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Today's log: 08-14

Bay Park Community Hospital

Catherine Gurzynski, Toledo, boy, Aug. 12.

Kristen and Brad Thurman, Toledo, boy, Aug.12.

Amanda and Patrick Paule, Perrysburg, boy, Aug. 13.

St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Paige Evans, Toledo, boy, Aug. 7.

Monalisa Ballez, Toledo, boy, Aug. 10.

Raeanna and Michael Corthell, Toledo, boy, Aug. 11.

Katheryn and Joseph Palmer, Millbury, girl, Aug. 10.

St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center

Sarina and David McCreary, Temperance, girl, Aug. 12.

Toledo Hospital

Naomi Robb, Toledo, girl, Aug. 12.

Patricia and Matthew Gaffney, Perrysburg, boy, Aug. 12.

Shawna and Zach Albrecht, Toledo, boy, Aug. 12.

Bricia and Roger Grothaus, Maumee, boy, Aug. 13.

Burns, Roger, 60, Tremainsville Road, colon cancer.

Holston, Joyce, 66, Frankfort Road, Holland, myocardial infarction.

Hurst, Leonard, 44, 127 East Park, lung cancer.

Koperski, Thelma, 82, South Berkey-Southern Road, Swanton, myocardial infarction.

McMillan, Johnnie, 83, Hollywood Avenue, ovarian cancer.

Morelli, Carol, 60, Pasadena Boulevard, lung cancer.

Mullaney, Esther, 92, Cass Road, Alzheimer s dementia.

Peschel, Paul, 76, Walbridge, pending.

Pruss, Thomas, 83, Whiteford Road, Sylvania, dementia.

Pope, Earl, 79, Warren Street, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Post, Virginia, 57, Grand Rapids, Ohio, lung cancer.

Pruss, Thomas, 83, Whiteford Road, Sylvania, dementia.

Ramos, Francisco, 64, Northshore Drive, hepatic failure.

Rapp, Mary, 90, Tappan Street, Maumee, dementia.

Rudess, Paul, 71, Oakdale Avenue, cancer.

Sams, Andrew, 51, Stillman Street, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Schodowski, Lawrence, 59, Flamingo Place, ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Schwimmer, Tamara, 46, 22nd Street, pending.

Sevrence, Thomas, 54, Stickney Avenue, chronic obstructive lung disease.

Stender, Walter, 77, Kinder Road, aspiration pneumonia.

Syph, Theodore, 58, Carver Boulevard, pending.

Toda, William, 56, East Central Avenue, arteriosclerotic heart disease.

Tompkins, Connie, 55, Wolf Ridge Drive, Holland, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Trompeter, Carl, 85, South Watercrest Drive, congestive heart failure.

Utley, Valerie, 36, West Delaware Avenue, renal failure.

Watson, Ella Mae, 78, Maplewood Avenue, pancreatic cancer.

Webster, Shailee, 3 months, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, congenital heart defect.

Williams, Vonicile, 78, Woodland Avenue, renal disease.

Winiarski, Chester, 88, 131st Street, accident.

Lucas County

Aug. 3, 2009

Troy Perez, 26, package handler, and Amy Berente, 24, designer, both of Toledo.

Jon Snyder, 37, donation collection attendant, and Wendy Boise, 31, medical biller, both of Toledo.

Michael Coehrs, 26, loan officer, and Heather Krusling, teacher, 26, both of Oregon.

James Murphy, 28, warehouse, and Melissa Whittecar, 30, both of Toledo.

David Pariseau, 34, U.S. Coast Guard, and Jeannine Stramel, 36, self employed, both of Holland.

Raymond Wlodarski, 53, retired, and Stephanie Williams, 34, both of Toledo.

Andrew Williams, 24, assistant manager, and Rachel Tunison, 23, para-professional, both of Erie, Mich.

Timmie Griffes, 33, of Palmyra, Mich., and Laney Cissney, 21, self employed, of Adrian.

James Wells, 37, and Barbra Benson, 35, both of Toledo.

