Today's Log: 2-26



Bay Park Community Hospital

Angela and Eric Cornelison, Toledo, boy, Feb. 24.

Eltosha Grimes, Toledo, girl, Feb. 24.

Authumn and James Harris, Toledo, boy, Feb. 24.

Eltosha Grimes, Toledo, girl, Feb. 24.

Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Christina Hurley, Toledo, girl, Feb. 20.

Jessica Jaso, Toledo, boy, Feb. 21.

Valerie and Stephen Tolson, Maumee, boy, Feb. 22.

Rachel and Rohit Devarajulu Oregon, girl, Feb. 24.

Kali Zentgraf, Toledo, girl, Feb. 24.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Ashley and Derrick Midkiff, Toledo, girl, Feb. 23.

Crystal and Anthony Vazquez, Toledo, boy, Feb. 24.

Toledo Hospital

Danielle and Jamie Ewing, Toledo, girl, Feb. 23.

Sarah Reuss and Adam Huelskamp, Toledo, girl, Feb. 24.

Barbara and Adam Wolny, Perrysburg, boy, Feb. 24.

Andrea Coleman, Toledo, boy, Feb. 24.

Kendra and Aaron Lengel, Waterville, girl, Feb. 24.

Sherri and Chris Fitzgerald, Fremont, girl, Feb. 24.

Brandi and Anthony Gorzelski, Toledo, boy, Feb. 24.

Carolyn Howard, Northwood, girl, Feb. 24.

Heather and Joshua Wylie, Holland, girl, Feb. 24.

Pamela and Thomas Roper, Toledo, girl, Feb. 24.

Antwanett Beach, Toledo, boy, Feb. 24.

Julie and Christopher Gregory, Rossford, girl, Feb. 24.

Melissa and Nelson Rodriguez, Perrysburg, girl, Feb. 24.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Feb. 24, 2011

Alan Smith, 22, manager, and Chelsi Hafner, 20, sales associate, both of Toledo.

Thomas Duvall, 56, self employed, and Anita Michael, 54, insurance sales representative, both of Toledo.

William Lear, 24, and Erica Jones, 21, medical assistant, both of Toledo.

Kavon Whitaker, 34, service assistant, and Sondrea Kimble, 21, crew member, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Clarkson, Katheryn, 53, Maumee-Western Road, Maumee, Alzheimer's dementia.

Compton, Marian, 69, North Holland-Sylvania Road, cardiorespiratory arrest.

Cook, Carl, 59, Fremont, cardiomyopathy.

Dreier, Norman, 72, Starr Avenue, Oregon, cancer.

Eisaman, Ruth, 96, Indian Road, respiratory failure.

Godie, Lawrence, Sr., 91, 105th Street, anemia.

Gregory, Raleigh, 63, Joffre Avenue, chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Hamilton, Kathleen, 61, Planet Avenue, cancer.

Henderson, Nina, 70, Bellevue, Ohio, coagulopathy.

Johnston, Fannie, 75, Temperance, dementia.

Jones, Robert, Jr., 74, Tiffin, pending.

Jurkiewicz, Bonnie, 86, Stickney Avenue, Alzheimer's disease.

Lang, Judith, 68, Elmridge Road, acute respiratory failure.

Macksey, John, Jr., 78, Astor Avenue, cardiac arrest.

Morus, Charline, 92, Parkcliffe Lane, Alzheimer's disease.

Nichols, Alice, 90, Whiteford Township, Mich., congestive heart failure.

O'Neal, Lucille, 92, Centennial Road, Sylvania, stroke.

Osterland, William, 47, New London, Ohio, acute heart failure.

Porter, Mark, 44, Broadway Street, pending.

Reed, Lois, 83, Monroe, MRSA bacteremia.

Ribby, Darlene, 70, Wauseon, sepsis.

Rosenberger, Jack, 67, Gibsonburg,, cardiopulmonary arrest.

Saba, Rosemary, 81, Indian Road, congestive heart failure.

Schaffer, Mark, 69, Canterbury Court, cortical and subcortical strokes.

Sorrell, Roy, Sr., 72, Bridlington Drive, probable myocardial infarction.

Tarlton, Viola, 83, Fair Oaks Drive, acute myocardial infarction.

Teter, Donald, 71, North Summit Street, pneumonia.

Vaughn, Kathy, 49, Airport Highway, chronic respiratory failure.

Villegas, Susan, 59, Southbriar Road, acute respiratory failure.

Whitman, Richard, 83, Hargo Road, dementia.

Zimmerman, Madeline, 67, Melody Lane, coronary artery disease.

Crime reports


Raymond Lutzke, assaulted and robbed of wallet with food stamp card, debit card, and identification card in parking lot in 3300 block of Glendale.

James Benschoter, robbed of cash in business office in 3100 block of West Sylvania.

Christine Briggs, threatened with handgun and robbed of purse with cash, medicines, makeup kit, and keys in hotel parking lot in 1800 block of Miami.


George Jackson, 1500 block of Nevada, wallet, cash, jewelry, and personal documents.

David Drager, 500 block of Palaski, 10 new windows.

Charlie Proffitt, 600 block of Orchard, video game system with games.

Robert Phillips, 700 block of Cherry, television, stereo system with speakers, and identification card.

Janet Duckett, 5400 block of Heatherdowns, jewelry, coin collection, vacuum cleaner, food, and wastebasket.

John Shousher, 1900 block of Starr, pipes and sink with accessories.

Nicole Kirk, 3200 block of North Erie, inhalers, video game system, phone, and toolbox with tools.

Andrew Scouten, 1700 block of Perth, five mopeds.

Sierra Dotson, 2500 block of Briar, television/DVD player combo, flat-screen television, and two video game systems.

