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Bay Park Community Hospital

Sharon Wetzel, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

Tequila Thompson and Keith Jones, Toledo, girl, Sunday.

Toledo Hospital

Meagan Jackson, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Erin Drake, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

Molly and Kevin Kersten, Perrysburg, boy, Saturday.

Jennifer and Jason Edwards, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

Amanda and Austin Koehn, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Brooke and Tim Gable, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

Sade Wilson, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

Courtney Baldwin, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

St. Luke s Hospital

Melissa Carter, Toledo, girl, Saturday.

Halie Lambert, Maumee, boy, Sunday.

St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Dinae Millen, Toledo, girl, Friday.

Heather Switzer, Toledo, boy, Saturday.

Andrea Baldwin, Oak Harbor, boy, Saturday.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Dec. 3, 2008

Albert Martin, Jr., 23, product technician, of Toledo, and Jessica Pluff, 20, of Milan, Mich.

Dec. 4, 2008

Fauste Acosta, 39, houseman, of Canton, Mich., and Kelley Deegan, 34, sales manager, of Ann Arbor.

Matthew Hunter, 24, engineer, and Melissa Koraleski, 22, both of Petersburg, Mich.

Wesley Arnett, 59, retired, and Donna Lawrence, 46, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Boose, Duane, 48, Bowling Green, intraparenchymal hemorrhage.

Boudouris, William, 86, King Road, Sylvania, cancer.

Bueter, Elizabeth, 85, North Hollybrook Lane, dementia.

Campbell, Berneda, 93, Evergreen Court, vascular dementia.

Clark, Margot, 78, Gettysburg Drive, peripheral vascular disease.

Elrod, Kathleen, 75, Berkey, cardiovascular disease.

Hall, Thomas, 68, South Byrne Road, pending.

Hinojosa, Kenneth, 39, East Broadway Street, pending.

Jiannuzzi, Patsy, 58, Navarre Avenue, Oregon, cancer.

Johnson, Catherine, 87, Albon Road, coronary artery disease.

Martin, Augusta, 81, Tecumseh Street, cancer.

Molina, Elijah, 1 month, Brooke Lane, pending.

Moskowitz, Lillian, 92, Indian Road, Alzheimer s disease.

Neuman, George, 77, Nebraska Avenue, cancer.

Oatman, Glenda, 71, Oakridge Drive, cancer.

Petersen, Svend, 92, Garden Ridge Drive, atherosclerosis.

Roehrig, Roger, 53, Hill Avenue, pending.

Rogers, Willard, 78, Count Way, coronary artery disease.

Rooks, Donald, 87, Homewood Avenue, congestive heart failure.

Rowland, Shannon, 77, Bucyrus, Ohio, pending.

Sanborn, Lowell, 91, Sycamore, Ohio, pending.

Sattler, Ruth, 49, Western Avenue, pending.

Scheanwald, Cheryl, 64, Manley Road, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Schroyer, Judith, 66, Rowland Road, coronary artery disease.

Schwartz, Rose, 77, West Lincolnshire Boulevard, cancer.

Scully, Robert, 81, Albon Road, Maumee, Parkinson s disease.

Shook, Clint, 32, Westwood Avenue, pending.

Simmons, Lindsay, 17, Temperance, Arnold-Chiari malformation.

Smith, Madeline, 92, Monroe, pending.

Spurgeon, James, 80, Greeenview Drive, vascular dementia.

Stahl, Bette, 83, Holman Road, congestive heart failure.

Sutter, Carolyn, 75, Spring Street, cancer.

Tarsha, Catherine, 93, Isaac Streets Drive, dementia.

Taylor, John, 93, Heatherwood Drive, cardiovascular disease.

Taylor, Walter, 84, Gettysburg Drive, cancer.

Treon, Thomas, 75, Weldwood Lane, myocardial infarction.

Trowbridge, Carol, 85, Petersburg, Mich., myocardial infarction.

Turner, Jeannette, 91, Paxton Street, end-stage dementia.

Wagner, Dorothy, 91, North Holland-Sylvania Road, cerebral hemorrhage.

Weber, Howard, 83, Perrysburg, Ohio, emphysema.

