Daily Log: 12-31



Bay Park Community Hospital

Jessica and Simon Urbina, Toledo, girl, Dec. 24.

Flower Hospital

Leah and Adam Wood, Genoa, girl, Dec. 29.

Xi and Gregg Wilkes, Britton, Mich., girl, Dec. 28.

Danielle and Adam Freels, Holland, girl, Dec. 28.

Lyndsey Merrill, Toledo, girl, Dec. 28.

Amanda and Don Turner, Toledo, girl, Dec. 21.

Amber Lantigua, Luckey, Ohio, girl, Dec. 24.

Dominique Baker, Toledo, girl, Dec. 20.

Allison McLaughlin, Toledo, girl, Dec. 23.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Jessica Jones, Toledo, boy, Dec. 28.

St. Luke's Hospital

Tiffany and Aaron Fisher, Maumee, boy, Dec. 22.

Bethany and Zachary Heitman, Malinta, Ohio, girl, Dec. 23.

Rebecca and Travis Barker, Toledo, girl, Dec. 29.

Kristah Nawrocki, Luckey, Ohio, boy, Dec. 29.

Nicole Brummett, Toledo, girl, Dec. 29.

Samantha Ramirez, Gibsonburg, boy, Dec. 29.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Sean Anderson, 26, route accountant and Sarah Fitzpatrick, 26, homemaker, both of Toledo.

John Marshall, 23, engineer, of Toledo and Kerri McEwen, 20, student, of Liberty Center.

Todd Roberts, 47, industrial cleaner and Sheila Glover, 51, health aide, both of Toledo.

Matthew Cordy, 40, of Oregon and Kristina Valentine, 32, clerical, of Ypsilanti, Mich.

Thomas Smithson, 37, retired, of Oak Park, Mich. and Rose Duren, 61, direct care worker, of Toledo.

Kirk Brazeau, 30, soccer coach and Nicole MacNail, 29, manager, both of Toledo.

Adam Puhy, 24, banker, Grosse Point Park, Mich. and Heather Wagner, 24, banker, of Waterville.

Robert Baumgartner, 38, electrician and Dayna DiCarlo, 39, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Paris Wilson, 29, boiler operator and Ingrid Szigyarto, 28, both of Toledo.

David Burke, 40, licensed builder, of Monroe, Mich. and Renee Schattler, 39, attorney, of Grosse Ile, Mich.

Jesse Riggs, 36, die setter and Alicia Dolinski, 24, title clerk, both of Newport, Mich.

Roberto Montez, 46, shipper and Michelle Vargas, 46, presser, both of Toledo.