Monroe Co. to get $664,993 to fix winter-ravaged roads


MONROE — County will receive $664,993 from a special $100 million appropriation enacted by the Michigan Legislature and signed by Gov. Rick Snyder last month to help road-maintenance budgets depleted by the severe winter.

The Michigan Department of Transportation announced Thursday that the funds will be distributed based on the formula in a 1951 law, under which $39.1 million goes to MDOT, $39.1 million to counties, and $21.8 million to cities and villages. The formula considers road mileage as well as population.

All funds must be used directly for winter-related road maintenance, according to an MDOT statement.

“These funds are badly needed by counties, cities, and villages to compensate for the extraordinarily high costs of plowing, salting, and filling potholes this past winter,” said Kirk Steudle, the state transportation director. “We are all extremely appreciative of the governor's and legislature's understanding of the toll this brutal winter has taken on road budgets.”

Lenawee County will receive $446,817 and Hillsdale County will receive $275,916 to repair roads.

Among area municipalities, Monroe will get $84,602, Adrian $81,945, Hillsdale $36,374, and Tecumseh $35,925. Other municipalities will get smaller amounts based on the formula, including $17,884 in Dundee down to $2,514 in the nearby village of Britton.

— David Patch