Man found in Findlay died of natural causes, coroner rules


FINDLAY -- A missing man who was found dead in a McDonald's parking lot on Friday died of natural causes, officials said.

Brian Domanski, 39, who had residences in Toledo and Ottawa, died of a dissection of the coronary artery, said Hancock County Coroner Dr. Mark Fox.

Mr. Domanski was reported missing Jan. 3.

His body was found Friday inside his truck, parked at McDonald's, 31 W. Trenton Ave.

Dr. Fox said Mr. Domanski's body had probably gone unnoticed since Jan. 4 or 5.

Although Mr. Domanski would have likely died very quickly from the dissected artery, the pain would have probably forced him to curl up in his vehicle, Dr. Fox said.

No one would have noticed the deceased man without looking inside the truck, the coroner said.