Aug. 4, 2009

Melvin Reid, 72, retired, of Norcross, Ga., and Idella Hogan, 74, retired, of Toledo.

Robert Speelman, 22, and Kathryn Metroff, 20, both of Toledo.

Billy Sweeney, 18, and Krista Crossno, 18, student, both of Toledo.

Jonathan Marvin, 26, floor layer, of Swanton, and Melissa Orth, 29, medical assistant, of Toledo.

Brian Sampson, 42, business manager, of Toledo, and Diana Walberg, 42, of Sylvania.

Lee Grinonneau, 46, physical therapist, and Roxanne Grinonneau, 47, nurse, both of Monclova.

Terrence Tansey, 59, inspector, and Beth Gibson, 53, disabled, both of Toledo.

Isaac Shikwana, 23, assistant manager, of Holland, and Reta Oraha aka Ritta Jamal Rahim Oraha, 19, of Lyngby, Denmark.

Chad Bialecki, 23, electrician, and Amanda Teetrick, 25, customer relations, both of Holland.

James Neal, 41, and Betty Roberts, 40, both of Toledo.

Harvey Reardon, 27, food service, and Carrie Bigley, 23, customer service, both of Toledo.

Lucas Sorah, 29, machinist, and April Archibeque, 20, student, both of Toledo.

Aug. 5, 2009

Jonathan Lanning, 27, network consultant, and Alexandria Walentowski, 23, phlebotomist, both of Toledo.

Trent Henry, 41, nurse, and Robin Jones, 30, optician, both of Toledo.

Nabeel Jabarin, 29, financial adviser, and Amanda Lyons, 30, administrative assistant, both of Toledo.

Michael Culver, 20, and Kristen Roberts, 19, both of Adrian.

Michael Dominique, Jr., 26, and Brandie Powell, 27, trainer, both of Toledo.

Gregory McCann, 26, construction estimator, of Rossford, and Danielle Overton, 24, accountant, of Toledo.

Richard Lynn, 37, manufacturer, and April Pelland, 26, transit driver, both of Toledo.

Frederick Douglas, 54, and Bernice Nickson, 41, both of Toledo.

Carl Nelson, 44, science educator, and Lacey Strickler, 28, student, both of Toledo.

Derek Besgrove, 27, refinery operator, and Erin Morrissey, 27, both of Oregon.

Joshua Murnen, 28, attorney, of Toledo, and Michelle Courtney, 27, Web master, of Perrysburg.

Bryant Gordon, 24, general laborer, of Holland, and Candice Glenn, 33, human resource manager, of Toledo.

Kiwan Williams, 33, state employee, and LaTonya Smith, 34, state employee, both of Toledo.

Douglas Miller, 29, estimator, and Cortney Price, 23, cosmetologist, both of Oregon.

Manuel Luster, 37, self employed, and Mia Hoskins, 28, phlebotomist, both of Toledo.

Aug. 6, 2009

Craig Markley, 42, finance manager, and Christie Smith, 33, both of Toledo.

Timothy Rooks, Jr., 31, and Brandi Reese, 31, both of Toledo.

Khaled Sabri, 26, student, and Tatiana Manning, 23, day care provider, both of Toledo.

Steven Wittich, 52, and Cynthia Large, 36, customer relations representative, both of Swanton.

Eugene Cutcher, Jr., 29, diesel mechanic, and Stacy Braden, 29, packer, both of Toledo.

Brian Baker, 26, electrician, and Jennifer Tucker, 26, secretary, both of Oregon.

Eric Gambrell, 33, body shop assistant manager, and Lisa Winkle, 37, bartender, both of Holland.

Todd Sumner, 23, lineman, and Amanda Shields, 25, student, both of Toledo.

Aug. 7, 2009

Paul Maiani, 30, medical biller, and Marlana Portentoso, 24, teacher, both of Toledo.

Timothy Park, 34, electrician, and Amanda Pochatko, 32, teacher, both of Toledo.

Wade Sobczak, 21, auto CAD draftsman, of Rossford, and Emily Markus, 22, student, of Maumee.

Sherman Howard, 24, security, and Ivory Barnhill, 22, day care teacher, both of Toledo.

