Group intends to hit 2013 donations goal

Drive targets people who didn’t give

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  • The United Way of Greater Toledo Wednesday announced a “10 Days of Giving Blitz” in an effort to collect enough donations to reach its 2013 goal.

    The agency and its funded partners developed the campaign to appeal to people who did not give in 2013.

    “An aggressive goal was set for 2013 because it was needed to help individuals and families be successful in our community,” said Chip Carstensen, president of Block Communications Inc. and the 2013 United Way of Greater Toledo campaign chairman. “Turning our backs on a goal that hasn’t been met means turning our backs on the underserved in our community.

    “The only way to achieve big goals for our community is for all of us to do it together,” he added.

    Karen Mathison, president and chief executive of United Way of Greater Toledo, said many people who have not donated have not done so because they have not yet been asked.

    “Together, we invite the community one last time to give to the 2013 campaign,” Ms. Mathison said. “We would be remiss to not make a final ask as the needs in our community continue to rise.”

    The goal for the 2013 campaign goal was $15.1 million, up from the $13.82 million collected in 2012. So far, the United Way has $13.6 million for 2013.

    “Our donors have been very generous, our current campaign total proves that,” Ms. Mathison said. “This is about reaching the person who hasn’t given and inviting them to give to support the campaign.”

    People can donate to the “10 Days of Giving Blitz” by going online to​give or by calling 419-254-4667.

    The campaign will be followed by the Celebration of Giving, Celebration of Caring at 5:30 p.m. March 12 at The Pinnacle in Maumee, which is devised to thank the community.

    — Ignazio Messina