Daily Log: 3-25



ProMedica Bay Park Hospital

Kelly and Wade Wolf, Toledo, boy, March 22.

Rebecca and Isaac Marez, Port Clinton, girl, March 24.

Flower Hospital

Leticia White, Toledo, girl, March 15.

Stephanie and Christian Lambardo, Northwood, boy, March 17.

Arleathy Sandridge, Toledo, girl, March 18.

MaryAnn Williams, Toledo, boy, March 21.

ProMedica St. Luke’s Hospital

Jacqueline and Steve Cady, Perrysburg, boy, March 24.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Lisa and Erich Tremblay, Toledo, boy, March 21.

Tasha Frederick, Toledo, boy, March 22.

Angelica Escobar, Toledo, boy, March 23.

ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Cathryn Hahn, Defiance, girl, March 14.

Shanna Coleman, Toledo, girl, March 21.

Maddison Barboza, Toledo, boy, March 21.

Tracy and Todd Friend, Toledo, boy, March 21.

Karen and Eric Kain, Sylvania, boy, March 22.

Destini McBridge, Toledo, boy, March 23.

Shaquell Brown, Toledo, girl, March 23.

Brittnee and Daniel Bonawitt, Temperance, girl, March 23.

Jessica Ringling, Toledo, girl, March 23.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

March 21, 2014

Jamie Collins, 33, computer technician, and Angela Taylor, 30, skilled packer, both of Toledo.

Warren Kowalka, 61, counselor, and Diane Grimes, 62, retired, both of Toledo.

Stephen Walbolt, 40, contractor, and Sarah Miles, 40, nurse, both of Toledo.

Paul Sours, 37, self employed, and Laura Miles, 29, both of Toledo.

Tony Kurth, 33, of Toledo, and Aurora Sutherland, 27, paralegal, of Maumee.

Christopher Weigel, 28, machinest, of Whitehouse, and Rebecca Edington, 30, accounting clerk, of Toledo.

Justin Middaugh, 23, U.S. Army, of Millbury, and Brittany Chitwood, 24, nurse assistant, of Whitehouse.

Christopher Clement, 42, vice president of information technology, and Amy Clement, 42, nurse, both of Maumee.

Fred VanDireson, 48, plumber, of Sylvania, Tracy Gray, 44, janitorial services, of Oshkosh, Wis.

Derkerick White, 35, laborer, and Andrea Tharp, 32, case manager, both of Toledo.

Matthew Engard, 38, operations manager, and Kristi Sadowski, 38, office manager, both of Toledo.

James Wend, II, 37, airline consultant, and Lindsay Davidson, 23, nanny, both of Toledo.

Tyree Wright, 33, and Rebekah Wiersma, 32, nurse assistant, both of Toledo.

Bryant White, 35, and Sheries Nolen, 35, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Ansted, Martha, 81, Erie, Mich., Parkinson’s disease.

Balas, Mary, 97, Southmoor Drive, congestive heart failure.

Bettinger, Melvin, 82, Heatherdowns Boulevard, presumed cancer.

Brooks, Deborah, 57, Grimes Golden Drive, glioblastoma multiforme.

Brooks, Rebecca, 49, Port Clinton, hypoxic encephalopathy.

Brug, Carol, 60, Winterset Drive, hypertensive heart disease

Collins, Elizabeth, 83, 2841 Munding Drive, Oregon, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Compton, Betty, 86, Doyle Street, respiratory failure.

Drake, Maryellen, 99, Naomi Drive, sepsis.

Etue, Timothy, 71, Bentwood Drive, cancer.

Fortner, Deborah, 61, Monroe, sepsis and shock.

Gallagher, William, 83, Keego Harbor, Mich., cerebrovascular accident.

Gruber, Roberta, 81, Centennial Road, Sylvania, cardiac cachexia.

Guest, Holly, 41, Brookview Drive, pending.

Hall, Alvin, 92, Flanders Road, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Huprich, Margaret, 93, Browning Drive, Waterville, arteriosclerosis.

Jones, Patricia, 82, Perrysburg, anoxic brain injury.

Kipplen, Jeanette, 82, Woodbridge Road, dementia.

Lewton, Victor, 62, Wildwood Road, sepsis.

Longnecker, William, 89, Petersburg, Mich., multiorgan failure.

Merritt, Jesse, 56, Cone Street, pending.

Mohn, Jack, 78, Northtowne Court, respiratory failure.

Monroe, Donald, Sr., 87, Olimphia Road, respiratory failure.

Partin, Barbara, 56, 108th Street, pending.

Rock, Bruce, 90, Perrysburg-Holland Road, Holland, congestive heart failure.

Ross, Thomas, 77, Morenci, Mich., congestive heart failure.

Ruhl, Beverly, 88, Bucyrus, Ohio, cerebrovascular accident.

Schaub, Raymond, 71, Petersburg, Mich., coronary artery disease.

Sorge, Evelyn, 87, Farmview Court, cancer.

Vallejo, Refugio, 67, South Avenue, thalamic bleed.

Voth, Susan, 55, Maumee Western Road, Maumee, pneumonia.

Crime reports

Felonious assault

Jason Henson, assaulted outside bar in 1300 block of West Alexis.


Rickardo Thompson, threatened with handgun, robbed of cash and cell phone, and shot at in alley at Paxton and A.

Najay Chambers, assaulted and robbed of cash and cell phone at residence in 3100 block of Glenwood.

Abbie Hibbs, assaulted and robbed of handgun on street at Earl and Willow.

Robin Robinson, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash at residence in 700 block of Tecumseh.