Chester White, Jr., 35, electrician, and Emily Coy, 29, graphic designer, both of Toledo.

Johnny Mitchell, 49, security guard, and Mary Wright aka Hawkins, 55, data processing, both of Toledo.

Jeffrey Harst, 38, tennis professional, and Lisa Walerius, 21, waitress, both of Toledo.

Michael Klatt, 33, iron worker, and Amber Klingensmith, 25, dental assistant, both of Maumee.

Jason Rorabacher, 33, stock worker, and Tabitha Burger, 39, both of Adrian.

Stephen Naylor, 41, sales, and Debora Bernath, 38, manager, both of Holland.

Thomas Prala, 51, insurance claims manager, and Catherine Giles, 47, supervisor, both of Holland.

Steven Knittle, 29, cook, of Toledo, and Amanda Perkins, 24, of Northwood.

Donnie Miller, 59, retired, and Mary Murray, 56, self employed, both of Toledo.

Timothy Enright, Sr., 35, fork lift operator, and Melissa Recny, 38, both of Toledo.

Leoda Thomas, Jr., 53, custodian, and Velma Brown, 49, human resource manager, both of Toledo.

Courtney Bottley, 45, landscape, and Mary Wuako aka Mary Ann Dogoe, 44, student, both of Toledo.

David Walters, 38, electrician, of Dunnellon, Fla., and Kristy Branham aka Kelley, 33, of Toledo.

John Ramey III, 38, stock worker, and Peilar Ferguson, 37, health care worker, both of Toledo.

Dennis Miller, 35, truck driver, and Tonya Knighten, 34, student, both of Toledo.

Michael Benarth, 61, diesel mechanic, and Kimberly Shumaker, 47, both of Toledo.

Aug. 10, 2009

Gavin Brailsford, 45, computer programmer, of Lincoln Park, Mich., and Candace Smith, 37, missionary, of Maumee.

Brian Ribby, 29, student, and Sherie Vollmar, 38, nurse assistant, both of Toledo.

Barton Poole, 34, polysomnographic technician, of Charlotte, and Sarah Virost, 27, student, of Toledo.

Christopher Rayburn, 35, pipe fitter, and Cherrie Kwiatkowski, 34, clerical worker, both of Oregon.

Mason Harrison, 23, warehouse worker, and Ashley Standley, 22, cashier, both of Toledo.

Stephen Nguyen, 37, nail technician, and Anh Nguyen, 31, cosmetologist, both of Toledo.

Michael Swick, 40, arborist, of Toledo, and Jamie Mossor, 24, of Adrian.

Hector Gutierrez, 41, window maker, and Elizabeth Guerra, 47, teacher, both of Toledo.

Harold Gibson, 46, maintenance, and Jessica Gloeckl, 29, crew member, both of Toledo.

Robert Barrera III, 37, painter, and Stacie Hommel, 38, office coordinator, both of Toledo.

Aaron Alexander, 22, aircraft mechanic, of North Canton, Ohio, and Heidi Bollin, 23, teacher, of Holland.

Francis Dramczyk, 48, self employed, and Merry Achter, 50, office administrator, both of Oregon.

Aug. 11, 2009

Brandon Wilson, 23, banker, and Ashley Carr, 22, medical biller, both of Toledo.

Ryan Gibson, 28, mechanic, and Daniele Spychalski, 21, both of Toledo.

James Ogdahl, 26, shipping and receiving clerk, of Northwood, and Heather Colbry, 29, nurse, of Toledo.

Elliott Schreiner, 26, painter, and Lindsay Tubbs, 24, student, both of Toledo.

Adrian Baker, 27, teacher, and Ashley Hoepf, 24, teacher, both of Toledo.

Johnny Gaines, Jr., 56, retired, and Bobbie Steward, 49, waitress, both of Toledo.

Aug. 12, 2009

Joseph Rawlins, 62, plant manager, of Livonia, Mich., and Kathleen McQuade, 62, nurse, of Toledo.

Mark McDonagh, 31, solar technician, of Perrysburg, and Katie Hoye, 24, retrail, of Toledo.

