Perrysburg Township Zoning Commission revises regulations manual

Perrysburg Township Zoning administrator Kelly Hemminger.
Perrysburg Township Zoning administrator Kelly Hemminger.

The Perrysburg Township Zoning Commission recently approved amendments and revisions to the Zoning Resolution, the "book" on regulations for land, buildings, signs, pools, landscaping, and other property concerns.

"Everything that is being updated is very minor ... just housekeeping items," Zoning Administrator Kelly Hemminger said.

The local commission met Monday evening and approved the recommendations it received from the Wood County Planning Commission after submitting the amendments to that advising group.

Changes range from grammar and punctuation to clarifications and additions. Examples include:

-- Defining dimensions of fences surrounding community and private swimming pools, the grade of surfaces around the bathing area, and the type of latching mechanisms on gate locks.

-- Changing language of who may occupy a home's secondary dwelling unit from "elderly" to "close relative including parents, in-law parents, siblings or children," and that accommodations for servants and caretakers shall be conditional use and require approval from the Board of Zoning appeals.

-- Clarifying that restaurants must have one parking space for every 150 square feet of seating floor space.

-- Adding attorney and salesman to the acceptable list of professions that may be conducted from one's private home, and adding recycling yards for scrap or automotive materials to the list of businesses that are not permitted from home property.

-- Restricting dates to between April 1 and Oct. 31 for when recreational vehicles or utility equipment may be parked or stored outside of a garage in a side or rear yard if closer than 10 feet to any lot line.

-- Including patios and terraces to construction that requires a permit.

-- Expanding the review process of site plans to include possible on-site inspection and requiring developers to be responsible for the township's costs of such inspection, including use of professional services.

The next step in the process is the commission taking the amendments to the board of township trustees, Ms. Hemminger said.

Trustees then have 30 days to set a public hearing, during which the amendments would be approved, denied, or approved with pending modifications. A 30-day waiting period follows that to allow for public petition.

Once any approved changes would become effective, the Zoning Resolution would be placed on file at the Wood County Recorder Office.

A copy of the resolution draft is available at the township zoning office, Ms. Hemminger said.

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