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Today's Log: 08-13


Bay Park Community Hospital

Renee and Manuel Schneider, Toledo, boy, Aug. 11.

Sarah and Robert Gillespie, Toledo, girl, Aug. 11.

Flower Hospital

Amanda Collmar, Toledo, girl, Aug. 9.

Meghan and Adam Junga, Toledo, boy, Aug. 9.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Shelly Harteis, Toledo, girl, Aug. 9.

Katrina and David Becerra, Woodville, girl, Aug. 10.

Nicole and Justen Harman, Perrysburg, Aug. 10.

Veronica and Santos Garcia, Toledo, girl, Aug. 11.

Toledo Hospital

Dominique and Christopher Rohman, Toledo, girl, Aug. 11.

Samantha Mossburg, Toledo, boy, Aug. 11.

Kathleen and Scott Tomasewski, Toledo, girl, Aug. 11.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Aug. 11, 2010

Ryan Jenkins, 30, carpenter, and Elizabeth Ash, 26, social worker, both of Toledo.

Anthony Harrison, 27, retail sales representative, and Kalah Heilman, 23, retail sales representative, both of Maumee.

Dashiell Sims, Jr., 36, collection technician, and Kelly Gillems, 32, collection, both of Toledo.

Brian Neal, 34, applications engineer, of Gibraltar, Mich., and Brandy Hartzell, 21, of Oregon.

Christopher Keeler, 29, student, and Jessica Brady, 28, school psychologist, both of Toledo.

Monte Goodremont, 52, security supervisor, of Maumee, and Laura Sherer, 48, dental assistant, of Toledo.

Brandon Harris, 23, dishwasher, and Alyssa Slagle, 18, both of Toledo.

Ruben Angel, 36, laborer, and Richelle Geronimo, 28, lab processor, both of Toledo.

Jesus Celestino, 22, crew member, and Cassandra Jones, 24, both of Toledo.

Gary Portillo, 28, refinery operator, and Abbie Hofbauer, 26, nurse, both of Waterville.

Timothy Roth, 51, supply technician, and Brenda O’Shea, 53, factory worker, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Bartell, Ruth, 85, Belvoir Drive, cancer.

Bly, Thelma, 89, Oak Glen Drive, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Carper, Marceil, 88, Bishop Street, res piratory failure.

Fitzpatrick, Mary, 51, Beaumont Drive, heart disease.

Ginther, Lawrence, 87, Perrysburg-Holland Road, Holland, aspiration pneumonia.

Glinka, Wanda, 94, Riverside Drive, Maumee, congestive heart failure.

Jackowski, Lucille, 94, Tappan Avenue, cancer.

Kazmierczak, Jessie, 91, Ascot Avenue, respiratory failure.

Lakofsky, Helen, 88, Bowling Green, accident.

Langenderfer, Edward, 67, West Cen tral Avenue, Swanton, MRSA pneumonia.

Lumm, Caroline, 86, Executive Parkway, bacterial pneumonia.

Maier, William, Jr., 90, Executive Parkway, hypertension.

Nesteruk, Walter, 96, South Avenue, sepsis.

Pait, Robert, 62, Penn Road, heart disease.

Rowe, Robert, Sr., 56, Cypress Colony Drive, heart disease.

Schmidlin, Donna, 79, Sandringham Drive, pending.

St. Aubin, Phyllis, 71, West Manhattan Boulevard, cancer.

Crime reports


Salvadore Blanco, 3000 block of Ma ple, flat-screen television.

David D. Hodge, 200 block of Mont Royal, two cameras, laptop computer, and vehicle.

Deja Vu, 100 block of South Byrne, no loss.

Samuel Lewis, 100 block of Chorus, laptop computer, MP3 player, and jewelry.

Roger Ramirez, 800 block of Circleview, no loss.

Dawn Grodi, 1700 block of Finch, laptop computer.

Tiffany Irwin, 5600 block of Jan, jewelry.

Katricia Welliford, 5400 block of Dorr, two computer printers and gym bag.

Jamie Wells, 1100 block of Artis, cash and speakers.

Georgetta Greenleaf, 700 block of Walnut, two flat-screen televisions, laptop computer, and video games.

Peggy L. Wagner, 1200 block of Albert, revolver.

Raquel G. Guerricagoitia, 1400 block of Liberty, flat-screen television and cash.

Christopher Jones, 3100 block of North Summit, computer.

Genise N. Tatum, 800 block of Byrneport, two flat-screen televisions, stereo, and computer.

Thelma Haggard, 2400 block of Putnam, jewelry and cash.

Randolph McCoy, 300 block of West Delaware, food.

Dawn Thakur-Lyon, 3700 block of Sher brooke, camera, camcorder, flat-screen television, and jewelry.

Brittany Staccone, 2500 block of Heather Hills, jewelry, Xbox game system, and DVD player.

Alex Motor Sales, 1100 block of West Sylvania, miscellaneous tools.

Anthonette Felder, 1400 block of Norwood, lawn mower.

Jeanetta Miles, 3300 block of Glenwood, Playstation 2 game system.

Alcoholics Anonymous, 3300 block of Glanzman, no loss.

Samuel I. Wolery, 3000 block of North Detroit, laptop computer and cash.

Eric Worringer, 2100 block of Berdan, flat-screen television.

Charlotte Hills, 1300 block of Indiana, flat-screen television and Nintendo Wii game system.

