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Bay Park Community Hospital

Elizabeth Fisher, Toledo, boy, Sept. 25.

Melody Williams and Marvell Mitchell, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Fashionette Mills, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Flower Hospital

Hayley and Nick Tule, Wauseon, girl, Monday.

Felisha Harris, Toledo, girl, Monday.

Corrina and Kevin Harpel, Perrysburg, boy, Tuesday.

St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Kayla Hilt, Toledo, girl, Friday.

Emily and Josh Sandwisch, Luckey, Ohio, girl, Saturday.

Tanya and Christopher Pacak, Perrysburg, girl, Monday.

Rebecca Frayer, Oregon, girl, Monday.

St. Luke s Hospital

Crystal Cooper, Genoa, boy, Tuesday.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Christa and Scott Lammers, Springfield Township, girl, Tuesday.

Toledo Hospital

Amal Hilou and Malek Abdallah, Maumee, boy, Monday.

Carolina and Eduardo Martinez, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Heather Leestma, Toledo, boy, Tuesday.

Allison Barry, Toledo, girl, Tuesday.

Kari and Dave Dilworth, Sylvania, boy, Tuesday.

Heather and Mark Hogrefe, Perrysburg, girl, Tuesday.

Lucas County

Sept. 30, 2008

Timothy Clayton, 23, financial representative, of Toledo, and Esther Klena, 23, student, of Rossford.

Christopher Newman, 30, truck driver, and Crystal Buck, 32, office worker, both of Lambertville.

Drew VanNess, 23, mechanical engineer, of Waterville, and Amanda Smith, 23, teacher, of Perrysburg.

William Fox, 36, banker, of Toledo, and Dorey Schmidt, 32, interior designer, of Sylvania.

Eugene Stimson, 46, mechanic, and Rhonda Anderson, 44, pharmacy technician, both of Toledo.

Matthew Siming, 27, sales engineer, of Toledo, and Mindy Lewis, 28, retail manager, of Swanton.

Scott Mehlow, 26, and Angelique Hager, 26, cashier, both of Oregon.

Douglas Nickel, 23, body technician, of Whitehouse, and Tawny Rochte, 21, homemaker, of Waterville.


Randy Spencer, Jr., of Toledo, a pair of pants, cellular telephone, and wallet and contents by two men who kicked him in the face on Idaho at Willard about 4:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Ali Mahmoud, of Toledo, cash and keys by a man with a gun in the 2100 block of West Laskey about 2:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Billy Hicks, of Toledo, gold watch by a man with whom he struggled in the 2200 block of Whitney about 12:15 p.m. Monday.

Howard Loughner, of Toledo, cash by a man who punched him in the face several times on Euclid at Fifth about 4:50 p.m. Monday.


Bruce Carson, Chestnut, no loss.

Latrish Perryman, Brooke Park, TV, CD/DVD player, computer, laundry basket, and comforter.

Sabrina English, Elysian, snacks and Hi-C drinks.

Mosse Construction, Fremont, change from the 5000 block of Norwich.

Piasecki s, Dorr, cash.

Corey Greenlee, Victory, video game, video cartridges, camcorder, and jewelry.

Linda Cook, Morton, TV.

Tomlin Equipment, Poplar, compressor heat exchangers and aluminum radiators from compressor.

Electro Prime, Lint, tools.

Ascension Lutheran Church, Collingwood, loss undetermined.

Tonyer McKinney, Palmwood, TV.

Paul Warner, West Gramercy, no loss.

Matthew Glover, Oswald, TV, video game, video cartridges, and camera.

Lela Villarreal, Main, video game.

Jason Nowicki, West Rauch, Temperance, copper pipes and water meter from home in the 3900 block of Vermaas.

Sharonda Meredith, Elm, TV.

Rhonda Crowe, North Ontario, no loss.

Sharonda Diggins, Avondale, towel rack and food.

Andre Young, Oakwood, TV, DVD player, and microwave.

