Fedor claims dual residency: Homes in East, South Toledo

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  • Teresa Fedor’s East Toledo home is at 242 Willard St. A neighbor and her landlord consider her a resident.
    Teresa Fedor’s East Toledo home is at 242 Willard St. A neighbor and her landlord consider her a resident.

    State Rep. Teresa Fedor’s house in East Toledo is a neat little bungalow that was built a century ago. Her house on Belvedere Drive in South Toledo is a typical suburban split-level with a backyard that is a gardener’s delight.

    But in which house does Ms. Fedor live?

    Both, according to her, and visits by The Blade to both locations on Tuesday lend credence to that claim.

    A neighbor and the landlady of Ms. Fedor on Willard Street in East Toledo say they see her around, and consider her a resident of the neighborhood.

    “I see her sometimes — on my days off,” said Teresa Williams, 46, who lives across from Ms. Fedor’s rented house at 242 Willard. “Last I saw her she was out cutting grass.”

    Ms. Fedor’s landlord, Cheryl Wiese, 66, was the one cutting the grass Tuesday. “I think she lives here. She does come here. I ran into her last week in the alley,” Ms. Wiese said. “She borrowed my lawn mower last week.”

    “She’s got stuff in there,” said Ms. Wiese. She said Ms. Fedor has given notice of her intent to move out.


    The house’s front porch light was on and a newspaper was on the front porch.

    No one answered at 2054 Belvedere, ownership of which is still listed in the name of Ms. Fedor and her ex-husband. A pile of wood mulch sat in the driveway, waiting to be distributed.

    Ms. Fedor, a Democrat, now represents the 45th House District but is hoping to be appointed to a vacancy in the 46th House District, where 2054 Belvedere is located. The current representative, Matt Szollosi (D., Oregon), announced he will resign effective May 31 to take a new job.

    Ms. Fedor says she has a legal opinion that says she has dual residence — on Willard and Belvedere.

    “I’m here and there both,” she told The Blade.

    She declined to reveal the source of her legal opinion, or why she needs it. State law requires a representative to have lived in a district for one year prior to the election. The next general election for state House seats is in November, 2014.

    Ms. Fedor rented the house in East Toledo and registered to vote there in 2011 and then ran for the newly drawn 45th House District after a Republican reapportionment map put both her and Mr. Szollosi in the new 46th House district.

    The block is in the middle of an area in which city police in March carried out an enforcement sweep, making more than 200 arrests for a variety of crimes, as well as referrals for housing code violations.

    “Since they did that sweep it’s gotten a lot better,” Ms. Williams said.

    The 46th includes Jerusalem Township, Oregon, parts of East and South Toledo, Maumee, Holland, and Springfield Township. The 45th consists of portions of North, East, and West Toledo, Washington Township, and one Sylvania Township precinct.

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