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Daily Log

Daily Log: 9-23


Bay Park Community Hospital

Macie Thebeau, Perrysburg, boy, Sept. 20.

Melissa and Brian McMillan, Toledo, girl, Sept. 20.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Raesheaunna Kinney and Shonquell Denson, Toledo, girl, Sept. 19.

Jazmine and Jose Lopez, Toledo, girl, Sept. 21.

Wendy and Brent Roberts, Sylvania, girl, Sept. 21.

St. Charles Mercy Hospital

Samantha Pecina, Toledo, boy, Sept. 19.

Jody Fleenor, Toledo, girl, Sept. 19.

Angelique Herrera, Oregon, girl, Sept. 20.

St. Luke's Hospital

Erika and Josh Althaus, Wayne, Ohio, girl, Sept. 21.


Coroner’s rulings

The Lucas County Coroner has ruled in the following deaths:

Suzanne Aasbo, 70, of West Palm Beach, Fla., May 4, at Hospice of Northwest Ohio. Suicide, complications of tramadol toxicity; deceased took overdose of tramadol.

Xiaolan Chen, 22, of Sandusky, Sept. 16, at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. Accidental, blunt-force trauma to torso and head sustained from motorcycle accident.

Josiah Clark, 8 months, of Toledo, May 8, at Toledo Hospital. Undetermined, sudden unexplained death in infancy.

Elijah Coleman, 19, of Toledo, Aug. 13, at I-75 southbound and Collingwood exit. Accidental, multiple blunt trauma; deceased was struck by multiple vehicles.

Morris Gorman, 85, of Van Wert, Ohio, April 14, at Bay Park Community Hospital. Accidental, arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease; deceased had unwitnessed fall.

Brenda Morris, 66, of Toledo, March 31, at home. Accidental, combined drug toxicity.

Deborah Morris, 53, of Toledo, May 24, at home. Accidental, citalopram toxicity.

Mary Mraz, 93, of Blissfield, Mich., May 10, at Ebeid Hospice. Accidental, acute bronchopneumonia; deceased fell at home.

Alice Konecki, 82, of Toledo, Aug. 15, at Hospice of Northwest Ohio. Accidental, acute bronchopneumonia; deceased fell in nursing home.

Sandra Kroetz, 68, of Fostoria, May 23, at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. Accidental, multiple blunt trauma sustained from auto accident.

Jerrilyn Longeway, 65, of Toledo, May 4, at home. Accidental, bronchial asthma and emphysema.

Tommy McCally, 78, of Temperance, Sept. 13, at Ebeid Hospice. Accidental, blunt-force injuries of the head; deceased fell at nursing home.

Joseph Miller, 26, of Maumee, Aug. 10, at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. Accidental, blunt-force injuries to chest with lacerations of heart and aorta that was sustained from auto accident.

Scott Robertson, 41, of South Vienna, Ohio, May 18, at Toledo Hospital. Suicide, complications of hanging; deceased hanged himself.

Scott Smith, 43, of Oregon, July 9, at home. Suicide, self-inflicted gunshot wound to head.

Amelia Sperry, 42, of Sylvania, May 23, at Flower Hospital. Accidental combined drug toxicity with wellbutrin being the principal agent.

Frederick Watson, Jr., 20, of Toledo, June 16, at Toledo Hospital. Homicide, multiple gunshot wounds.


Crime reports


Ray's Party Store, cigarettes, lottery tickets, and cell phones from store in 600 block of Main.

Laurence Mitchell, portable alarm system, copper pipe, and water meter from dwelling in 2600 block of Midwood.

Carol Zomkowski, jewelry, prescription medicine, and cash from residence in 1100 block of Park Lane.

Willie Harper, lawn mower, pop machine, snow blower, gas stove, furnace, and sandstone slabs from garage and yard of dwelling in 1200 block of Moore.

Jessica Watson, lockbox, .22 Taurus revolver, two electronic gaming systems, three TVs, diamond earrings, tablet computer, camcorder, piggy bank from dwelling in 700 block of Southbriar.

Michael Lee, assorted scrap from apartment building in 500 block of Fourth.

Sandra Sancrant, two weed trimmers and lawn mower from residence in the 300 block of Danberry.

Harold Turney,TV from residence in 1200 block of South.

