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Suburban Crime Reports


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Bedford Township

Vehicle theft

Ty Wallace, Summerfield, 2008 Kia Spectra from the 1600 block of Smith.


Thomas Billau, 7000 block of Whiteford Center, push mower and three bicycles from barn.

Dwight Kosten, Sr., Northbrook, Sylvania, kitchen sink and faucet from property in the 6500 block of Secor.


Sherry Grodi, Melody, toolbox, battery cable, socket set, air compressor, garage door opener, and CDs from vehicle in the 1700 block of Harmony.

Robert Laderach, 8300 block of Lewis, scrap metal.

Patricia Lake, 7600 block of Verna, stereo, golf clubs, golf shoes, and tennis shoes from vehicle.

Harbor View


Jared Wilson, Brandel, Toledo, several tools, bicycle parts, and paint from barn in the 11200 block of Angola.



Stephanie Stevens, 1600 block of Holloway, bicycle from yard.

Jerusalem Township

Crimes against children

James Humason, Monroe, Mich., bicycle in the East-Corduroy area. (not on map)

Lake Township


Fuel Mart, 3600 block of Libbey, fuel drive-off, $20.

Howard Johnson, 3500 block of Hanley, money from vending machine.



Valerie Giovannucci, 600 block of Midfield, two bicycles from carport area.

Time Warner Cable, South Third, Waterville, Honda generator from the 2400 block of South Crissey, value $2,000.

Monclova Township


Gary Baurschmidt, 5100 block of Weckerly, DVD system from vehicle.

Kevin Chelucci, 2900 block of West Course, gun.

Mario Gatto, 2900 block of Quarry, knife, GPS unit, wedding band, and cologne from vehicle.

Donald Whitner, 6600 block of Embassy, GPS unit from residence.



James Boyer, 300 block of Venice, money from vehicle, then garage door opened and frozen food taken from freezer.

Virgil Garwood, 500 block of East Florence, TV, laptop computer, and video games from residence.

Nicole Hart, 500 block of East Florence, black and gold chest from residence.

Erica Schaffer, 500 block of East Florence, purse with contents and digital camera from residence.


William Rhonemus, Lancaster, Ohio, toolbox with tools from vehicle while at hotel in the 2400 block of Oregon.

Speedway, 3400 block of Woodville, fuel drive-off, $95.04.

Terry and Bonnie Tschappat, 2400 block of Jamestown, GPS unit and money from vehicles.

Mark White, 2400 block of Jamestown, subwoofer and amplifier from vehicle.


Vehicle theft

Timothy Fitzgerald, 1100 block of Cresceus, 2007 Ford van; recovered.


Gerry Zemenski, 3300 block of Seaman, bicycle from shed.


Barney s Convenience Mart, 3300 block of Navarre, fuel drive-off, $39.90.

Mitchell Encalado, 1900 block of Metz, victim s identity used to open credit accounts.

William Peters, 6600 block of Seaman, catalytic converters from vehicle.

Ottawa Hills


Wesley Weaver, 3900 block of Indian, wallet with contents and digital camera from vehicle in garage; credit cards used for purchases.


Vehicle theft

Tina Elsass, 2100 block of Woods Hole, 2003 Chrysler Town and Country.


Terry Taulbee, 300 block of West Indiana, video games, game controller, DVDs, and iPod.

Sharon Thayer, 300 block of East South Boundary, set of golf clubs from garage.


Circle K, 26400 block of North Dixie, fuel drive-off, $63.25.

Matthew Graynier, 900 block of Maple, stereo from vehicle.

Marion and Linda Phillips, 800 block of Ashbury, personal items from two vehicles.

Patricia Selfe, 500 block of East Sixth, unauthorized charges/purchases on victim s credit card.

Todd Zieman, 300 block of Maple, rake and shovel from yard.

