Today's log



St. Anne Mercy Hospital

Mimi and David Nichols, Toledo, boy, Wednesday.

Kimberlee and Anthony Miller, Toledo, girl, Wednesday.

Barbara Sager, Toledo, girl, Thursday.

St. Luke's Hospital

Kelli and Jeffrey Loofbourrow, Weston, Ohio, girl, Friday.

Abigail and David Keller, Maumee, girl, Friday.

Rachel and Nathan Krohn, Toledo, boy, Friday.

Kelley and Fred Mahaney, Oregon, boy, Saturday.

Toledo Hospital

Michael and Andrea Hill, Toledo, girl, July 1.

Judith and Ryan Perino, Waterville, boy, Saturday.

Cicily Pippens, Monroe, girl, Friday.

Anna and Shane Meyer, Toledo, boy, Friday.

Amanda Bender, Toledo, girl, Friday.

Jean and Mike Rodenbeck, Temperance, girl, Friday.

Heather and Walter Horoszewski, Toledo, boy, Friday.

Michelle and Scott Wood, Perrysburg, girl, Friday.

Kerry and Todd Trautman, Findlay, boy, Friday.

Brian and Amy Good, Pemberville, Ohio, boy, Friday.

Bridget and Bradley Notzka, Toledo, girl, Friday.




Marquis Harris, of Toledo, auto by a man with a gun on Shirley at Dorr about 10:20 p.m. Thursday.

Bambino's Pizza, Woodville, cash from a delivery driver by a man in the 1000 block of Sisson about 10:30 p.m. Thursday.

Jesse Gambrell, of Toledo, cash by two men who punched him in the 600 block of South Erie about 1 a.m. Friday.


Ernest Finney, Hurd, wallet and contents.

Julie Frisbee, Northtowne, personal papers.

Howard Bell, Oakwood, TV, personal checks, jewelry, and credit card.

Sarah Bailey, Greenwood, no loss.

Josephine Velliquette, Spring Grove, loss undetermined.

UAW Local 14, Jackman, loss undetermined.

Value City, Lewis, furniture, file cabinet, TVs, and home theater system.

Rudy Sifuentez, Knower, purse and contents.

Holy Trinity Educational Building, North Superior, amplifier, time clock, wires, and building materials.

Casey Perkins, Bennett, no loss.

Donna Zajac, Springdale, medication.


Melissa Roberts, Ottawa Lake, purse and contents from auto on West Sylvania at Secor.

Michael Ganse, Creekside, Rossford, purse and contents from auto in the unit block of Main.

Josephine Carmona, Brown, Oregon, CD player, amplifier, speakers, and credit card from auto in the 5000 block of Monroe.

MindiMiller, Brandon, credit cards, cash, and CD player from SUV at home.

Pilot Gas, Hagman, DVD players.

Latoya Whitfield, Sisson, check from residence.

Alicia Szatna, Temperance, clothing, jewelry, and personal items from the 3100 block of Willys.

Johnathon Gaines, Greenwood, CD player faceplate and TV from the 1500 block of East Alexis.

Richard Wilson, Lester, Northwood, stereo, medication, CDs, and tools from van in the 1500 block of Walbridge.

Dennis Schult, Talmadge, outdrive from residence.

John Meyer, Millbury, toolbox and tools from van in the 200 block of Pine.

Roger Bradley, Elmwood, tools from auto in the 1200 block of Madison.

Dorothy Vore, Violet, jewelry from residence.

Olga Chmielewski, Annabelle, swing and chairs from residence.

Mark McCabe, West Bancroft, toolbox, tools, gift certificates, camera, and briefcase and contents from vehicle at home.

Lois Stack, New Castle, Sylvania, wallet and contents from the 4700 block of Talmadge.

Shawn Lothery, 13th, cash from residence.

Valvoline Instant Oil, Telegraph, cash.

McDonald's, Monroe, cash.

Sonya Bauer, 125th, snowmobile from residence.

Daniel Miller, Sanders, bank card from unit block of South Byrne.

Stephanie Neal, Devon, prescriptions from auto in the 400 block of Nebraska.

Larry Todd, Trent, blower, weed trimmer, and tools from trailer on Harvest at Monroe.

Vicky McNeal, Butler, bicycles from residence.

Christine Molnar, Carver, insulin pump, saving bonds, credit cards, and AM/FM receiver from residence.

Teneash Gillespie, South Byrne, CDs and faceplate from auto in the 2500 block of Key.

Eunice Meier, Locust, purse and contents from the 1300 block of North Superior.

Anthony Fesh, Temperance, CD player, speakers, and amplifier from auto in the 5800 block of Yermo.

Mark Miller, Perrysburg, amplifier, speakers, and CD player from auto in parking lot in 4300 block of Monroe.

Leonard Nebehay, Perrysburg, digital camera, film chips, and CDs from auto in parking lot in 1900 block of West Alexis.

Donald Gilson, Ottawa Lake, power lawn edger and line trimmer from trailer in the 5300 block of Secor.

Teri Sonner, Waybride, three monitors, DVD player, radio, DVDs, car alarm, sunglasses and TV remote.

Elizabeth Rogden, Algonquin, wallet and contents from book bag at Toledo Museum of Art on Monroe.

Karen Urbaniak, Temperance, wallet and contents fell from purse in parking lot in 6100 block of Telegraph.

Wallick Construction, Airport, wood cabinets, metal door, copper lines, and siding from construction site in 4600 block of Airport.

Odell Burke, Vaness, wedding ring set from residence.

Michele Leitner, Secor, checks, debit card and driver's license from home.

Otis King, Moffat, cash from residence.

Augustiniak Catering, Rosetta, air conditioner.

Philip Mazur, Wychwood, video game, video cartridges, clothing, and personal items from van in the 5600 block of Opportunity.

Robert Hauter, Glasgow, Sylvania, laptop computer and camera from auto in the 3800 block of North Summit.

Ohio Building Restoration, Mill, demo hammer from the 1300 block of West Sylvania.

Standard Loan Office Co., Monroe, handguns and rifles.

Jerome Debrvin, Gwenn, Sylvania, briefcase and contents from vehicle in the 4800 block of Dorr.

Sterling's Food Store, Upton, cartons of cigarettes.

Rite Aid, Monroe, electronic equipment.

Patricia Kerlulah, Conrad, diamond ring from residence.

Nicholas Hagedorn, North Stadium, Oregon, CD player from auto in the 1400 block of Nevada.

Dave Gilbert, Page, canopy, leashes, collars, cages, coats, and umbrella from residence.

Darlene Dempsey, North Ontario, DVDs, carton of cigarettes, and jewelry.

Kerry Johnston, Fleet, purse and contents from van at home.

Christine Molnar, Hardin, credit cards, insulin pump, silver coins, saving bonds, and Direct TV receiver from the 500 block of Carver.

Rhyscq Langford, Aspen, tires and rims from auto in the 1900 block of North Reynolds.

Campus Village Apartments, College, soap machine.

United Studios, Massillon, Ohio, credit card, personal checks, and cash from the 500 block of East Manhattan.




5:30 p.m. — I-75 northbound and Lagrange. Autos of Kevin Kowalski, 19, of Tulane, and Morton Sparks, 54, of Stahlwood, whose passenger, Shirley Garza, 29, of Stahlwood, was treated at Toledo Hospital.