Naser Alsorghali, Bassett, copper pipes.

Shareese Orr, Franklin, TV, video game, video cartridges, video controllers, and charger.

Leelin Maier, Alcott, TV, DVDs, video games, VCR/DVD player, speakers, stereo, receiver, DVD player, and video cartridges

Michael Gray, Pool, air conditioner unit.

Sunoco, Monroe, lottery tickets.

Tiffany Allen, Upton, no loss.

Matthew Rowland, Milstead, camera, computer, hard drive, monitor, iPod video, clothing, iPod station, DVD movies, check, credit cards, and identification.

Kevin Palm, Chippewa, bicycle, CDs, and sunglasses.

Lisa Valerius, Rochelle, laptop computer.


Bruce Schwable, South Reynolds, AM/FM/CD player, amplifier, speakers, laptop computer, and iPod from SUV at home.

Jeremy Beck, Loxley, CDs from auto at home.

Tim Dobson, Locust, copper pipes and wires from residence.

Guadalupe Camacho, Hiett, tires and rims from van at home.

Buckeye CableSystem, South, laptop computer from truck in the 1300 block of Western.

Amanda Kreger, Erie, Erie, Mich., purses and contents from SUV in the 3300 block of West Central.

Judy Blanc, Westway, purse and contents from auto on Frampton at Glanzman.

Teresa Anglin, Mel Simon, bank card from the 2200 block of Collingwood.

Betty Shiffler, Yondota, tires, CD player, and CDs from auto in the unit block of Allison.

Shawn Phifer, Maple, laptop computer from residence.

Samantha Mackey, Tecumseh, Mich., air conditioning unit from the 5100 block of Rambo.

Matthew Wetzel, Arlington, canoe from residence.


4:02 p.m. 3900 block of Talmadge. Pickup truck of Jeremey Holtz, 21, of North Cove, and auto of Laverne Goodwin, 59, of Avondale, whose passenger, Beatrice Greenberg, 75, of Wendover, was treated at Toledo Hospital.

10:35 p.m. West Bancroft and Collingwood. Hit-skip vehicle and auto of Dwight Harvey, 25, of Evesham, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.


9:40 a.m. South St. Clair and Hobart. Pickup truck of Felipe Nophal, 29, of Walbridge, and auto of Kenneth Turner, 31, of Evergreen, who was treated at University of Toledo Medical Center, formerly Medical College of Ohio Hospital.

11 a.m. Adams and North Huron. Autos of Thomas Fong, 53, of North Ontario, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center, and Erica Doyle, 19, of North Summit, who was also treated at St. Vincent.

3:58 p.m. Nebraska and Westwood. Autos of Misty Spangler, 36, of Oregon, and James Schlievert, 38, of Nebraska, who was treated at Toledo Hospital.

3:55 p.m. South Reynolds and Angola. Pickup truck of Tim Maier, 21, of Longwood; SUV of Michael Zahratka, 68, of Belleville, Mich., and auto of Willard McCall, 53, of Indian, whose passenger, Maria McCall, 11, of Indian, was treated at Toledo Hospital.


1:05 a.m. West Bancroft and Franklin. Autos of Vasser Omara, 20, of Parkwood, and Phillip Roundtree, 48, of Willard, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.


11:20 a.m. Anthony Wayne Bridge and Clayton. Auto of Carvell Green, 45, of Upton, and passenger of driverless stopped vehicle, Betty Reyna, 19, of East Broadway, who was treated at St. Charles Mercy Hospital.

2:51 p.m. Dorr and Bowlus. Tow truck of Danny Wolfram, 26, of Maumee, towed auto, and autos of Jeanna McWaters, 19, of Curtice, and Alonda Reese, 19, of Wasaon, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. Her passenger, Brittany Williams, 20, of Hillary, was admitted to Toledo Hospital in good condition.

