Bedford Branch Library seeks additional funds


TEMPERANCE — Officials from the Bedford Branch Library plan to ask the Bedford Township Board on Tuesday to place a request for an additional 0.25 mills for library operations on the August primary ballot.

Community Librarian Jodi Russ said the $245,000 generated annually by the millage would pay for building and grounds maintenance and improvements.

Voters approved a 0.75-mill tax for renovation of the township's old library that was collected through 2012. That millage also included money to cover these costs. Since the tax's expiration, the library has been using dwindling reserves and is in need of additional levy income, Ms. Russ said.

The Bedford Branch operates in partnership with the township and the Monroe County Library System. The county provides materials and pays for equipment and librarians. Township taxpayers pay for building operations, including grounds upkeep, utilities, furnishings, and janitorial services.