Mild weather good news for asthma sufferers


The next few days should be easier on asthma sufferers and others with respiratory distress because mild weather and gentle wind patterns will help keep smog levels down.

Toledo’s division of environmental services is predicting satisfactory air quality through Sunday, followed by good conditions through at least Tuesday.

The division’‍s predictions are part of its latest ground-level ozone forecast. Conditions are assessed throughout the summer for a few days at a time, in sync with weather forecasts, because of how extreme heat and stagnant air can drive up pollutants.

Mild weather also has made swimming conditions favorable at several Toledo-area beaches this holiday weekend.

Although the Ohio Department of Health’s Web site shows 24 of the state’‍s 134 beaches are under a contamination advisory, the closest ones battling bacteria issues are seven in Erie County.

East Harbor State Park, traditionally one of the state’s lowest for bacteria, hasn’‍t had an advisory this year.

Maumee Bay State Park’s advisories were lifted in late June.

Five of nine recreation areas tracked under Ohio Nowcast, including Maumee Bay State Park, are expected to have low bacteria. That site, unlike others, issues daily beach forecasts. The four expected to have high bacteria are in the Vermilion area and points east.