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Today's log: 12-4

Bay Park Community Hospital

Allie Glock, Gibsonburg, girl, Dec. 2.

Madelon Weyandt, Rossford, girl, Dec. 2.

Flower Hospital

Jessica and Justin Fish, Swanton, girl, Dec. 1.

Brittany and David Mellon, Toledo, girl, Dec. 1.

Victoria Woronec, Holland, girl, Dec. 1.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Angel Carter, Toledo, girl, Dec. 2.

Danielle and Jason Hoy, Pemberville, girl, Dec. 1.

Heather Nagy and Shawn Reihing, Curtice, girl, Oct. 8.

St. Luke's Hospital

Anne and Mike Reed, Sylvania, girl, Dec. 2.

Tiffany and Justin Ratliff, Toledo, boy, Dec. 2.

Sadie Roberts, Toledo, girl, Dec. 2.

Toledo Hospital

Colleen and Ben Beno, Ottawa Hills, girl, Nov. 14.

Amy and Kevin Rhoades, Findlay, girl, Dec. 2.

Juana Gonzalez, Erie, Mich., girl, Dec. 2.

Jabrea Smoot, Toledo, boy, Dec. 2.

Marcia and Matthew Nagel, Waterville, girl, Dec. 2.

Lucas County

Dec. 2, 2009

Anthony Lewis, 32, and Mindy Ryan, 23, laborer, both of Toledo.

Jason Eagan, 29, and Bianca Drake, 19, both of Toledo.

Andrew Naugle, 20, of Oregon, and Katelyn Plentz, 19, of Curtice.

Thomas Mack II, 24, environmental services worker, and Brandy Walker, 22, medical assistant, both of Toledo.

Joshua Ondrus, 23, forklift operator, and Sara Boyer, 21, nurse's assistant, both of Lambertville.

Lucas County

Bancer, Mary, 77, Beaumont Drive, cancer.

Bishop, Robert, 86, Mallard Run, Maumee, acute myocardial infarction.

Daubner, Mary, 93, Rossford, hypertension.

Heinl, Shirley, 83, Petersburg, Mich., chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Hyatt, Larry, 69, Orchard Street, atherosclerotic heart disease.

King, Patricia, 68, Fernwood Avenue, end stage renal disease.

Kuykendall, Robert, 71, Delta, Ohio, accident.

Lewandowski, Robert, 72, Marne Avenue, stroke.

Rybka, Raymond, Jr., 55, Tralger Drive, accident.

Sakowski, Robert, 81, 119th Street, cancer.

Seaman, Dorothy, 89, Roberta Drive, arteriosclerotic heart disease.

Shamas, Antoinette, 95, Cheyenne Boulevard, cancer.

Sinclair, John, 78, North Holland-Sylvania Road, myocardial infarction.

Stivers, Edward, 56, Leith Street, Maumee, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Volker, Alvin, 71, 128th Street, cancer.

Wahl, Louise, 94, South Wynn Road, Oregon, congestive heart failure.

Wilchowski, Sophia, 93, South Avenue, arteriosclerotic heart disease.


David Bryant, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash in parking lot in 2600 block of Monroe.

Sylvester Rivers, assaulted, threatened with handgun, and robbed of cell phone in street in 500 block of St. Louis.

Vincent Cade, threatened with handgun and robbed of flat-screen television, video-game system, and laptop computer.

Charter One, employee robbed of money from cash drawer at bank in 3200 block of West Alexis.


Justin Angles, 700 block of Underwood, three video-game systems, computer with accessories, flat-screen television, and large-screen computer monitor.

Pauline Kotecki, 3400 block of Sherbrooke, cash.

Dennis Eichenberg, 900 block of Bronson, flat-screen television.

Brandy Abugheneima, 500 block of Knower, cell phone.

Neil Whipple, 3500 block of Waldorf, medicines.

Maryann Rhodes, 1100 block of Greenwood, desktop computer with monitor.

Leshia Madison, 600 block of Chestnut, two computers with flat-screen monitors, cordless telephone, DVDs, lingerie, and jar of coins.

Patti Kimbler, 4000 block of North Lockwood, copper plumbing.

Kang Liu, 3500 block of Valleston, three laptop computers.

Santiago Valdiva, 2200 block of Rockspring, large-screen television.

Kimberly Schmitt, 5300 block of Douglas.

Annette Liggins, 200 block of Mozart, two flat-screen televisions.

Tamarina Mays, 3100 block of Warsaw, computer, two video-game systems with games, and large-screen television.

Charmaine Chandler, 2000 block of Walnut, two video-game systems with games.

Tiffany Wuebker, 500 block of Southover, video-game system with expansion, games, and accessories, two iPods, and laptop computer.

Mary Brown, 1100 block of Rockcress, laptop computer and video-game system with accessories.

Tamika Heckard, 700 block of Evesham, two large-screen televisions.

Theresa Hendrix, 1300 block of Indiana, two televisions, video-game system, laptop computer, and stereo system.