Lamarr Parks, 26, factory worker, and Dominique Collins, 24, medical assistant, both of Toledo.

Frederick Ziegel, 28, sales, and Brenna Finley, 27, sales, both of Toledo.

Jeffrey Reif, Jr., 30, operational supervisor, of Rossford, and Angela Torda, 25, sorter, of Toledo.

Adam Cox, 31, nurse, of Toledo, and Elissa Smith, 29, student, of Temperance, Mich.

John Hawkins, 72, transportation specialist, and Mary Ruffin-Dabbs, 65, retired, both of Toledo.

Charles Hatfield, 58, retired, and Debra Stevens, 50, disabled, both of Toledo.

Eli Rasheed, 37, football coach, and Caprice Southward, 37, healthcare provider, both of Toledo.

Timothy Barton, II, 26, construction, of Toledo, and Laura Selmek, 24, teacher, of Oregon.

Robert Hineline, Jr., 23, pharmacy technician, and Kristina Kolasinski, 19, nurse s assistant, both of Toledo.

Issa Wehby, 27, self employed, of Holland, and Mona Abdouni, 18, of Beirut.


Bambino s, person reporting offense was threatened with handgun and robbed of cash from register at restaurant in 4400 block of Monroe.

Jason Westfall, assaulted and robbed of wallet with identification card in vehicle in 200 block of Parker.

Kimberly Denmark, robbed of mountain bicycle at residence in 400 block of Fifth.

Robert Giltz, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash in street at City Park and Lucas.

Janet Johnson, threatened with suffocation and robbed of jewelry in street at Spielbusch and Orange.

Amber Holmes, punched and robbed of purse in street in 200 block of Boody.

Adriana Pryba, purse with cell phone and cash in street at Thayer and Orchard.

Christina Duran-Baugh, threatened with handgun by men who tried to rob her of her car at gas station in 1700 block of Lagrange.


Marilyn Jagodzinski, 3400 block of Maple, lawn mower, tiller, weed wacker, rakes, shovels, and other tools.

Cassondra Green, 3300 block of Bellevue, television.

Ebony Jones, 2600 block of Brentwood, flat-screen television.

Cinthia Taylor, 4900 block of Suder, flat-screen television.

Natasha Mundy, 400 block of East Park, desktop computer with flat-screen monitor, 22-caliber handgun, and laptop computer.

Steve Wagner, 3700 block of Bellevue, two speakers.

Bridgett Burns, 100 block of Carbon, cash and medicines.

Virginia Jones, 1300 block of Lincoln, flat-screen television, two laptop computers, and fax/scanner/copier.

Thomas Wilson, 300 block of East Oakland, flat-screen television, computer system, and two video-game systems.

Robert Rodriguez, 3500 block of Northwood, copper plumbing.

Jose Vega, 3300 block of Lagrange, large-screen television.

Veejay Deosaran, 500 block of Lagrange, television.

Cauldron Entertainment, 800 block of Starr, three guitars.

Alanna Dixie, 3200 block of Glenwood, two high-definition televisions.

Mechelle Clarke, 2000 block of Calumet, flat-screen television, laptop computer, video-game system and six games.

Whitney Woodmore, 1100 block of Artis, television.

The Pharmacy Counter, 2600 block of West Central, medicines.

Ronald Greer, 1100 block of Woodland, two weed eaters, tool box with tools, two fishing poles, and leaf blower.

Litisha Easter, unit block of Brand Whitlock, computer, monitor, and cable box.

Ashley Whalen, 2800 block of Alisdale, mini-motorbike.

Teresa McVicker, 2100 block of Stirrup, flat-screen television.

Snack Shop, 500 block of Madison, cash, phone cards, cell phones, laptop computer, and cigarettes.

Robin Fountain, 300 block of Sheldon, two leather sofas, three baskets of women s clothes, two brand-name purses, and camcorder.

Nancy Kennon, 3500 block of Cecelia, self-propelled lawn mower.

Elizabeth Geronimo, 2400 block of Berdan, laptop computer and jewelry.

