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Today's Log: 10-06


Bay Park Community Hospital

Latoya and Russell Elkins, Toledo, girl, Oct. 3.

Flower Hospital

Laurie and Sothymorokot Seen, Toledo, boy, Oct. 2.

Stephanie Baxter, Fostoria, boy, Oct. 2.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Beth Miller, Toledo, girl, Oct. 2.

Samantha West, Toledo, girl, Sept. 30.

Krystal and Darrell Carver, Toledo, girl, Sept. 30.

Victoria Hill, Toledo, girl, Oct. 1.

St. Luke's Hospital

Melanie and Robert Alig, Delta, Ohio, girl, Oct. 3.

Akansha and Kunal Rohatgi, Maumee, boy, Oct. 3.

Nicole Pakulski, Toledo, boy, Oct. 2.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Danielle and Chad Hoffman, Napoleon, girl, Oct. 1

Paula Okuley-Livingston and Stephen Livingston, Toledo, girl, Oct. 1.

Madison Golden, Monroe, girl, Oct. 3.

Casey and David Weldele, Sylvania, boy, Oct. 2.

Toledo Hospital

Rachel Cotton, Toledo, boy, Oct. 5.


Lucas County

Brown, Sarah, 80, Brookside Road, intracranial hemorrhage.

Dugan, Jr., Edmund Arthur, 62, Poplar Street, cancer.

Helminski, Florentine, 91, Clarion, Holland, coronary artery disease.

Iocoangeli, Patricia, 68, Rudyard Road, Sylvania, ischemic cardiomyopathy.

Isaacson, Todd, 36, Woodsdale Avenue, pending.

Larimer, Mary, 82, University Heights, Ohio, coronary artery disease.

Lothery, Jacqueline, 56, Vance Street, cancer.

Ramirez, Frank, 70, Pickle Road, Oregon, cirrhosis of liver.

Rogers, Denise, 50, Archwood Lane, cancer.

Salas, Raymond, 48, Kelsey Avenue, brain hematoma.

Spencer, Gerald, 85, Pickle Road, Oregon, acute renal failure.

Stephens, John, 80, Bradford Drive, pulmonary embolism.

Strohl, Melissa, 32, Meadowbrook Court, pending.

Taylor, William, 59, Knightsbridge Drive, arteriosclerotic heart disease.

Tonoff, Lois, 75, Millbury, Ohio, arteriosclerotic heart disease.

Vasko, Allan, 63, Cindy Drive, Oregon, cerebral hemorrhage.

Watkins, Mary, 76, Southwyck Boulevard, intracerebral hemorrhage.

Wheeler, James, 70, Metamora, Ohio, cerebrovascular disease.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Oct. 2, 2009

Kyle Bowser, 22, U.S. Army, of Maumee, and Jennifer Sigg, 20, dog groomer, of Toledo.

Jay Bohnett, 56, retired, and Marilyn Haubert, 66, retired, both of Toledo.

Nathan Leu, Jr., 27, and Aimee Lycans, 27, bartender, both of Toledo.

Marquice Lewis, 25, and LaToya Forrest, 24, nurse's aide, both of Toledo.

Corey McConnell, 18, food service, Olivia Estrada, 20, payroll, both of Toledo.

Jeremy Craig, 23, painter, of Holland, and Kendra Corron, 20, of Toledo.

Vern Bell, 38, operating engineer, and Danell Thomas, 24, both of Toledo.

Christopher Schobinger, 23, international guard, and Sarah McGranahan, 23, homemaker, both of Waterville.

Devin Wachowiak, 26, engineer, and Alicia Evearitt, 25, social worker, both of Temperance.

Daniel Mullins, 37, student, and LaShawn Davis, 29, student, both of Toledo.

Zachary Robarge, 23, accountant, and Emily Kolhoff, 23, nurse, both of Toledo.

Prentis Hubbard, 46, chef, and Maya Bell, 35, community outreach, both of Toledo.

Michael Fairman, 33, tattoo artist, and Laura Hill, 25, homemaker, both of Toledo.

James Bohnsack, 78, retired, of Toledo, and Mary Dickson, 75, retired, of Van Wert, Ohio.

Bryan Shinaver, 21, loader, and Andrea McBride, 22, loader, both of Maumee.

Kevin Howard, 22, and Catherine Sloan, 23, student, both of Toledo.

Ronald Bennett, 39, stocker, and Gina Zimmerman, 42, teacher's aide, both of Toledo.

Crime reports

Felonious assault

Michael Wright, assaulted at bar in 2500 block of West Bancroft.

Bria Perry, slashed with box cutter in street at Forest and Blum.

Robert Cunningham, assaulted in street at Nicholas and South.

Shavonna Boykin, assaulted in side yard at residence in 600 block of Ranch.

