Water-damage repairs start at county building


Work is under way to repair damage from a waterline that burst on the third floor of the former Lucas County sheriff’s residence late last month.

Water from the ruptured line flowed to the basement, leaving moisture on the walls and causing damage to ceiling tiles and carpets, Lucas County Facilities Director Douglas Podiak said. Cleanup began June 6.

County Administrator Laura Lloyd-Jenkins said the repairs will cost about $29,300. At present, the county has not scheduled additional repairs or future renovations for the structure on Jackson Boulevard in downtown Toledo.

Plans for revitalizing the old sheriff’s residence and other buildings in the area known as Civic Center Mall are under discussion alongside proposals for a new county jail, said county Commissioner Carol Contrada. She added that both potential private and public tenants, as well as various parts of county government, have expressed interest in occupying the former sheriff’s structure.