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Suburban Crime Log: 10-5

Bedford Township


Nathan Newsome, tools and air conditioner condenser from garage in 8100 block of Summerfield.

Megan McCormick, cash from school in 8200 block of Jackman.

Zachary Smithers, laptop computer and video game system accessories from residence in 400 block of Sterns.

Josh Buehler, TV, receiver, and container with change from residence in 1100 block of Sterns.



Peter McDonald, tail lights and tailgate from vehicle in 6600 block of Summerfield.

Regina Hall, navigation system from residence in 7200 block of Jackman.

Brenda Williams, jewelry from residence in 7300 block of Edinburgh.

Reyna Lajiness, cash from vehicle in 1400 block of Groveton.

Levi Zander, bicycle from residence in 6800 block of Lockmill.

Kenneth Fox, cash and cigarettes from vehicle in 1400 block of Groveton.

Nicholas Giles, cash and cell phone from vehicles in 6800 block of Jackman.

Monroe Bank and Trust, weed cutter and gas can with gas from vehicles in 6500 block of Lewis.

Tobias Sass and Heather Sass, navigation system from vehicle in 6200 block of Swiss Garden.

Sharon Everett, medications from senior housing facility in 8700 block of Ivory Lindsay.

James Balcerzak, hunting knife and cans of chewing tobacco from vehicle in 6700 block of Fortuna.

Gary Bauman, American flag from residence in 1400 block of Meadowbrook Way.

Richard McDonald, utility trailer, tools, tow trap, bungee cords, and plastic tarp from business in 7100 block of Sulier.

John Rork, Jr., subwoofer from vehicle in 400 block of Sandhill.

Carol Jennings, Ohio State Buckeyes flag, plywood sign, and doormat from residence in 7700 block of Jackman.

Jeremy Badas, rims, stereo system, and navigation system from vehicle in 1300 block of Smith.


Erie Township


Bliss Nelson, wallet, debit card, and driver’s license from building in 10800 block of South Telegraph.


Lake Township


Kevin Cooper, video game, video controllers, video cartridges, and speakers from residence in 29000 block of Harriet.

Eric Begg, cash and video game controller from residence in unit block of Woodlake.



Randall Biser, East Palestine, Ohio, wallet and contents from 28000 block of Tracy.

Village of Millbury, 29000 block of Main, ball diamond graders from church and fire hall in 28000 block of Main.

Linday Thomas, Colton, Toledo, paint, shelves, and drywall from residence in 29000 block of Lemoyne.

Joseph Everhardt, Lakehurst, Northwood, clothing from vehicle in 3300 block of Latcha.


LaSalle Township


Curt Connor and Ryan Connor, firearms from residence in 3700 block of Cousino.




Scott Gilbert, Houston, iPad from room in 1700 block of Tollgate.

Jennifer Webb, South Ironwood, Rossford, purse and contents from vehicle in 1300 block of Conant.

Christopher Gray, bicycle from patio of residence in 100 block of Alter.

Natalie Frank, Chicago, cell phone and charger from room in 1700 block of Tollgate.


Monclova Township


Anthony Babich, tools from vehicle in 4600 block of Calico.

Sunshine Children’s Home, cash from facility in 7200 block of Maumee Western.




John Lanz, GPS unit from vehicle in 3300 block of Bordeaux Rue.




Gateway Recycling, copper wiring from trailers of business in 900 block of Dearborn.



Nasser Shousher, four tires and rims from vehicle in 300 block of East Hampton.

Marcus Hronek, 1300 block of Oaktree, driver’s license and CCW permit from wallet in 1700 block of South Wheeling.

Clarence Berry, 5300 block of Bay Shore, medication from vehicle in 5900 block of Plympton.


Perrysburg Township


Max Goldacker, Maumee-Western, Monclova Township, unknown person broke into residence in 23000 block of Lime City, loss undetermined.



Erin Kozina, mail from mailbox of residence in 7200 block of Ayers.


Providence Township


Sara Black, microwave oven, TV, and video game system with games from residence in 13600 block of Neowash.


Richfield Township


Georgia Stansley, horse tack boxes from residence in 11000 block of Sylvania.


Spencer Township


Deborah Floyd, pond pump and lawn maintenance equipment from residence in 9700 block of Oak Bend.


Springfield Township


Andrew Vanhart, TV and leather riding jacket from residence in 7900 block of Hill.



Kelley Burgard, smart phone from building in 7600 block of Angola.

Sandra Karamol, wallet from parking lot in 800 block of South McCord.

Jodi Ferella, cash and medicines from residence in unit block of South McCord.

Ethan Prill, navigation unit from vehicle in 7900 block of Hidden View.

Robert Simpson, all-terrain vehicle from residence in 9700 block of West Bancroft.




Angie McGuire, Grayson, Ky., gift cards, bank card, and credit card from 5400 block of South Main.

Madison Tucker, 5900 block of Summit, MP3 players and cell phones from locker in 5400 block of Silica.

Dawn Bialecki, South River, Waterville, gift cards, checkbook, and identification from 5400 block of Silica.

Jacqueline Alferlo, 3700 block of Fairwood, camera, medication, and backpack and contents from vehicle in 5400 block of Silica.

Brandon Donnelly, 5600 block of Cushman, iPod from 5400 block of Silca.


Sylvania Township


Theodore Michalak, video games and video cartridges from residence in 5700 block of Webster.

Kelsey Gruenhagen, Wauseon, wallet and contents from 6500 block of West Central.

Kirk Jensen, 1927 blue Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme from residence in 3300 block of Van Fleet.

Jack Leland, 1981 black Oldsmobile Cutlass from residence in 4900 block of Heather Place.

Jada Price, Fremont, laptop bag and contents from vehicle in 5800 block of West Central.

Lisa Hurst, West Erie, Temperance, purse and contents from 5200 block of Monroe.

Hochan Jang, Moser, Perrysburg, motorcycle from 3300 block of block of Holland-Sylvania.


Whiteford Township


Angie Raymond, cupboards and countertops from residence in 6400 block of Whiteford.




Robert Zautner, lawn mower from 10300 block of Claystone.

Dale Martin, tools from tool trailer in 11300 block of Reed.

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