Weis, Lawrence Jr., 67, Cheltenham Road, congestive heart failure.

Wilson, Amiah, 2 hours, Whitlock Avenue, prematurity.

Wilson, Dale, 68, Greenwich, Ohio, coronary artery disease.

Wisniewski, Dennis, 54, South Avenue, pending.

Woods, Richard, 55, Jackman Road, cardiovascular disease.

Zuccarell, Joseph, 59, Consaul Street, cancer.

Restaurant inspections

Recently released inspection reports of Lucas County food-service operations:

Mayberry Diner, 8265 Mayberry, inspected Nov. 7. Critical violation: Observed wiping cloths resting on counter; keep all cloths in sanitizer when not in use. Inspector: Mike Brady.

Navy Bistro/Tango s, 30 Main, inspected Nov. 7. Critical violations: Observed rice dated Oct. 31 in the prep cooler. Rice held past seven-day discard date; rice was discarded. Found baked potato at 108 degrees instead of 135 degrees; reheat to 145 degrees and monitor temperature. Observed fry prep cooler unplugged with temperature of fish at 54 degrees. Cooler was plugged in and cut fish discarded. Observed ice on the electric line in meat walk-in cooler; ice chipping onto meat-cutting table. Repair immediately. Fifteen noncritical violations. Inspector: Jennifer Gottschalk.

Arturo s Fritz and Alfredo s, 3025 North Summit, inspected Nov. 10. Critical violation: no date on open package of sausage, vegetables in the cooler. All prepared and open potentially hazardous foods (PHFs) must be date labeled for a seven-day discard date. Seven noncritical violations. Inspector: Gottschalk.

Longhorn Saloon, 944 Phillips, inspected Nov. 10. Critical violations: Date mark all refrigerated ready-to-eat (RTE) foods to be kept longer than 24 hours; items such as soups, cheese sauce, cole slaw, and hot dogs should all be dated. Install a handsink in kitchen; repeat violation. Observed build-up from slicing potatoes on slicer; tear down slicer, clean, and sanitize after each use. Ice machine has buildup on interior; clean and keep clean. Sanitizer in third sink is below 50 ppm chlorine strength. One noncritical violation. Inspector: Debbie Dacquisto.

Rose Garden/Pizza, 1800 Miami, inspected Nov. 10. Critical violations: Observed mouse droppings inside far left cabinet at the continental breakfast. Contact pest control service immediately. No paper towels on the handsink by the dish machine; stock at all times. Prep cooler has a temperature of 54 degrees. Cooler was not stocked at this time; repair. Observed potato bag on floor instead of stored six inches or more off floor at all times. Do not store raw chicken over mayonnaise packets in two-door cooler; store raw chicken below any RTE food or packet. Eight noncritical violations. Inspector: Gottschalk.

El Sueno Restaurant, 2640 West Laskey, inspected Nov. 12. Critical violations: Facility has added a True Pepsi cooler for storage of open food; remove cooler and replace with a commercial-grade, approved unit. Observed raw chicken stored above RTE food in prep top cooler; corrected. A sanitizer bucket was not set up in kitchen; provide a bucket with sanitizer to sanitize food-contact surfaces during all hours of operation. Bottle of bleach stored on rack of clean dishware; store all chemicals away from food and food-contact items; corrected. Cooler is holding PHFs above 41 degrees; adjust to cooler temperature. Four noncritical violations. Inspector: Gillian Wilke.

Jamaican Cricket Club, 1830 Bancroft, inspected Nov. 13. Critical violation: Date mark all refrigerated RTE potentially hazardous foods to be kept for more than 24 hours. Foods may be kept for up to seven days including the day of preparation. Three noncritical violations. Inspector: Dacquisto.

Jimmy John s, 3235 Dorr, inspected Nov. 13. Critical violations: Roast beef in walk-in was 55 degrees and cheese and salami in prep top were 50 degrees, instead of 41 degrees. Walk-in cooler condenser is dripping into a plastic bin; fan guard also not appropriately attached to ceiling and as a result some of dripping water is rolling off the guard onto food and floor. Contact licensed repair service. Both handsinks blocked at inspection; all handsinks must be free and clear of clutter to facilitate frequent handwashing. Three noncritical violations. Inspector: Wilke.

