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Toledo Hospital

Annette and Joseph Napoli, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Mary and Keither Studenka, Toledo, boy, June 20.

Jeanean and Bryan Perkey, Maumee, boy, Wednesday.

Deborah and Brent Marinski, boy, Wednesday.

Guadalupe and Gabriel Rodriguez, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Autumn McLargin, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Ngalula and Safari Mubenga-Lupungula, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Bay Park Community Hospital

Ana Ruiz, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Flower Hospital

Ashlie Agsten, Wauseon, boy, Tuesday.

Quinn Toles, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Rosa Carrington, Toledo, boy, Sunday.

Stacy and Troy Hahn, Woodville, boy, Monday.

Samantha and Jeffrey Feller, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Angel Leake, Oregon, girl, Wednesday.

St. Luke s Hospital

Tammy and Kristen Beining, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Dawn Robinson, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Verne and Inskip Rochford, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Sarah and Allen Fields, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

June 27, 2007

Jeffrey Kurdziel, 34, store manager, and Heather Szymkowiak, 32, surgical technician, both of Toledo.

Joel Parker, 22, operations manager, and Leah Vick, 30, graduate student, both of Toledo.

Jeremy Filber, 34, grill cook, and Penny Briggs, 37, medical assistant, both of Tecumseh, Mich.

Daniel Pietras, Jr., 50, self-employed, of Toledo, and Carolyn DeWood, 49, medical office manager, of Sylvania.

Martin Casper, 34, manager, and Veronica Goller, 30, waitress, both of Swanton.

Michael Wolf, 43, retired, and Angel Lindroth, 34, U.S. Air Force, both of Toledo.

Brian Bleesener, 27, outside sales, of Plainfield, Ill., and Tara Flannery, 24, sales, of Maumee.

Patrick Thomason, 30, machine operator, and Tia Vaculik, 27, teller, both of Toledo.

Karl Parker, 49, corrections officer, and Ellen Collins, 49, store manager, both of Toledo.

John Harris, 44, truck driver, and Kelly Roberts, 38, both of Toledo.

Jeffrey Greunke, 45, information technology, and Dawn Smith, 31, information technology, both of Toledo.

James Campbell, 25, social worker, and Aaroana Hudson, 22, sales associate, both of Toledo.

Marvin Daniels, 33, detailer, and Sonte Martin, 23, diet clerk, both of Toledo.

Joseph Haggerty, 23, mechanic, and Julie Spurlock, 22, nurse s assistant, both of Toledo.

Michael Mohler, 41, zone operator, of Toledo, and Kristina Navor, 43, reset specialist, of Holland.

Crime reports


Eric Keller, of Toledo, auto, keys, cellular telephone, and shotgun by two men in his residence about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Valedtine Saidana, of Toledo, cash by two men who punched and kicked him in the 1100 block of Palmwood about 10:20 p.m. Wednesday.

Darlene Sterling, of Toledo, purse and contents by several men who punched and kicked her on Oak at Milton about 1:10 a.m. Thursday.

Donnie Bean, of Toledo, cash by men with whom she struggled on Lagrange at Noble about 9:30 p.m. Sunday.

Anne Bowser, of Toeldo, purse and contents by several men with whom she struggled on Lagrange at Eagle about 3 p.m. Monday.

Vito s Pizza, Lewis, cash from delivery driver by several youths in the 5700 block of Silverside about 5:05 p.m. Monday.

Dan Cezsak, of Toledo, cash and cigarettes by a man with a gun on Detroit at Council about 12:25 a.m. Tuesday.

Willie Davis, of Toledo, bicycle by several men who struck him in the back of the head in the unit block of East Bancroft about 12:35 a.m. Tuesday.

Timothy Booher, of Toledo, air conditioner by two men with whom he struggled at his residence about 3:55 a.m. Tuesday.

Joseph Ciszewski, of Toledo, bank card by two men with guns in the 3200 block of Lagrange about 12:15 a.m. Wednesday.

Jeremy Rodriquez, of Toledo, wallet and contents by two men on Idaho at East Broadway about 1:25 a.m. Wednesday.

Elijah Pressley, of Toledo, wallet and contents by a man who pulled him from his vehicle on Yates at Lagrange about 3:55 a.m. Wednesday.


Arthur Stewart, West Gramercy, flute and clarinet.