Davis Toriano, 3000 block of Nebraska, cash, medication, large-screen television, and computer monitor.

Averil Dotson, 3200 block of Glenwood, television, video-game system with game, and computer monitor.

Ermie s Lounge, 1700 block of Arlington, cash register with cash.

Krysta Adamczyk, 1600 block of Twin Oaks, flat-screen television, video-game system, and two cell phones.

Joshua Millimen, 700 block of Vinton, video-game system with six games.

Jeff Hood, 2900 block of Broadway, three bicycles.

Jeanne Walker, 2000 block of Marengo, 1996 four-door Toyota Camry.

David Vargas, 3900 block of Rushland, laptop computer and jewelry.

Raymond Arrington II, 1800 block of South Byrne, large-screen television.

Dorothy Nurkiewicz, 600 block of East Central, lawn mower.

Dale Kwapich, 1000 block of Joyce, compressor, pump, grinder, drill bits and adapters, and knife.

Robert Harris, 3100 block of Pomeroy, saw, drill, hedge cutter, and tool box with tools.

Angela Hennan, 500 block of Dearborn, furnace and set of brass door knobs and lock.

Doris Jones, 4200 block of Fairview, flat-screen television and video-game system with controller.

Melissa Hamdalh, 5700 block of Ryewick, mini motorbike, two bicycles, four video-game systems with games, three controllers, iPod, and cash.

Russell Wawrzyniak, 1800 block of South Byrne, flat-screen television.

Debbie Woodbury, 1600 block of Circular, video-game system with six games, cash, and eight bottles of liquor.

Danielle Jones, 200 block of Austin, two flat-screen televisions and two video-game systems.

Wilson Auctions, 600 block of Sterling, generator from business.

Del Heinemann, 2000 block of Glencairn, laundry bag, two cell phones, and wallet with credit cards.

Norma Meredith, 1200 block of St. John, washer, dryer, gas range, furniture, television, and laptop computer.

Rachel Kibor, 600 block of Bronson, flat-screen television, home theater system, 24 DVDs, and 20 CDs.

Michael Turnbull, 5700 block of Ryewyck, video-game system.

Maria Crispin, 2100 block of Chestnut, television and purse.

Robin Moss, unit block of Machen, CD player, MP3 player, and jewelry.

Jody Toda, 600 block of East Hudson, flat-screen television and video-game system with games and accessories.

Michael Bartell, 4900 block of Claradale, flat-screen television, desktop computer, set of keys, three checkbooks, cash, and cameras with lenses.

Fredda Overton, 800 block of Nebraska, two flat-screen televisions, day care materials, food, toys, educational materials, and three lamps.

Pamela Meseroll, 2000 block of Willowhill, bicycle.

Barry Fishler, 1700 block of Balkan, tubing.

Seena Murphy, 600 block of Spencer, purse with child support card and other contents.


Ryan Snodgrass, two cell phones and wallet with cash and other contents from vehicle in 5600 block of Clegg.

Jeffery McDonald, credit card from vehicle in 5100 block of Secor.

Burlington Coat Factory, 10 coats from business in 5200 block of Airport.

Christopher Popp, wallet with bank cards and other contents from store at Nevada and Oak.

Budd May, two bicycles from residence in 4500 block of Copland.

Elizabeth Wyatt, purse with wallet from vehicle in 2400 block of South Reynolds.

Babetta Griswold, iPod and navigation system from vehicle at North Summit and Jefferson.

Erica Hartmann, purse with cell phone from bar in 200 block of South Erie.

Yan Zheng, three laptop computers, two cell phones, two cameras, and camcorder from vehicle in 2600 block of West Village.

Frank Lindsay-Pangalos, iPod in case, wallet, and Lacrosse stick and head from vehicle in 1700 block of Roosevelt Circle.

Esperanza Ledesma, purse with debit card and other items from vehicle at Madison and Superior.

Angeli Austin, purse with credit cards from vehicle in 3300 block of Maplewood.

Carlos Huembes, car stereo and wallet with cash from vehicle in unit block of Greenwood.