Perrysburg Township

Vehicle thefts

Elmer Hofbauer, 500 block of Glenwood, 1967 Farm truck, 1965 GMC flatbed truck, and 1979 GMC truck from property for scrap metal.

Barbara Reigle, Greenwood, Toledo, 1993 Pontiac Transport in the 30400 block of Tracy; recovered.


Dawn Feaster, 23700 block of Lime City, prescription medication and keys from purse.

Kasey Hildenbrand, 29400 block of Bates, jewelry from residence.

Andrew Runyan, West Alexis, Toledo, Xbox 360 with memory card and video game in the 29400 block of Bates.


Lawrence Ahl, 28300 block of West River, fuel siphoned from vehicle.

Carrie McGinnis, 23700 block of Lime City, gas grill and window air conditioner from property and shed.

Owens Community College, 30300 block of Oregon, four diagnostic modules from ASEP lab, total value $1,940.

Juanita Ramirez, 25700 block of Apex, wallet and contents from residence.

Rudolph Libbe, Latcha, Walbridge, 600 feet of copper wire in the 100 block of J.

Providence Township


Sue Hood, Field, Whitehouse, fishing equipment in the 4800 block of State Route 295.

Richfield Township

Felonious assault

Ashley Magg, Talmadge Green, Toledo, victim in vehicle with passengers parked at Gibbs Bridge near Gibbs and Sylvania-Metamora. While sitting there, victim saw suspect with gun approaching vehicle. Victim started vehicle to leave, when suspect raised gun in air and fired a shot, then as vehicle was making a turn, suspect shot at vehicle on June 13.



Kathleen Brummett, 500 block of Graceway, $180 cash, digital camera, CD player, and portable DVD players from vehicle.

Matthew Engel, 500 block of Woodland, cellular phone and money from vehicle.

Spencer Township


Jackie Dale, 9700 block of Oak Green, bicycle.

Mathew Shippy, 1300 block of Whitehouse Spencer, three snowblowers, two steel storage lockers, and several wire racks from storage building.

Springfield Township

Vehicle thefts

Jeffery Fugate, 1600 block of South McCord, 2003 Dodge Ram.

Akiva Hunter, 6700 block of Willowood, 2002 Daewoo Leganza from garage.

Gregory McCloud, North Main, Swanton, 1997 Honda Accord from the 8700 block of Airport.


Jessica Correa, 400 block of North Dorcas, camcorder and accessories from residence.

Sandra Pilliod, 8700 block of Orchard Lake, money from vehicle in garage.

Holly Labelle, 8900 block of Orchard Lake, GPS unit and wallet with contents.

Willie Land, unit block of Sandbury, baseball card collection, PlayStation 3, sports jerseys, clothing, portable DVD player, jewelry, and shoes from residence.

Gluseppe Santoro, 6800 block of Morning Dew, wallet with contents from garage.

Don Widerenga, 400 block of Pine Valley, golf equipment from golf cart in garage.

Crimes against children

Brock Lobelle, 8900 block of Orchard Lake, $90 cash and bookbag.


Gordon Anthony, Fort Wayne, Ind., toolboxes with hand and power tools, baseball equipment, purse with contents, digital camera, suitcase with contents, and clothing from vehicle while at restaurant.

Ryan Bradshaw, 7300 block of Nightingale, radar detector from vehicle.

Ralph Carrol, 800 block of South Favony, coin collection from basement, value $4,364.

Chelsea Copeland, 6300 block of Glenhurst, iPod Nano, iPod, headphones, and power cord from vehicle.

Frank Garcia, Wauseon, DVD player and portable speakers from vehicle while at restaurant in the 6000 block of Knights Inn.

Ernest Hoffman, 8600 block of Stone Oak, iPod, GPS unit, and money from vehicle.

Sedige Khadij, Fort Meigs, Perrysburg, air conditioning unit from apartment complex in the 6200 block of Garden.