Point Stop Carry Out, North Summit, beer.

Derek Wiesenberg, Carlton, loss undetermined.

AT&T, Kuhlman, batteries.

Eddie Rowland III, Woodland, jewelry, leather jackets, and coats.

Randala Davis, Consaul, garden hose.

Chirene Harris, Hamilton, video game, CD/radio, DVDs, and CDs.

Krystal Freeman, Parkside, furniture, TV, CD player, speakers, and household items.

Jerry Kycera, Burnham, no loss.

Melvin Alexander, South, no loss.

Sara Kennedy, South, furniture, mailbox, game, and TV.

Charae McDonald, Coventry, no loss.

Chirene Harris, Hamilton, loss undetermined.

East Auto Sales, East Broadway, car stereos.

Cole Pendrey, Christian, video game, video cartridges, and purse.

Jack Benedict, Starr, cash, change, bank book, and medication.

Gray s Auto Service, Stickney, battery charger.

Debra Harrison, Bonfield, purse and contents.

Trisha Beane, Burlingame, video game, video controllers, and video cartridges.

Daniel Brindley, West Rowland, bicycles.

Erika Holloway, Belmont, no loss.

Rebecca Arjev, Hill, laptop computer, guitar, and purse and contents.

Terri Bunn, Southview, no loss.

Lesly Garnett, Elmdale, shotgun and credit cards.

Alicia Rayford, Norwich, TV, VCR, DVD player, jewelry, video game, shoes, clothing, bathroom products, detergent, book, and diapers.

Terica Cullars, West Oakland, diamond ring, video game, video controllers, and jewelry.

Robert Schaefer, Wright, go-cart, snowblower, and tools.

Thomas Hunt, Ogden, no loss.

Eric Miklovick, Evansdale, laptop computer, camera, credit cards, video game, and camcorder.

Romanoff Industry, Woodville, copper tubing and wiring.

Arlington Elementary School, Toronto, no loss.

Josh Luthman, North Westwood, movies, video game, and video controllers.

Gary Stewart, Birckhead, TV and jewelry.

Faith Dashner, Brooke Park, no loss.

Ed Thomas, Eleanor, video games.

Celeste Simmons, Slater, DVD player, movies, and video game.

Gregory Owens, South Detroit, cash, personal papers, and tools.

Bert Puligandla, Key, laptop computer, checks, and cash.

King Cove Apartments, Key, no loss.

Joshua McNelley, Key, personal checks.

Lakisha Green, North Michigan, TV, DVD player, and VCR.

Joey Ronan, Delence, TV, laptop computer, watch, shoes, clothing, and cash.

Issa Hassan, Satinwood, cash and cellular telephones.

Children Rights Council, West Sylvania, cash and check.

Stone Computer, Secor, loss undetermined.

John Heinlin, River, Maumee, copper pipes from home in the 3000 block of South.

Danielle Shordt, Charlestown, laptop computer from home in the 1900 block of Evansdale.

Vintage Electric, McGregor, loss undetermined.

Jessie Diekman, West Alexis, medication, cigarettes, board game, and personal papers.

Krystal Navarre, Kingston, rims, tires, car stereos, power washer, and bat bag.

John Santus, Malcom, leaf blower.

Karen Bower, Drummond, bicycle.

Michelle Haywood, Fourth, no loss.

Ryan Donkenel, Talmadge, laptop computer.

Cori Tellings, Phillip, motor bike and electric charger.

Lucretia Caston, Prouty, cash.

Jim Byrne, 104th, bicycle.

Arnold Blankenship, Waggoner, copper pipes.

Annie Walker, Otto, bicycles.

Mary Tustwiller, Toledo, no loss.

Barney s, West Laskey, cash, lottery tickets, and cigarettes.


Lacrecita Dobbins, Lincoln, wallet and contents from the 2400 block of Colling wood.

Beth Duda, Selma, purse and contents from West Laskey at Secor.

Bridges Inc., Greentree, central air conditioning unit from the 200 block of South Reynolds.

Toshie Lauharn, North Lockwood, purse and contents from residence.

Marissa Nordhaus, Oregon, Perrysburg, laptop computer from the 1200 block of Yates.

David Fuller, Douglas, hearing aid from the 5700 block of Southwyck.

Heather Dusseau, Evansdale, lawn mower, leaf blower, and trimmer from residence.

