The Bottom Line: Deal or Dud?

'Revolutionary' Grill Daddy steam cleaning grill brush no different than regular brush

Grill Daddy steam cleaning grill brush.
Grill Daddy steam cleaning grill brush.

So you’ve got your eye on a new cleaning product that promises to rid your home of all things gross or a new nail polish that pledges to make your fingernails as tough as, well, nails. The pitch is perfect.The price is in your budget. But does it work? Consumers always want to know, so let us tell you: We’ll try it before you buy it. The Bottom Line will highlight some of the newest and trendiest items and tell you whether it’s a deal or dud. Got a product in mind? Contact Blade reporter RoNeisha Mullen at or 419-724-6133.

The Product: Grill Daddy steam cleaning grill brushes.

The Pitch: This “revolutionary grill-cleaning tool steams away baked-on food, grease, and black residue!” It‘s “fun and easy to use,” according to the Grill Daddy packaging.

The Price: $12.97 at Home Depot. Also available at a number of other stores and websites, including,, and

The Bottom Line: Dud. Save your money for a porterhouse instead. Grill Daddy did clean between the grates, but the result wasn’t any better than with a regular grill brush. The water that was supposed to create steam was more like a leaky faucet, dripping onto the hot coals and extinguishing the fire. This issue may not pose a problem on a gas grill, but still Grill Daddy wasn’t worth the extra money. Instead, try using a spray bottle of water with a regular grill brush. Use an oven mitt to avoid getting burned by the steam.

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