5:52 p.m. 1600 block of Colorado. Auto of Rique Flynn, 39, of Hirzel, who with her passengers, Terry Benster, 44, of Lebanon, and Justin Mauder, 20, of Hirzel, were treated at St. Charles Mercy Hospital.

11:09 p.m. East Bancroft and Cherry. Auto of Salem Rawashdeh, 68, of Willys, and pickup truck of David Kirby, 53, of North 109th, who was treated at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center.

Lucas County

Bird, Gerald, 83, Foxglove Road, coronary artery disease.

Blevins, Roger, 63, Bensch Drive, diabetes.

Bryant, Mckinley Jr., 82, Carlyle Street, hypertensive heart disease.

Clark, Charles, 88, Centennial Road, Alzheimer s disease.

Cooley, S.V., 75, Fremont, coronary artery disease.

Csomos, Dorothy, 88, Mellwood Court, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Elson, Margaret, 86, Cragmoor Avenue, Alzheimer s disease.

Fadden, Rodney Jr., 76, Nantucket Drive, leukemia.

Falk, Laura, 89, Seaman Street, coronary artery disease.

Fannin, Breanka, 1 day, Monroe, Mich., extreme prematurity.

Geer, Lois, 83, Thobe Road, subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Graham, Jean, 54, Ryewyck Drive, supranuclear palsy.

Grotke, Claire, 91, Napoleon, osteoporosis.

Harris, Herma, 83, Machen Street, aspiration pneumonia.

Hubbard, Ronald II, 23, Temperance, interstitial pneumonia.

Korb, Lester, 96, Sunset Boulevard, hemorrhagic stroke.

Kraemer, Richard, 80, 320th Street, diabetes.

Krell, Maryann, 79, Perrysburg, pneumonia.

Loera, Guadalupe, 75, Willard, Ohio, myocardial infarction.

Lunn, Carl, 76, Monroe, Mich., pulmonary fibrosis.

Lynch, Nancy, 77, Manley Road, Maumee, cancer.

Mason, Betty, 70, Clyde, Ohio, venous thrombosis.

Mclean, Robert, 55, Birchall Road, hepatocellular cancer.

Michalski, Corleen, 73, Reinwood Drive, sarcoidosis.

Miller, Evelyn, 93, Wright Avenue, aspiration pneumonia.

Myers, Virginia, 88, Walbridge, Ohio, right leg necrotising fascitis.

Peterman, Patricia, 77, Temperance, diabetes.

Plumb, Richard II, 47, Sunset Boulevard, liver failure.

Power, Georgetta, 89, Luther Hills Drive, coronary artery disease.

Prusnek, Tyler, 4 months, Mount Blanchard, Ohio, pneumoccal meningitis.

Reed, Ann, 87, Blissfield, cerebrovascular disease.

Reid, Lynette, 40, Ambia Street, pending.

Reindl, Eugene, 79, Wakeman, Ohio, peripheral arterial disease.

Remick, Walter, 54, Seaman Street, suicide.

Rhobasser, Catherine, 81, Hill Avenue, rhabdomyloysis.

Riggle, Pearl, 84, Bilby Way, Sylvania Township, senile dementia.

Robinson, Mary, 70, Yates Street, hepatic failure.

Rohlman, Lavon, 82, Warrington Road, gastrointestinal bleed.

Schlagheck, Mary, 74, Temperance, myocardial infarction.

Shirey, Terry, 64, Southover Road, myocardial infarction.

Smith, Juanita, 67, Whiteford Road, Sylvania, polio.

Staples, Larry, 57, Northwood, dyslipidemia.

Tower, Roger, 78, Clover Lane, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Turner, Jaimie, 44, Tiffin, multiple sclerosis.

Walker, Lieutenant, 71, St. John Street, diabetes.

Waxler, Phrona, 85, Isaac Streets Drive, Oregon, cancer.

Lucas County

Albert Carter, 87, of Temperance, Aug. 22 at St. Anne Mercy Hospital. Accident, complications of hip fracture from unwitnessed fall at nursing home.

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