Shatima T. Alphonso, 2100 block of Stirrup, jewelry and cash.

Barb Bitterman, 3400 block of Alexis, text book and personal care items.

Safe Guard, 2100 block of Bakewell, copper piping.

William Smith, 1600 block of Avondale, two lawn mowers and yard tools.

Anthony Taylor, 200 block of South Detroit, Playstation 3 game system, video games, and cell phone.

Latricia Hill, 1600 block of Avondale, video games, purse and contents, and jewelry.

Fritzie Freeze, 5100 block of Summit, tools.

Ian Gabriel-Walker, 1600 block of Woodland, no loss.

Damion Peace, 3700 block of North Erie, Xbox 360 game system.

Freddie L. Mallett, 3200 block of Franklin, jewelry and DVD player.

Barbara Hendriksen, 6200 block of Northview, laptop computer, flat-screen television, jewelry, and cash.

Bridgett L. Williams, 1300 block of Grand, no loss.

Faye A. Nathaniel, 1500 block of Avondale, no loss.

Michelle Brant, 1300 block of Crystal, no loss.

Cheryle J. Smith, 1100 block of Norwood, flat-screen television.

Wendy Sherer, 3100 block of Algonquin, no loss.

James L. Howard, 2000 block of Evansdale, cash, Playstation 3 game system, DVD player, and prescription medication.

Lowes, 1000 block of West Alexis, no loss.

Davon L. Burton, 100 block of Esther, Xbox 360 game system and video games.

Andy Klinger, 2000 block of Evansdale, flat-screen television and shotgun.

Codie Paxton, 800 block of Custer, two laptop computers, jewelry, cash, and videos.

Latoya Smith, 1000 block of Brookview, furniture.

Frank E. Fuller, 4100 block of Mayfield, copper piping.

Platinum Showgirls, 5800 block of Telegraph, no loss.

Stacy Zink, 1700 block of Duncan, television.

Linda Barnes, 400 block of West Manhattan, flat-screen television, clothing, Xbox 360 game system, and computer.

Craig T. Wolin, 4200 block of Jackman, no loss.

Edwana Streeter, 2300 block of Isherwood, tires and rims, cash, coffee maker, and keys.

Chantel A. Midcalf, 900 block of Oak, television and air conditioning unit.

Vincent’s Stop and Shop, 300 block of Oak, no loss.

Jack D. Mathis, 200 block of Colburn, two flat-screen televisions and shoes.

Richard Martin, 5500 block of Ruth, cash and book of checks.

Antonio Washington, 1000 block of Artis, television, Playstation 3 game system, and video games.

Jason Terry, 500 block of East Hudson, flat-screen television.

Homer Robinson, 500 block of Buckeye, electric generator.

Ex-Tel Communications, 4100 block of Upton, cash.

Charles H. Smith, 800 block of Wright, tools, bicycle, and four rims and wheels.

Janet Arnold, 2100 block of Talbot, purse and contents.

Quinton Henderson, 1800 block of Brussels, laptop computer and flat-screen television.

Carla Huffman, 3800 block of Jackman, computer and printer.

Ladonne Krohn, 700 block of Locust, tricycle, vehicle, motorcycle, and bicycle.

Michael Murray, 3500 block of East Manhattan, flat-screen television, Xbox 360 game system, and laptop computer.

Rita Cark, 1500 block of Colleen Court, no loss.

Tierrica Price, 2900 block of Kendale, flat-screen television, stereo, DVD players, Playstation 3 game system, and video games.

Mark R. Hupp, 4200 block of Shade Tree, Nintendo Wii game system, video games, and laptop computer.

Cheryl L. Longenecker, 1900 block of Talbot, flat-screen television.

Tricia Alexander, 1300 block of Pinewood, DVD player, DVDs, and food.

Garlin Glover, 2600 block of Tremainsville, flat-screen television, laptop computer, and video games.

Akeem Martin, 40 block of East Weber, flat-screen television and laptop computer.

Sarah Booker, 3700 block of Monroe, no loss.

Ronnie Robinson, 600 block of Hampton, bicycle.

State of Ohio, 100 block of Dexter, copper piping.

Barbara Lovell, 500 block of Waggoner, no loss.

Devonique Mays, 5000 block of Norwich, clothing.

Robert Rasor, 3300 block of Arlington, television and furniture.

Kimberly A. Schmude, 2100 block of Dundee, flat-screen television, video games, and credit card.

Bradley C. Pastok, 1600 block of Carmelle Court, no loss.

Abigail Sackmann, 500 block of South Detroit, no loss.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Anna Rodriguez from Victor Rodriguez.

Victor Rodriguez from Anna Rodriguez.

Theresa Larde from Landis Joyner, Sr.

Collie Campbell from Melvin Coogler.

Debora Billings-Davis from Howard Davis.

Rebecca Hawkins from Michael Hawkins.

Anthony Panford from Nicole Robinson.

Natalie Mitchell from Gerald Mitchell.

Chris Wooton from Shawna Wooton.

Kristi Corthell from Raymond Corthell.

Carla Barto from David Barto, Sr.

Janice Matthews from George Matthews.

Kelly Trammel from Stephen Trammel.

Tonia Monhollen and Jared Monhollen.

Kimberly Haney and Sidney Haney III.

Cathy Gowing from Aaron Gowing.

B. Christine Wrighten from Thomas Wrighten.

Tanya Skouroukos from John Skou roukos V.

Julie Pacer from Andrew Pacer.

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