Pizza Hut, 1500 Spring Meadows, inspected Nov. 13. Critical violations: Observed food in prep-top cooler stored at 45 degrees instead of 41 degrees. Observed PHFs in salad bar at 58 degrees instead of 41 degrees or colder; food was discarded. Three noncritical violations. Inspector: Mike Brady.

Adams Pizza and Wings, 1032 North Holland-Sylvania, inspected Nov. 14. Critical violations: No hot water in entire facility at time of inspection. Need to contact professional licensed plumber; facility will be closed if situation not corrected. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Patrick Niles.

Brewed Awakenings Coffee House, 2636 West Central, inspected Nov. 14. Critical violations: Handsink blocked at inspection; do not store anything in handsink basin. Small display cooler is holding PHFs above 41 degrees; defrost cooler and adjust the temperature. Steamed milk sitting out at 75 degrees; must be held hot at 135 degrees or higher, or cold at 41 degrees or less. Four noncritical violations. Inspector: Wilke.

Burger King, 4010 Monroe, inspected Nov. 14. Critical violations: Sliced tomatoes on sandwich line at 66-67 degrees; provide refrigeration for the tomatoes and hold at 41 degrees or lower. Snack wrap swiss cheese and shredded cheese are at 48 degrees instead of 41 degrees or less. White cheese on sandwich line at 48 degrees instead of 41 degrees. Four noncritical violations. Inspector: Dacquisto.

IHOP, 6535 Airport, inspected Nov. 14. Critical violations: Observed employee cracking eggs, then handling ready-to-eat foods without washing hands and changing gloves. Observed wiping cloths resting on counter; always keep cloths in sanitizer when not in use. Four noncritical violations. Inspector: Brady.

Max and Erma s, 7050 West Central, inspected Nov. 14. Critical violations: Observed employee drinking from a can of pop at food-prep table; all drinks must have a lid and a straw in kitchen area. Observed wiping cloths resting out of sanitizer. Observed employee handling garbage bag with gloves, wiping face with dry towel, and not changing gloves before handling food. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Brady.

Subway, 5840 West Central, inspected Nov. 14. Critical violations: A wipe cloth bucket must be set up at all times and wet wiping cloths must be stored in sanitizer when not in use. Quat sanitizer is weak, at around 100 ppm in the three-compartment sink. Must be at 200 ppm. Three noncritical violations. Inspector: Kelly Sattler.

Toledo Hospital, 2142 North Cove, inspected Nov. 14. Critical violations: Observed soft-serve ice cream mix improperly thawing in sink in still water; product discarded. Thaw in cooler or in prep sink under cold running water. Chef salad in doctors dining room on cold plate at 45 degrees; hold at 41 degrees or lower. Single-door cooler holding milk at 45 degrees; adjust thermostat or service the unit to maintain at 41 degrees or lower. Six noncritical violations. Inspector: Dacquisto.

Wendy s, 3454 Dorr, inspected Nov. 14. Critical violation: Cheese sauce holding at 128 degrees instead of 135 degrees or greater; sauce voluntarily discarded. Four noncritical violations. Inspector: Wilke.

Wendy s, 4277 Monroe, inspected Nov. 14. Critical violation: Both small salad coolers by the drive-thru are holding food above 41 degrees. Contact licensed repair service to hold food at 41 degrees or lower. Six noncritical violations. Inspector: Wilke.

Caribou Coffee Company, 5001 Monroe, inspected Nov. 18. Critical violations: Quat sanitizer in the three-compartment sink was too low at 100 ppm; should be 200 ppm. Observed wet wiping towels on countertops and no sanitizer bucket set up to store them. Four noncritical violations. Inspector: Wilke.

Boston Market, 5812 West Alexis, inspected Nov. 19. Critical violation: Front cold-holding display cooler and prep-top cooler holding PHFs at unsafe temperatures. Service and repair both coolers. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Brandon Tester.