Chase Prime, copper pipe, duct work, water heater, furnace, and air-conditioning unit from dwelling in 1500 block of Jermain.

Sharcy Bostic, three computers, modem, electronic gaming system, TV, purse, and cash from residence in unit block of Birmingham.

Devin McConnell, two bicycles from garage at home in 2700 block of Oxbridge.

Brianna Traylor, basketball shoes from garage in 200 block of Valleywood.

Wayne Ahumada, chain saw, lawn mower, ladder, and garden tiller from storage shed in 2300 block of Woodford.

Cynthia Vaillant, prescription medicine from dwelling in 200 block of Summerdale.

Andrea Rodriquez, diamond and silver necklace from residence in 3600 block of Brunswick.

Ronald Jones, two lawn mowers and refrigerator from shed in 1000 block of Walbridge.

Lee's Beauty Supplies, jewelry and hair extensions from shop in 500 block of Dorr.

Michael Bais, prescription medicine from residence in 1100 block of N. Superior.

George Thompson, kitchen sink, cabinetry, and electrical box from vacant home in 1400 block of Champlain.

Ramona Hutchison, cash, computer, and TV from residence in 1500 block of N. Ontario.

Madonna Green, refrigerator, TV, gas stove, and mattress and box-spring set from residence in 2300 block of Chase.

Theresa Black, TV, DVDs, and clothing from dwelling in 500 block of Platt.

Steffanie Hawkins, four pit bull-type puppies, footwear, and assorted men's clothing from residence in 1100 block of Utah.

Anita Krall-Szalay, copper tubing from plumbing system of home in 5500 block of San Juan.

Detraie Marquardt, tablet computer from residence in 3000 block of Parkwood.

Cordell Moore, three TVs, two computers, shotgun, and jewelry from residence in 3000 block of Pemberton.

Stephen Franks, washer and dryer from residence in 600 block of Eleanor.

Michael Johnson, cigarettes, compact discs, and bank card from truck in 1900 block of Olimphia.

Timothy Wilde, cash from residence in 4200 block of Kingsmoor.

Matthew Nelson, two TVs and electronic gaming system from home in 2500 block of Oakwood.

Cierra Green, TV from residence in 800 block of Byrneport.

Melissa Hill, prescription medicine from residence in 1700 block of Christian.

Ashley Sutter, three dogs and miscellaneous tools from residence and garage in 4900 block of Luann by known suspects.

Amjad Doumani, copper pipe from dwelling in 2100 block of Marlow.

Meredith Zaborski, cell phone from residence in 2000 block of Brussels.

Erron Michener, TV from residence in 500 block of White.

Lisa Jurski, jewelry, computer, tablet, camera, pistol, and revolver from residence in 1900 block of Delence.

Lache Motley, two TVs, computer, electronic game system with controllers and 10 games, and 100 DVDs from residence in 800 block of Woodville.

Patricia Carpenter-White, lawn maintenance equipment, TV, and computer from residence in 1600 block of Macomber.

James Sulewski, air conditioning unit from dwelling in 3200 block of Keemont.

EH Taylor, miscellaneous vehicle parts from building in unit block of Blucher.

Sanhty Viengmany, jewelry, two computers, watch, roller skates, footwear, two electronic game consoles, four bicycles, and three digital music players from residence in 800 block of Geneva.

Stephanie McGovern-Doty, stove and copper piping from residence in 1000 block of Radcliffe.

Kelly McGee, computer, two electronic game systems with controllers from residence in 900 block of Clifton.

Shonda Davis, TV and copper pipe from dwelling in 3300 block of Aldringham.

Christine Neal, cash and TV from residence in 1000 block of Forsythe.

Charles Tull, pistol, rifle, electronic gaming system with controllers, weed trimmer, cordless drill, circular saw, mitre saw, computer, hand tools, reciprocating saw, chainsaw, cash, music system with speakers, air compressor, impact gun, and nail gun from residence and garage in 700 block of Parkside.

Christopher Anukwu, TV from residence in 2000 block of Westwood.

Quiana Borden, 10 pairs of tennis shoes from residence in 3400 block of Middlesex.

William Nation, copper coil from air conditioning unit from house in 900 block of Southover.

Midwest Environmental Control, two air-conditioning units and tool box with tools from former Whittier school building in 4200 block of Walker.