Oscar Morales, assaulted in alley in 1000 block of Madeline.

17-year-old boy, robbed of cash at residence in 1300 block of Fitchland.


Mirshawna Jones, robbed of purse with cash on sidewalk at Hamilton and Bismark.

Anderson Fletcher, threatened with handguns and robbed of cell phone and wallet with bank cards in street at Prescott and Fulton.

Thomas Taul, threatened with knife and robbed of cash at convenience store in 900 block of Rodgers.

Dorothy McCruter, robbed of purse with cash in street in 1100 block of Warwick.

Robert Kalisz, assaulted and robbed of navigation system, cash, and pizza in street at Floyd and Putnam.

Harold Wepler, trash can, tools, and accessories from residence in 1500 block of Remington.

Charles James, assaulted of wallet with cash and identification cards on sidewalk in 2000 block of Mulberry.

David Kerns, assaulted by man who was trying to rob him of bicycle in street at Central and Elm.

Robert Suddeth, assaulted and robbed of cell phone and book bag with cash and identification cards on sidewalk at Nebraska and Ewing.

James Smith, assaulted and robbed of 20-gauge shotgun and two wallets with cash and identification card at residence in 1700 block of Vance.

Richard Calhoun III, assaulted and robbed of jacket and wallet with cash and debit card in street at West Delaware and Lawton.

Geoff Monger, threatened with handgun and robbed of cell phone in street at South St. Clair and Lafayette.

Cottage Inn, employee threatened with handgun and robbed of cash in street at Oxford and Academy.

Arthur Lafreniere, assaulted and robbed of cash at residence in 6100 block of Fairhaven.

Robert Hayes, assaulted and robbed of laptop computer and cash in parking lot in 2000 block of Ashland.

Christopher Wemp, threatened with tire iron and robbed of wallet with bank cards and identification cards in street at Parkside and Allenby.

Yasser Faqi, threatened with handgun by man who was trying to rob him of vehicle in parking lot in 3100 block of Ilger.


Veronica Warren, 600 block of Bronson, flat-screen television.

Chase Home Finance, 200 block of Maryland, copper plumbing.

Kenneth Jones, 1300 block of Walbridge, video-game system with games.

Katavia Akins, 600 block of Dorr, flat-screen television and cash.

Tara Cleveland, 100 block of Arklow, video-game system with games, DVD player, and wallet with bank cards and identification cards.

Cassandra Kiser, 300 block of Boston, flat-screen television, laptop computer, and video-game system.

Lavette Cephus, 5000 block of South, television and wallet with bank cards and identification cards.

Jessica Roberts, 800 block of Byrneport, video-game system, television, and three video games.

Antonio Clark, 3400 block of Dorr, two video-game systems with games and controllers.

Rhonda Walker, 3600 block of Drexel, flat-screen television and jewelry.

Linda Canady, 100 block of Dexter, stereo system, disk changer, CDs, and jewelry.

Susan Kopka, 800 block of Alvison, medicines.

Shelley Smith, 4000 block of Asbury, video-game system with games, cable converter box, 25 DVDs, and boom box.

Mitchell Mohney, 700 block of Utah, two computers, digital camera, jewelry box, and coins.

Monica Chatman, 4000 block of Packard, computer.

Smith Davis, 3200 block of Brigham, video-game system, 10 video games, and car-stereo faceplate.

Markita McCant, 1100 block of Greystone, cell phone and video-game system with two games.

Darnita Turner, 2000 block of Calumet, flat-screen television.

Chase Home Finance, 400 block of East Streicher, furnace and hot water tank.

Nancy Colburn, 1400 block of Harvard, laptop computer, jewelry, and medical needles, lancets, and testing strips.

Cruz Garcia, 1400 block of North Erie, microwave stove, safe with personal papers, and jewelry.

Justin Bartolet, 3600 block of Rugby, television.

Debra Eber, 1100 block of Palmwood, television.


Lois Wainscott, jewelry and cell phone from residence in 600 block of Cherry.

Leah Dutch, wallet with bank card, identification cards, and personal papers from vehicle in 400 block of Pulaski.

New Lawrence's Ottawa Hills Auto Service, stereos from three vehicles in parking lot in 4200 block of West Central.

Rebecca Kowpak, computer and MP3 player from vehicle in 700 block of Orchard.

Isaac Braithwaite, DVD player from 2400 block of Nebraska.

David Davis, air compressor and jewelry from vehicle in 800 block of Burke Glen.

Betty Chen, bag, wallet, bank cards, keys, clothes, and pair of sandals from vehicle in 1200 block of South Byrne.

Janet Lydic, wallet with bank cards and identification cards from residence in 1900 block of North 13th.

Mark Dille, laptop computer, book bag with school books, car-stereo faceplate, and cell phone charger from vehicle in 1300 block of South Byrne.

