Former Toledo Public Schools teacher sues district over sexual harassment


A former Toledo Public Schools teacher is suing the district, claiming she was sexually harassed by a supervisor in 2012, which in turn created a hostile work environment. 

Former Robinson Elementary School special education/intervention specialist teacher Julie Greenburg filed a civil complaint in Lucas County Common Pleas Court last week against Toledo Public Schools.

Toledo Public Schools headquarters
Toledo Public Schools headquarters

Ms. Greenburg, who was employed at Robinson Elementary School beginning with the 2012-13 school year, claims she was sexually harassed by the principal beginning in September, 2012, until she resigned in December ,2012. According to the complaint, the principal’s conduct was unwelcome and it unreasonably interfered with Ms. Greenburg’s ability to do her job.

The complaint shows other TPS employees have previously complained about the principal's inappropriate behavior toward female employees, but the district took no corrective action.

Ms. Greenburg is seeking back pay in excess of $25,000 as well as court-related costs.

In 2012, Ms. Greenburg filed and was granted a civil stalking order against Anthony Bronaugh, Robinson Elementary School principal — who was not directly named in the 2018 complaint. The civil stalking order was later changed to an invasion of privacy order, and Mr. Bronaugh could not contact Ms. Greenburg for a year outside of school activities.

The principal is accused of spending an unreasonable and unnecessary amount of time observing Ms. Greenburg’s classroom, leering at her in the hallways, and making unwanted and personal comments of a sexual nature to her, according to the 2018 complaint. One day, the principal became sexually aroused while alone in Ms. Greenburg’s classroom. Later, he put his arm around her and pulled her into his groin and rubbed against her, according to court documents.

Additionally, Ms. Greenburg accuses the principal of making requests for her to meet him for a drink, cornered her in rooms, and attempted to kiss her, court documents allege.

On November 12, 2012, Ms. Greenburg made a formal complaint about her supervisor’s behavior to Toledo Public School’s human resource director.

Investigators were unable to corroborate most of Mrs. Greenberg’s claims, and in some instances found Mr. Bronaugh’s conduct did not constitute harassment or a violation of district policy, according to court documents. Investigators did find that a conversation between the pair, where they discussed sexual positions, was inappropriate, leading to the finding that Mr. Bronaugh violated board policy.

Mr. Bronaugh continued serving as a principal, though he resigned from the district in Aug. 2016, according to a TPS spokesman.

Ms. Greenburg’s attorney, Catherine Killam, and Toledo Public Schools spokesman Patty Mazur both declined to comment. 

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