Monica Damschroeder, TV, electronic game system, controllers, and assorted games from residence in 100 block of Page.

Susan Glover, computer from home in 400 block of Navarre.

Tyrice Gaston, three lengths of downspouting from residence in 2500 block of Fulton.

Marcia Wagner, gas-powered lawn mower, hedge trimmer, weed trimmer, and two extension cords from garage at residence in 400 block of Whittemore.

Cityside Management Corp., copper pipe from residence in 1500 block of Crestwood.

Amanda Hooks, prescription medicine from home in 1600 block of Brooke Park.

Luis Guerra, four drills, two weed trimmers, and two extension cords from garage in 1700 block of Vance.

Travis Narewski, three bicycles and weed trimmer from garage in 1400 block of Eleanor.

Lawrence Proshek, copper plumbing from house in 4600 block of Secor.


Tameka Jones, navigation device, DVD player, CD player, and tablet computer from vehicle in 500 block of Market.

Edmund C. Recker, leather clutch, cash, bank cards, keys, and personal papers from tavern in 500 block of Madison.

Elaine Fox, patio swing, lawn mower, fencing, and chair cushions from residence in 1000 block of Prouty.

James Douglas, two men’s gold rings from console of truck parked in 2200 block of Laskey.

Arian Schultz, stereo music system and 12 speakers from vehicle at residence in 1100 block of Amanda.

Andra Parker, .380 pistol, lock, case, and ear muffs from residence in 1700 block of Milburn.

Tabithia Martin, prescription medication from residence in 100 block of Elgin.

Jenna Bannister, stereo system from SUV at residence in 2600 block of Claredale.

Amber Williams, wallet with personal papers and bank card from retail store in 5800 block of Airport.

Shannon Franklin, purse with prescription medicine, bank cards, and personal papers from vehicle in 1800 block of Alvin.

Vivian Holgate, handicap placard from vehicle in 1200 block of Flaire.

AJ Landscaping, two backpack leaf blowers, two grass trimmers, and sidewalk edger from job site in 5000 block of Monroe.

Joseph Emerson, wallet, cash, personal papers, and bank card taken at unknown location; card used at retail store in 2500 block of Glendale.

Markeisha Kynard, purse, pistol, bank cards, and personal papers from car in 3400 block of Bellevue.

Susan Novack, comforter and pearl ring from residence in 4400 block of Berwick.

Ariel Jackson, purse, wallet, and bank cards from van in 2000 block of Croswell.

Andrea McCreary, blank checks from mailbox at residence in 1500 block of Brooke Park.

Maria Gutierrez, check fraud associated with bogus job offer.

Pamela Gregory, purse, eyeglasses, and prescription medication from shopping cart in department store in 2900 block of Glendale.

Timothy Lewallen, cash, wallet, personal papers, tablet computer, and personal papers from vehicle in 1600 block of Twin Oaks.

Teddi Covington and Amber Crosby, two cell phones from vehicle in 100 block of S. Byrne.

Jacqueline Dodenhoff, watch from vehicle in 2600 block of Medford.

Janice Gahler, jewelry from residence in 5300 block of Oakridge.

Deborah Holland, cash from residence in 3500 block of Clawson.

Rosemarie Day, cash, bank card, and personal papers from vehicle in 4200 block of Rugby.

Phillip Beckett, cash, headphones, amplifier, and stereo system from vehicle in 1100 block of Broer.

Thomas Woelfl, Jr., assorted tools from vehicle in parking lot in 2100 block of W. Alexis.


Divorces granted

Lucas County

Deborah Cluckey from Wesley Cluckey.

Holly Stribling from Andre Stribling.

Rachel Harris from Cory Harris.

Jennifer Behan from Trevor Behan.

Trevor Behan from Jennifer Behan.

Victor Saine from Chonda Saine.

Amanda Armstrong from John Armstrong.

James Mossing from Bonnie Fruchey-Mossing.

Sarah Fishler from Aaron Fishler.

Ashley Schiefelbein from Aaron Schiefelbein.

Cynthia Dreyer from Patrick Dreyer.


Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Steven Fugate and Jessica Zablocki-Fugate.

Kassim Manzi and Jessica Harris.

Eric Goldberg and Micki Goldberg.

Douglas Clark and Nicole Clark.

Megan Beale and Brian Beale.

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