James Breksa, hood and T-tops from vehicle at towing service parking lot in 1000 block of North Holland-Sylvania.

Patricia Jardin, purse, wallet, camera, cash, memory cards, medicine, paperback books, and makeup items from vehicle in 800 block of Orchard.

Betty Dickerson, debit card and food stamp card from residence in 2300 block of Maplewood.

Amy Konwinski, wallet with cash, bank cards, driver's license, vehicle registration, and car insurance card from store in 5200 block of Monroe.

Ann Bruning, purse with bank card, driver's license, and personal papers from vehicle at Alexis and Lewis.

Kelly Carrier, purse, wallet, debit cards, and digital camera from vehicle at Jefferson and Erie.

Ann Murray, purse with bank cards and identification cards from office in 4200 block of Monroe.

Stanley Knox, handgun from vehicle at West Bancroft and Smead.

Lisa Sancrant, two debit cards and cash from residence in 2600 block of Norwalk.

John Stefanoff, cash, jewelry, laptop computer, and power tools from safe at residence in 900 block of Anabelle.

John Casper, 2500 block of Glenwood, flat-screen television, video-game system, in-home security system, purse, camcorder, digital camera, cash, credit cards, check book, and identification cards.

Danielle Smith, 2000 block of Elliott, cash.

Ed Clutcher's Automotive, 900 block of Woodville, two boat outboard engines, toolbox, and tools.

Robert Shipman, 300 block of East Hudson, copper pipe.

Marcus Jones, 1200 block of Oak Hill, two flat-screen televisions, three video-game systems, iPod, video games, laptop computer, camcorder, jewelry, computer monitor, cash, shoes, and clothes.

Walter Johnson, 1000 block of Oakwood, laptop computer.

Eric Worringer, 2100 block of Berdan, iPod and laptop computer with accessories.

Corey Stewart, 600 block of West Capistrano, plasma-screen television, two video-game systems with games, DVD player, cash, shoes, and clothes.

Florine Redding, 100 block of North Hawley, desktop computer, VCR player, DVD recorder, and DVD player.

Terry Mrofchak, 200 block of Canal, copper pipe.

Terry Mrofchak, 200 block of Wasaon, copper pipe.

Richard Eischen, 2000 block of Parkside, two box spring mattresses and two comforter sets.

Thomas Johnson, 500 block of Spring, furnace.

Lavetta Lino, 100 block of Hausman, silver-color Chevy Impala, flat-screen television, two cell phones, and cash.

John Perrin, 1100 block of Hidden Ridge, six pistols, two 12-gauge shotguns, flat-screen television, and jewelry.

Bridget Hanson, 900 block of Belmont, cash.

Travis King, 5900 block of Walnut Circle, video-game system.

Michael Stephens, 100 block of Everett, two flat-screen televisions.

David Cunningham, 2400 block of Glenwood, cash, jewelry, and computer.

Samuel Magack, 1200 block of Buckingham, flat-screen television, clothes, food, and beer.

Eddie Wiggins, 1100 block of Prospect, hot water tank, kitchen stove, microwave, and couch.

Creations by Agnes, 3300 block of Elm, four purses, two wallets, 10 cups, two pairs of shoes.

Steve Henry, 500 block of East Oakland, flat-screen television.

New Seasons Church, 1100 block of Campbell, electric six-string guitar, electric bass guitar, and CD player/recorder system.

Harold McCrae, 1000 block of Malcolm, revolver, box of ammunition, two cases of beer, two hunting knives, 12 cans of pop, and cash.

Ron Cooper, 5100 block of South Heatherdowns, 19 sports jerseys, 13 autographed NFL and NBA jerseys, and cash.

Leigh Salser, 5200 block of Secor, flat-screen television and laptop computer with air card.

Steven Kosinski, 3300 block of Maple, laptop computer and flat-screen television.

Phillip Rentas, 3100 block of Pomeroy, laptop computer, police scanner, heater, and clothes.

Marcia Kieswetter, 2800 block of 111th, flat-screen television, cash, jewelry, and digital camera.

David Mead, 4500 block of Walker, navigation system, laptop computer, and video-game system with controller.

Rodney Everage, 2000 block of Perth, laptop computer and iPod.

Kristy Spitter, 1200 block of Brookview, two televisions.

Maleekah Smith, 700 block of Cuthbert, video-game system with games and controllers, cell phone, jewelry, and wallet with identification card.

George Boos, 3800 block of Upton, desktop computer system with accessories, laptop computer, and iPod.

Sharon McLaughlin, 2600 block of West Village, purse, wallet, cell phone, cash, bank cards, identification cards, and personal papers.

Georgetown Apartments, 3000 block of Marvin, gas stove.

Diana Rankin, 800 block of Searles, laptop computer.

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