Sunoco, 4100 block of Monroe, cash.

Olive Sherrick, 2700 block of Laskey, suitcase and two metal boxes with proof sets of coins, personal photos, and papers.

Michael Holton, 4500 block of Satinwood, flat-screen television, iPod, and jewelry.

Glen Lau, 5400 block of Glenridge, flat-screen television, debit card, laptop computer, and DVD player.

Michael Carter, 2400 block of Cheyenne, flat-screen television.

Eva Wood, 1400 block of North Superior, large-screen television, camera, and laptop computer.

Toledo Installation Group, 2800 block of South, three fastening systems, two overhead garage doors, and soft-drink dispensing machine.

Courtnie Lykans, 600 block of Leach, computer with monitor and modem.

Dena Session, 2700 block of Elm, video-game system with games, large-screen television, and jewelry.

Vercell Rodgers, 800 block of Cherry, two stereo systems and furniture.

Sharonda Williams, 1000 block of Junction, two large-screen televisions, two laptop computers, printer, jewelry, toys, and clothes.

Buck Brothers LLC, 2700 block of Victory, asphalt-crack filling machine, all-terrain vehicle, two edgers, and tools.

Donna Cartlidge, 300 block of Melrose, flat-screen television, laptop computer, and video-game system.

Shawn Howze, 4000 block of Vermaas, computer, stereo system, printer/scanner, steel safe, microphone, clothes, and jewelry box.

Robin Kiser, unit block of East Pearl, laptop computer, cell phone, jewelry, and multiple pairs of brand-name shoes.

Michael Thorn, unit block of North Crawford, two flat-screen televisions and two laptop computers.

Michal Hamilton, 1100 block of Montrose, no loss.

Tonia Hartman, 100 block of Oswald, Nintendo Wii game system, medications, DVDs, and cash.

Mark Gaines, 3400 block of Blackstone, power tools from garage.

Flora Landscape, Inc., 100 block of Elmdale, plowing unit from plow truck and set of forklift pallet forks.

Michelle Woolridge, 4100 block of Hill, flat-screen television and Nintendo Wii game system.

Levonne Grueshaber, 500 block of Walsh, undetermined loss.

Darla Barnett, 2000 block of Miles, no loss.

Tyrone Tyson, 900 block of West Woodruff, undetermined loss.

Walter Croley, 400 block of Columbus, diamond ring.

Foon Lui, 6000 block of White Oak, U.S. passports, Chinese identification cards, watch, flat-screen television, laptop computer, cash, jewelry, and coin jar.

Robert Currier, auto television, vehicle sound system, MP3 players, cat toys, and electric drums from garage.

Subway, 3300 block of Lagrange, metal lock box with cash.

Anthony Mills, 200 Southview, no loss.

Leo Mack, 4800 West Bancroft, no loss.

Carol Skeen, 900 block of South Reynolds, no loss.

Sean Wesolowski, 2700 block of Robinwood, Playstation II game system and jewelry.

Carmen Ford, 100 block of West Delaware, flat-screen television, laptop computer, Playstation III game system and games.

Tamitha Todd, 4300 block of Parakeet, Playstation game system and games.

Sally Driscoll, 5400 block of Bannockburn, prescription medications.

Wade Copeland, 3200 block of Maher, camera and cash.

Yvonne Johnson, 1600 block of Wells, no loss.

Richard Babcock, 1700 block of Perth, flat-screen television.

State of Ohio, 1200 block of North Huron, no loss.

Justin Flowers, 4500 block of Burnham, 12-gauge shotgun, ammunition, and laptop computer.

Anthony Gooreman, 2500 block of West Village, flat-screen television.

Carol Peatre, 2000 block of Kensington, purse containing credit cards and personal papers.

Debra Pratt, 3500 block of Northwood, television and computer.

Mary Jankowski, 1900 block of Kelsey, no loss.

Lisa Boecker, 5500 block of 305th, cash, jewelry, laptop computer, camera, Xbox 360 video game system, GPS unit, and box of checks.

Christopher Hall, computer, printer, and laptop computer.

Alvin Berland, 3700 block of Treelawn, undetermined loss.

Fred McMillan, 2200 block of Crossbough, no loss.

Margaret McNally, 1900 block of Evansdale, television.

Jaime Andrews, 700 block of Deal, flat-screen television, Xbox video game system, and Nintendo Wii video game system.

John Colling, 3800 block of Seckinger, large-screen television.

Lorri Slater, 500 block of Whittemore, jewelry.

Shalimar Lomas, 3200 block of Kimball, jewelry.

Jamie Vargas, 5300 block of Lewis, computer with monitor, keyboard, and printer.

Will Catchings, 2300 block of Fulton, copper pipes.

Christopher Kelley, 5500 block of Lewis, high-definition television with DVD player, compact stereo system, 50 CDs, and 30 DVDs.

Gloria Turner, 3200 block of Kimball, jewelry.

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