Club XS, 534 South Reynolds, inspected Nov. 19. Critical violation: No hot water in either restroom or in ladies fitting room at time of inspection. Facility has 24 hours to contact professional licensed plumber to correct problem. Inspector: Niles.

Serenity Fish Market, 2015 Dorr, inspected Nov. 19. Critical violation: Observed black bags and gray bags used for food storage. Provide food grade bags for all food storage. Four noncritical violations. Inspector: Dacquisto.

Tam-O-Shanter snack bar, 7060 Sylvania, inspected Nov. 20. Critical violation: Label all spray bottles with common name of contents for proper identification. Three noncritical violations. Inspector: Tester.

H.S. Mini Mart, 1034 North Holland-Sylvania, inspected Nov. 12. Critical violation: No hot water in the only bathroom facility at time of inspection. Establishment has 24 hours to install hot water or the establishment will be closed until hot water installed. One critical violation. Inspector: Niles.

Rite Aid, 3013 Monroe, inspected Nov. 13. Critical violation: Mop sink not being used and has display items (hooks) stored in it. The mop sink must be in working order to include hot and cold water pressure and drainage. Wall around mop sink appears water damaged and must be removed and replaced. Two noncritical violations. Inspector: Dacquisto.

Cake Arts Supplies, 2858 Sylvania, inspected Nov. 14. Critical violation: Observed wet towels stored on countertop and no sanitizer bucket set up. Three noncritical violations. Inspector: Wilke.

Stop & Go, 3730 Monroe, inspected Nov. 14. Critical violation: Provide a three-compartment sink to use for wash, rinse, and sanitizing of coffee service items. Three noncritical violations. Inspector: Dacquisto.

The Corner Store, 250 Fearing, inspected Nov. 14. Critical violations: Provide paper towels in bathroom. Improper food storage in upright cooler; eggs stored above butter, cheese, and milk products. Eggs and egg products must be stored below shelves. Observed plastic tape wrapped around plumbing pipe on last fan in walk-in cooler. Remove plastic tape and repair by contacting professional plumber if leaks are exposed. Four noncritical violations. Inspector: Niles.

Moe s Market, 4401 Hill, inspected Nov. 20. Critical violation: No hot water in food establishment handwashing sinks. Hot water must be present for food to be served. Contact professional plumber within 24 hours to correct problem or facility will be forced to close. Inspector: Niles.

Minuteman Party Store, 5853 West Bancroft, inspected Nov. 26. Critical violation: At time of inspection no hot water in bathroom facility. Hot water must be in establishment at all times. Being corrected at time of inspection, owner turned hot water heater tank on. One noncritical violation. Inspector: Niles.

Giant Eagle, 6930 West Central, inspected Nov. 24. Critical violations: Observed rice saved uncooked in water at sushi stand at 63.5 degrees. All PHFs must be held at 41 degrees or less. Observed sushi logs not filled out properly, and without discard times and date. All logs must be filled out completely. Inspector: Nicholas Kusina.

Whiteford 509, 5478 Monroe, inspected Nov. 24. Critical violations: Label all chemical spray bottles with common name of contents for proper ID. Provide ingredients label for self-serve Tim Hortons display case (muffins, fritters, etc.); label shall consist of common name list of ingredients in descending order. Inspector: Tester.

Bambino s Pizza, 3156 Navarre, inspected Nov. 21. Critical violations: Observed food at unsafe temperatures in walk-in cooler; food items 52 to 55 degrees instead of 41 degrees or less to prevent bacteria growth. Observed an open drink in cooler. All employee drinks must have a lid and straw to prevent spillage and contamination. Observed improper /no date marks. All

potentially hazardous RTE food items must have a date mark to determine a discard date. Seven noncritical violations. Inspector: Nye.

Wernert Elementary School, 5050 Douglas, inspected Nov. 26. Critical violation: An air gap of two inches is required for the three-compartment sink plumbing. Repeat violation requires immediate attention. Contact a licensed plumber to install the two-inch air gap on the three-bay sink so it may also be used as a prep sink. Inspector: Wilke.

Recent inspections found no violations at:

Big Lots, 4706 North Summit, inspected Nov. 25.

