medical insurance specialist, both of Toledo.

Jeff Gregg, 33, Coast Guard, and Pana Chrisostomou, 33, shipping industry professional, both of Toledo.

Stephen Pattison, 38, Realtor, and Lisa Greenley, 45, administrative assistant, both of Sylvania.

Adam Jacob, 23, student, of Toledo, and Mary Caraway, 27, student, of Akron.

Matthew Dunn, 23, tool and die maker, of Genoa, and Lisa Lento, 22, receptionist, of Oregon.

Angel Lerma, 20, and Ashley Christ, 18, U.S. Army, both of Toledo.

Crime reports


Jonessa Burkholder, of Toledo, purse and contents by two men with a gun in the 3700 block of Hill about 9:29 p.m. Tuesday.

Kenneth Buechele, of Toledo, wallet and contents by two youths with whom he struggled in the 3200 block of Northwood about 10:15 a.m. Wednesday.

Marco s Pizza, West Sylvania, cash from a clerk by a man about 2:50 p.m. Wednesday.

Bambino s Pizza, of Toledo, cash and pizza from a delivery driver by two youths with a rifle in the 1500 block of Campbell about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.


Terrie Perry, Stickney, cash, boxer puppy, and dentures.

Adam Tindall, Searles, loss undetermined.

Stephen Goldman, South St. Clair, laptop computer.

Jena Dickman, Brookley, phone charger and camera.

Teresa Smith, Booth, laptop computer, camera, video game, video cartridges, DVD player, cellular telephone, and jewelry.

Fannie Williams, St. John, hard drive, keyboard, monitor, and speakers.

David Druyor, Potter, pellet guns and DVDs.

J&J Plating, Oak, heater.

James Hammond, Machen, no loss.

Sound Asylum Records, Monroe, CDs and jackets.

Rodney Collier, Tremainsville, air compressor and tools.

Anthony Pappas, Suder, ceramic title, glass block windows, and books.

Susan Fields, Tibaron, personal papers and credit cards.

Ophelia Sharp, Buckingham, no loss.

Anthony Leeper, Hamilton, CDs, DVD player, and DVD movies.

Jaime Brown, Orchard, DVDs, guitar, DVD player, amplifier, cellular telephone, CDs, printer, camcorder, clothing, book bag, and computer and accessories.

Michael Putman, Church, cash, video game, video controllers, and jewelry.

Michael Brady, Weston, TV, DVD player, rifle, fishing pole, battery charger, stereo receiver, tools, and safe and contents.

Jason Keller, Brookview, telephone, answering machine, and checkbook.

Sports Center Bar & Grill, West Alexis, poker game machine and cash.

Joe Mays, Elizabeth, clothing, shoes, and telephone.

Andre Goodbar, Ottawa, CDs, dishes, and groceries.

Ida Douglas, Heatherdowns, copper pipes from the 1200 block of Evesham.

Freddie Murdock, Buckingham, snowblowers and weed trimmers.

James Barker, Watson, snowblower and power tools.


Genevieve Lawson, Vandalia, aluminum siding from home in the 700 block of North Westwood.

Randell McKinney, Chestnut, CD player, CDs, personal papers, and checks.

Terry Watkins, Fitchland, planner, credit cards, bank cards, AM/FM/CD player, and cash from SUV in the 500 block of Hiett.

Donte Sanders, Bronson, cash, cellular telephone, tote bag, checks, and wallet and contents from residence.

Stephanie Mousoulias, Kellerston, Maumee, stamps and wallet and contents from the 3000 block of Arlington.

Dontraiel Austin, Monroe, TV and VCR/DVD player from residence.

Cecelia Hunter, Varland, Tupperware from the 1200 block of Idaho.

Barbara Kierniam, Ogden, cellular telephone and credit cards from residence.

Cindy Dart, Eleanor, bank card, bicycle, DVDs, credit cards, and cellular telephone from residence.

Carolyn Potter, Tall Oaks, cellular telephone, purse, and cash from residence.

Brooke Gorman, Heatherhills, AM/FM/CD player, credit cards, clothing, and identification from auto at home.

Deborah Johnson, Toronto, TV/VCR, stereo receiver, DVD player, cash, CDs, DVDs, boots, watch, and personal papers from residence.

Natalie Day, Brookside, purse and contents from the 1800 block of Evansdale.

Johnenia Defalco, School, Temperance, personal checks from Secor at West Laskey.

Maurice Parked, Warren, handgun from residence.

Gerald Huchison, Chicago, power washer, vacuum, and hose from residence.

Robin Dunham, West State Line, purse and contents from auto in the 300 block of New Towne Square.

Jacqueline Searcy, Delta, Ohio, CDs, book bag and contents from auto on Airport at Bernath.

Kim Christian, Georgetown, video games and video cartridges from residence.

Traffic injuries


7:30 a.m. Douglas and Dorr. Autos of Joellen Wells, 52, of Aldringham, and Terri Hogue, 43, of Hamilton, who was treated at Toledo Hospital.

7:50 a.m. West Bancroft and Maplewood. Van of Christina Baker-Wilson, 58, of Luddington, and TARTA bus driven by Yvonne Minor, 53, of Parkside, whose passengers, Bianca King, 12, and William Braylock, 16, both of Hollywood, were treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

8 a.m. North Detroit and I-75 overpass. Tractor trailer of George Losek, 53, of Segur; autos of Lashanna Townsend, 32, of Glenwood, and Nicholas Martin, 23, of North River, Waterville, and SAFE of Donna Schwartz, 50, of Elden, Sylvania, who was treated at Toledo Hospital.

9 a.m. Collingwood and the Anthony Wayne Trail. Pickup truck of Melvin Mitchell, 50, of Prouty, and auto of Reggie Williams, 30, of Campbell, who was treated at Toledo Hospital.

Fire alarms


1:48 a.m. 1212 Collingwood, structure fire.

5:48 a.m. 2114 West Alexis, commercial fire alarm.

8:23 a.m. 300 Mettler, auto fire.

8:26 a.m. 2805 Elm, auto fire.

8:31 p.m. 2045 Brookdale, fumes investigation.

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