Keith Kruse, unit block of Hidden Meadow, victim s credit card information obtained and used for purchase totaling $960.99.

Brenda Mitchell, 9000 block of Orchard Lake, money from vehicle.

Bradley Morgan, 6500 block of Millbrook, bicycle from front yard.

Dennis Redway, Midfield, stereo faceplate from vehicle in the 2200 block of Perrysburg.

Charles Riley, 6900 block of Dorr, stereo, iPod, CDs, DVDs, subwoofer, and amplifier from vehicle.

Dennis and Christina Robinson, 2300 block of Heatherglen, gift cards, wireless headphones, and money from vehicles.

Jacqueline Schmidt, Orville, Northwood, victim s credit card information obtained from the 6700 block of Airport, then used for purchases totaling $952.

Jeffrey Serve, 7000 block of Quail Lakes, radar detector, GPS unit, MP3 player, and cellular phone charger from vehicle.

Amanda Vanbuskirk, 2200 block of Kingston, ID and $240 cash from purse.

Marjorie Wilson, 9000 block of Sand Ridge, paddle boat from property.

Michael Wilson, 2400 block of Heathcoe, $150 cash, credit cards, and clothing from vehicles.

Swanton Township


Gina Harveypace, 10400 block of Airport, two checks, then forged and cashed.


Felonious assault

Patrick Murphy, 5300 block of West Alexis, victim stabbed by suspect with knife about 2:55 a.m. June 14. Victim sustained wound to upper left leg.


Richard Cieslewski, 7000 block of Williamsburg, bicycle from near garage.


Karen Centers, 5600 block of Glasgow, several pieces of jewelry in case from residence.

Sarah Kamal, White Tail, personal papers and purse with contents from vehicle in the 6300 block of River Crossings.

Brian Monroe, 6900 block of Brint, $150 cash and bag with contents from vehicle.

Kimberly Montgomery, Kerdon, Toledo, $75 cash, several credit cards, and IDs from the 5800 block of Monroe.

Victor Sangoy, 4700 block of Sheringham, bicycle from driveway.

Amy Sprague, 5100 block of Summer, $385 cash and check from residence.

Toledo Coin Exchange, 5500 block of Monroe, victim s bank account information obtained and used on fraudulent checks totaling $1,212.04.

Larry Wilson, 7800 block of Glenhill, gold watch from residence, value $1,651.

Sylvania Township


Shelley Akeman, 2800 block of Stoneleigh, DVD player and movie from vehicle.

Laura Allen, 5800 block of Pheasant Hollow, 40 CDs from vehicle.

Richard Allen, 5800 block of Pheasant Hollow, money from vehicle.

Anthony Flaminio, 5700 block of Pheasant Hollow, money from vehicle.

Tenia Peluso, 5800 block of Pheasant Hollow, 40 CDs from vehicle.

Kevin Stoll, West Central, Swanton, 100 CDs from vehicle in the 5800 block of Pheasant Hollow.

University of Toledo


Brock Glover, Gilbraltar Heights, GPS unit with leather case and iPod Nano from vehicle in Lot 10 in the 2800 block of West Bancroft.

Michelle Labrecque, 2800 block of West Bancroft, bicycle from rack outside Horton International House.

Chester Provo, Glenmore, Sylvania, $400 in cash while in hospital in the 3000 block of Arlington.

University of Toledo, 2800 block of West Bancroft, banners and signs from Student Union and parking lots, value $650.

Washington Township

Vehicle theft

Dennis Murphy, 2500 block of Point Pleasant Way, 2004 Dodge Ram.


Laci Gladney, 6100 block of North Summit, purse containing $900 in cash, credit cards, and IDs from vehicle.

Whiteford Township


St. Anthony Church, 4600 block of Saint Anthony, $235 cash and key from office; suspect caught inside church, but fled. (not on map)


Sunoco, 6000 block of Saint Anthony, fuel drive-off, $33.78. (not on map)

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