Monique Rivers, Nesslewood, tires and rims from vehicle at home.

Henry s Auto Sales, Dorr, rims from auto in the lot.

Donnita Jackson, Sibley, video game, video cartridges, cellular telephone, and sunglasses from the 3600 block of Willow Run.

Mary Lee, Western, medication from residence.

Ophelia Thompson, Wetherfield, Perrysburg, purse and contents from auto in the 2900 block of Monroe.

Scharron Kline, Brookview, purse and contents from van at home.

Marcella Sevigny, Heatherlawn, laptop computer from the 2400 block of Colling wood.

Michelle Yohnke, Continental, purse and contents from the 3400 block of Blairmont.

Donald Alexander, Kevin, rims and tires from auto at home.

Karen Clear, Garrison, purse and contents from van in the 700 block of North Huron.

Martha Jones, Condley, gold bracelet from residence.

Paul Deraedt, Ryewyck, extension ladders from residence.

Nichol Funk, Greenwood, checks and bank card from auto at home.

Traffic injuries


4 p.m. South Byrne and Hill. Pickup trucks of Stanley Hubbard, 44, of Ivanhill, and Debra Hoover, 50, of Hill, who was treated at University of Toledo Medical Center, formerly Medical College of Ohio Hospital

5:50 p.m. 2000 block of Airport. Autos of Hamer, 39, of Greenridge, and Jennifer Henisse, 26, Airport, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center along with passenger, Luis Cammarano, 26, also of Airport.

10:05 p.m. South Ravine and East Broadway. Auto of James Kemp III, 35, Roseview, and bicycle of Rodney Hornbeak, 18, of Melrose, who was treated at Toledo Hospital.


2:10 a.m. Cheyenne and Rockspring. Pickup truck of Michael Nova, 30, of Harding, struck utility pole. Driver was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

1:07 p.m. Nebraska and Ewing. SUV of Imogene Holmes, 57, of Division, and auto of Joel Terry, 36, of 21st, who was treated at Toledo Hospital along with passengers, Sandra Freelove, 36, of Cone, and Breya Norwood, 4, of Goodale.

3:45 p.m. 2800 block of Manchester. Auto of Mary Morris, 80, of Manchester, struck tree. Driver was treated at Toledo Hospital.

6:03 p.m. Bennett and Waybridge. Auto of Jeremiah Dudzik, 19, of Waybridge, and motorcycle of Bennie Bugg, 39, of Temperance, who was treated at Toledo Hospital along with passenger, Shailyn Bugg, 32, also of Temperance.


9:15 a.m. 5200 block of Secor. Auto of Carrie Summerford, 30, of Fairhaven, and motorcycle of Roland Genson II, 38, of Donnelly, who was treated at Toledo Hospital.

10:35 a.m. Alexis and Jackman. Autos of Harold Corum, 58, of West Alexis, and Lillian Knorr, 86, of Bennett, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

12:35 p.m. Monroe and Harvest. Autos of Walter Nutter, 86, of Eldora, and Lauren Yates, 21, of Malden, who was treated at Flower Hospital.

2:05 p.m. Berdan and Hazelhurst. Autos of Michael Neff, Jr., 27, of Nela, and Tyler Ferguson, 16, of Mary, Northwood, who was treated at Toledo Hospital.


5:25 p.m. West Central and Cherry. Van of Deborah Hartford, 47, of Navarre, and auto of Donald Pressley, 23, of Fitchland, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.


Lucas County

Blank, Dennis, 55, Champlain Street, cardiovascular disease.

Bodis, Martha, 88, Dearborn Heights, Mich., cerebrovascular disease.

Dennis, Bernita, 88, Ashland Avenue, Alzheimer s disease.

Durfey, Bernice, 95, Angola Road, coronary artery disease.

Hodnicki, Edwin, 79, Rounding River Lane, cancer.

Krzyzanowski, Jennia (Joan), 91, Elmhurst Road, dementia.

Mihos, Peter, 14, Temperance, pending.

Scheuer, Mary, 84, Rowland Road, atherosclerosis.

Troiano, Joseph, 83, Junior Drive, Maumee, coronary artery disease.

Wallake, Anna, 88, Northwood, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Wilburn, Booker, 86, Townsend Drive, coronary atherosclerosis.

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