DeWine investigates reports of bottled-water price gouging


COLUMBUS — Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said Monday he was sending investigators to the Toledo area to look into reports of bottled-water price gouging in the heat of the weekend water crisis.

Ohio doesn’t have a specific law on price gouging, but it does prohibit unconscionable sales practices.

That could apply if someone sold water at a price known to be substantially higher than that at which it could be readily obtained.

It’s also illegal to dramatically increase the price of products already in stock based solely on current events.

“We have seen the best of many Ohioans who have generously helped those needing water in the Toledo area, but we also have heard allegations of possible price gouging in the area,” Mr. DeWine said. “We are actively monitoring complaints related to the Toledo water crisis.

“Those who think they are overpaying for water should contact the Ohio Attorney General’s office immediately and provide information about where the water was being sold and the price paid,” he said.