Sandra Stone, purse with cash from vehicle in 4900 block of Monroe.

Warren Bell, cell phone and navigation system from vehicle in 2900 block of Dorr.

Rayah Blackshear, child stroller, two cell phones, and purse with cash from vehicle in 2500 block of West Bancroft.

Eman Dahan, wallet with debit card from vehicle at Second and Oswald.

Ferris Ganoom, three pairs of prescription eyeglasses, four books, medicines, laptop computer, cell phone, toiletries, and cash from homeless shelter in 100 block of 17th.

Dorothy Lopez, purse with wallet from office in 4300 block of Secor.

Mandi Mueller, bank check from purse at residence in 3200 block of Glanzman.

Jennifer Detray, medicines from vehicle in 2500 block of Heather Hills.

Rotasha Hackney, central air conditioning unit from residence in 1300 block of Vance.

Aaron Papio, two iPods and wallet with debit cards from vehicle in unit block of Main.

Lucas County

Denise A. Plumadore from Brian M. Plumadore.

Susan M. Graves from Perry W. Graves.

Lori A. Gilmore from Jason M. Burks.

Mary C. Colbert from Timothy L. Colbert.

Erica Morris from Donny Van Cleve.

Heather M. Elliott from Brian Elliott.

Kelly A. Welch from Charles B. Welch.

Mark D. Webb from Debra A. Brewer-Webb.

Debra A. Brewer-Webb from Mark D. Webb.

Suzane Crawford from Robert J. Wiciak.

Robert J. Wiciak from Suzane Crawford.

Minnie Allen from Leslie Burney.

Kevin J. Burnham from Rebecca L. Burnham.

Tonya M. Brown from M Boya K. Stewart.

Clarence Fisher from Tamika N. Fisher.

Vincent Funk from Angela Funk.

Oralia Jaimez from Manuel Hernandez.

Riley Steinman from Branden Lewis.

Monetta C. Thompson from Darren V. Williams.

Richard A. Kirby from Melinda J. Kirby.

Mustafa Bayram from Melissa McCowen.

Alesha Urbanowski from Rahmon Young.

Sheila A. Barnes from Raymond Barnes.

Cassandra L. Guss from Kevin J. Wieczorek, Sr.

Kevin J. Wieczorek, Sr., from Cassandra L. Guss.

Shawntell L. Pryor from Thomas B. Odom I.

Thomas B. Odom I from Shawntell L. Pryor.

Trevor Bowman from Melanie Bowman.

Timothy B. Hanna from Sharon J. Hanna.

Melissa Haywood from Kirby G. Judd.

Richard D. Maier, Jr., from Dorothy M. Maier.

William Rollins from Sonia Rollins.

Jesse Smalling from Jennifer R. Smalling.

Kimberly Maki from Robert Maki.

Deanna L. Koster from Gabriel A. Goddard.

Victoria Martin from Devin Holmes.

Devin Holmes from Victoria Martin.

Margaret Jeko from Dennis Jeko.

Deborah S. Keaton from Richard T. Keaton.

Joelynn P. Samson from James A. Samson.

James A. Samson from Joelynn P. Samson.

Feliz Eigbire from Cordelia Okoyomo.

Cordelia Okoyomo from Felix Eigbire.

Erick P. Klocinski from Jasmine M. Klocinski.

Lucas County

Jaclyn Gawrych and James Gawrych.

Donald R. Akins and Suzanne M. Akins.

Renae L. Montri and Todd A. Montri.

Marilyn Berry-Dufour and Henry Dufour.

Carrie Sautter and Bruce Sautter.

Michael C. Condon and Abby L. Sominski.

Angela C. Boehm and Brian K. Boehm.

Dave Simpkins and Brandi Simpkins.

Marko Pravin Karia and Monica Lynn Karia.

Susan Faunce and Neal R. Golding.

Courtney C. Dalton and Justin M. Dalton.

Shyann M. Timmermans and Matthew H. Timmermans.

Melissa A. Morrison and Keith A. Morrison.

Rickey H. Nease and Daphne S. Nease.

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