The Original Royal Pizza, 4843 North Detroit, inspected Nov. 21.

Kroger, 850 South McCord, inspected Nov. 21.

Hickory Farms, 5001 Monroe, inspected Nov. 20.

Hawkins Elementary School, 5550 West Bancroft, inspected Nov. 26.

Ottawa River School, 4801 290th, inspected Nov. 25.

Taco Bell, 5860 Alexis, Sylvania, inspected Nov. 25.

Keyser Elementary School, 3900 Hill, inspected Nov. 24.

Keyser School, 3900 Hill, inspected Nov. 24.

Chipotle, 6658 Airport, inspected Nov. 21.

Progressive Fishing Association, 7675 Schadel, inspected Nov. 19.

Daystar Deliverance Center, 2330 Woodville, inspected Nov. 19.

Crime Reports


Carlos Washington, Putnam, DVDs, video game, leather coat, DVD players, and video cartridges.

Victor Groves, Spring, TV, DVD player, and video game.

Gregory Baldwin, North Huron, no loss.

Samantha Gonzales, Collingwood, no loss.

Roberto Mejias, Elm, no loss.

Sharon Williams, Milburn, no loss.

Sean Papio, Holman, laptop computer and jewelry.

Brett Weaver, Blissfield, Mich., 5400 block of Marriatt, no loss.

Terry Bean, Ottawa, no loss.

Marco s Pizza, Ottawa River, safe and contents.

Tiffany Bowers, Airport, video games and video controllers.

Paul Tunison, Western, heaters, washer, dryer, karaoke machine, TV, VCR/DVD player, stereo, mattress, and furniture from home in the 900 block of Gordon.

Nikaya Jones, Avondale, lawn mower, snowblower, leaf blower, edger, bicycles, tools, and doors.

Amy Hendricks, Elsie, video game, laptop computer, iPod, and cell phone.

Autumn Grant, Pilgrim, no loss.

James Stevens, Weston, Ohio, refrigerator, door, and stove from 700 block of Hamilton.

William Webert, Welford, Maumee, 700 block of Boalt, no loss.

Roberto Marchant, Honolulu, dishwasher, microwave, door knobs, and furnace from home in the 500 block of Hamilton.

Shauna O Larry, Pilgrim, no loss.

Edith Davis, West Streicher, no loss.

Maya Young, Woodsdale, cash and jewelry.

Cynthia Mann, Stahlwood, TVs, VCR/DVD player, jewelry, laptop computers, camcorder, camera, DVD player/recorder, DVD players, and video games.

Ronda Vaughn, Waverly, TV, video game, video cartridges, and bookbag.

Rolland Beale, Sherbrooke, TV, shotgun, pellet gun, DVDs, video game, jewelry, and TV/DVD player.

Rashad Chatmon, Hamilton, TV and furniture.

Letetia Wilson, Indiana, furniture, jewelry, clothing, computer, printer, telephone, tools, and microwave.

Patricia Thomas, Evesham, cash, jewelry, keyboard, DVD player, video game, VCR/DVD player, clothing, and video cartridges.

Steven Gordon, Fitkin, laptop computer and hardhat.

Marland Barner, Tremainsville, TV, DVD player, furniture, computer, lamp, and movies.

Herbert Moore, Paine, power washer and tools.

Pedro Castillo, 14th, cell phone, toys, and DVD player.

The Blue Print, Monroe, TV.

Diane Alexander, Otto, bicycle, leaf blower, and snowblower.

Elizabeth Mosby, Kimball, vacuum cleaner, stereo, computer, camera, printer, CD player, stereo receiver, microwave, jewelry, and small kitchen appliances.

Jacob Keller, Chase, video game.

Arthinia Stevenson, Berdan, TVs, computer, fax machine, VCR, stereo system, video cartridges, DVD movies, microwave, and records.

Dwandee Doss, Acton, TVs, laptop computer, and jewelry.

Mark Curtis, Farragut, computer monitor.

Rachael Cunningham, Dale, laptop computer, video game, video cartridges, and DVDs.

Sheri Hartford, North Summit, no loss.

Family Pantry Carry Out, Heatherdowns, cigarettes.