Jan Luc Deboer, 3200 block of Raleigh, large-screen television, laptop computer, digital camera, and jewelry.

Albert Bouquenoy, unit block of East Oakland, jewelry and coin collection.

Deborah Webster, 200 block of Rochelle, large-screen television, desktop computer with accessories, surround-sound system amplifier, flat-screen monitor, and Blu-ray player.

Robert Thomas, 1600 block of Idaho, three cameras, video game system with controllers, and cash.

Jackie Dennis, 600 block of Vinton, cash, clothes, and medicines.

Dorothy Sizemore, 700 block of Redwood, mountain bike.

Mechelle Hinton'Phenx, 500 block of Elmdale, flat-screen television, DVD player/television combo, rug, stove, refrigerator, and microwave oven.

Bonnie Bragg, 1100 block of Seymour, flat-screen television.

Shawna Quisenberry, 500 block of Howland, two video game systems with games, two cell phones, DVD player, cordless drill, and cash.

Marlene Griffin, 3500 block of East Manhattan, flat-screen television.

James Zemenski, 2600 block of Midwood, laptop computer and checkbook.

Ashley Jones, 5400 block of Glenridge, two flat-screen televisions and two video game systems.

Susan Duran, 1900 block of Atwood, flat-screen television, laptop computer, iPod, and video game system with games and accessories.

Erricka White, 5400 block of Dorr, flat-screen television.

Paula Pavuk, 2100 block of Hurd, video game with games, DVD player, camcorder, and jewelry

Kathleen Rambusch, 100 block of Sunset, jewelry, copper plumbing, and part of duct work system.

Shirley Shields, 800 block of Buffalo, safe with cash and jewelry.

Virgiliu Lupu-Sfarlea, 4900 block of Ventura, two laptop computers with accessories, three cameras with accessories, keyboard, external hard drive, wallet, bank cards, gift cards, checkbook, personal documents, and pillowcase.

James King, 3100 block of Cambridge, bathtub and plumbing.

Correan Spencer, 700 block of Dorr, flat-screen television and DVD player.

Joy Kenny, 1000 block of Artis, large-screen television, surround-sound system, and deep fryer.

Bailey Rife, 3800 block of Hazelhurst, flat-screen television, power tools, and cash.

Floyd Miller, 6100 block of Dorr, copper pipes, water meter, and two baseboard heating strips.

Sarah Beese, 700 block of Deal, bank book and tool box with coin collection and personal papers.

Toledo Metal Spinning, 1800 block of Clinton.

Jeanneene Williams, 600 block of Carver, lawn mower, snow blower, and two bicycles.

Margaret Russ, 5900 block of Ryewyck, jewelry.

Dan Habernik, 3400 block of Mapleway, copper tubes.

Marissa Garcia, 900 block of Byrneport, flat-screen television.

Craig Jeric, 2000 block of Airport, television.

Theresa Gronbach, 500 block of Starr, copper and shower fixtures.

Adina Shaw, laptop computer from residence in 700 block of Walnut.

Church of New Beginnings, copper pipes from church property in 3200 block of Penrose.

Jaclyn Brossia, 1900 block of Upton, flat-screen television.

Tanya Grier, 900 block of Woodstock, large-screen television, laptop computer, fire safe, and Pittsburgh Steelers jacket.


Sam Kim, smartphone, videophone, and car stereo from vehicle in 2100 block of Orchard Lakes.

Davis Hays, laptop computer with vase from vehicle in 6000 block of Lewis.

Anthony Speelman, video game system with games and accessories, and three crates of DVDs from residence in 700 block of Orchard.

Angela Luettke, 3500 block of Secor, iPod, purse with keys, medicines, palmtop computer, and video game system.

Duane Campbell, laptop computer and video games from vehicle at Central and Secor.

Mary Edwards, purse with bank cards, jewelry, cash, makeup, perfume, and brand-name eyeglasses from vehicle in 500 block of South Reynolds.

Philip Harrison, golf clubs with bag, navigation system, flashlight, and bag with work papers from vehicle in mall parking lot in 5000 block of Monroe.

Jason Boyd, aluminum siding and air conditioning system from residence in 100 block of Corinth.

Daniel Voyles, iPod and wallet with credit cards and driver's license from vehicle in 2100 block of Orchard Lakes.

Rachel Saylor, purse with camera, sunglasses, jewelry, keys, and bank checks from vehicle in 500 block of Main.

Sierra Handley, wallet with debit cards, driver's license, and personal documents from residence in 900 block of Byrneport.

Andrew Risser, car stereo with CD player from vehicle in 2200 block of University Hills.

William Hales, navigation system, cell phone, luggage, sweaters, two pairs of shoes, CDs, and tapes from vehicle in 5300 block of Heatherdowns.

Latasha Walker and Sierra Copeland, two purses with cash, jewelry, bank cards, and personal documents from vehicle in 3500 block of East Manhattan.

Phillip Thomas, furniture from residence in 3300 block of Arlington.

Glenita Kenney, washer and dryer and dishwasher from residence in 2800 block of Warsaw.

Freda Beltran, refrigerator, mirrors, curtains, and furniture from rental property in 200 block of 3rd.

John Watson, two sub woofers, amplifier, touch-screen stereo system, several pairs of tennis shoes, clothes, brand-name belt with pouch, iPhone charger, flash drive, two laptop computers, and bookbag with books from vehicle in apartment complex parking lot in 3300 block of Hill.

Fluid Concepts Inc., catalytic converter from vehicle in parking lot in 5700 block of Telegraph.

Gerald Novak, laptop computer from vehicle in chain store parking lot in 3500 block of Secor.