Melena Dawson, Franklin, TV and DVD player.

Martha Brown, East Park, cash.

Lera Carter, Yates, TV and VCR.

Lucinda Washington, Fredonia, no loss.

Michael Cappelletty, Berry, TV, video game, surround sound system, cash, DVD player, laptop computer, and medication.

Robert Kelly, Carson, no loss.

Charles Imber, Northdale, TV, stereo system, and games.

Carol Chandler, Dahlia, no loss.

Richard Stachowski, Corydon, laptop computer, cameras, iPod, cash, and jewelry.

Donald Blanchong, Baden, TV, video game, video cartridges, and jewelry.

Buckeye CableSystem, Southwyck, TV.

Ottawa Tavern, Adams, TV.

Harper Becker, Northwood, no loss.

Jeffrey Loos, Glendale, cash and hard drive.

Richard Vollmar, Glendale, jewelry.

Felea Brown, Airport, condoms, change, and medication.

Roy Dunbar, North Michigan, handgun and shotgun.

Whitney Lecklider, Rathbun, iPods, laptop computers, TV, docking station, and GPS unit.

Rhea Smith, Walnut, condoms, diapers, jewelry, and food.

Karen Williamson, Rogers, cash.

Yamiko Webb, Bronson, TVs, stereo, video games, video cartridges, microwave, tires, and rims.

Steak Escape, Monroe, cash.

Bryan Toland, Mansfield, TV.

Stephanie Williams, Latonia, laptop computer and coin collection.

Zachary Ottenstein, Barrington, loss undetermined.

Jackman Elementary School, Northover, loss undetermined.

Jason Root, California, air compressor, rims, bicycle, car stereo, amplifier, jack stands, transmission, and tools from home in the 2100 block of Wychwood.

Carolyn Petrie, River, iPod, cell phone, iPod sound dock, cash, wallet, and purse and contents.

Gary Hill, Cornell, credit card and identification.

Lisa Ewing, Macomber, TVs, video games, video cartridges, DVD, medication, and backpack and contents.

Bethany Dixon, Acton, no loss.

Kellie Bell, Jermain, video game, video cartridges, TV, and iPod.

Mya Long, Post, computer and TV.

Denise Jones, Lawrence, TV.


Steven Boehm, Drummond, TV from auto in the 800 block of West Alexis.

Krista McCArthy-Mignin, Wyndwood, purse and contents from SUV in the 3800 block of Secor.

Amber Ricker, West Capistrano, wallet and contents from 2200 block of Cherry.

Kimberly McNair, Upton, laptop computer, camera, and carrying case from auto on Jefferson at 13th.

Phillip Damask, Harvest, power tools from residence.

Mary Bladel, Benwick, clippers, trimmers, thinning scissors, carving comb, nose trimmer, straight razor, towels, wash cloths, and clothing from auto on Secor at Monroe.

Nichole Wright, LaSalle, Mich., purse and contents from van in the 5300 block of North Detroit.

Maria Guel, North Michigan, purse and contents from SUV at home.

Jay Janus, Linden, TV from SUV in the 900 block of Linden.

Mary Burns-Reeves, South Crissey, Holland, suitcase, clothing, and purse and contents from 4000 block of Monroe.

Sherryl Clark, Northcroft, air tools from truck at home.

Cassie Kirsch, Mandell, Perrysburg, laptop computer from SUV in the 800 block of Pine Valley.

James Kowalski III, Pittsburgh, laptop computer, scale, textbooks, backpack, and school supplies.

Shereece Patterson, Barrows, purse and contents from the 1300 block of West Bancroft. .

Cynthia Brandt, Dartmouth, diamond ring from residence.

Nathaniels Ernstoff, Linden, vacuum cleaner, CDs, iPod, MP3 player, jacket, and sunglasses from van at home.

Pamella Molten, West Bancroft, clothing, jewelry, and purse and contents from auto in the 2200 block of West Alexis.

Raymond Beebe, Meadowood, cell phone, laptop computer, checkbook, and briefcase and contents from vehicle at home.

Kimberly Bedi, Indian, clothing and jackets from van in the 4400 block of Secor.

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