Daily Log: 8-4



ProMedica Bay Park Hospital

Kimberly Morgan, Northwood, girl, Aug. 3.

ProMedica Flower Hospital

Jill and Kenneth Urbaniak, Temperance, girl, Aug. 1.

ProMedica St. Luke’s Hospital

Trawana Smith, Toledo, girl, Aug. 2.

ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Alexandria and Eric Nemeth, Temperance, boy, Aug. 2.

Shannon Williams, Toledo, girl, Aug. 2.

Bianca Krouse, Toledo, girl, Aug. 2.

Stephannie[cq] and Nicholas Avers, Perrysburg, girl, Aug. 2.


Crime reports


Freddie Mac (Federal National Mortgage Corp.) of Carroltown, Texas, copper piping and air conditioner from home in 4200 block of Asbury.

Joseph Eastman, handgun, laptop computer, power cord, and work bag and contents from vehicle at home in 2600 block of Marwood.

Robert Hinshaw, Buffalo, AM/​FM/​DVD player, laptop computer, and speakers from vehicle in 3600 block of Willow Run.



Lucas County

Barry, Pearl, 91, Underwood Street, coronary artery disease.

Bodnar, Lila, 95, Perrysburg-Holland Road, Holland, cerebrovascular accident.

Dixon, Annie, 54, Avondale Avenue, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Edwards, Fredrick, 45, North Detroit Avenue, acute hemorrhage.

Kocher, Lola, 87, Bloomville, Ohio, respiratory failure.

McIntoush, Tyler, 16, Collingwood Boulevard, homicide.

Mehall, Donna, 74, LaSalle, Mich., renal failure.

Payne-Walker, Jasmine, 11 days, North Erie Street, extreme prematurity.

Repko, Janet, 68, Ottawa, Ohio, cerebral vascular accident.

Schmenk, Marcella, 87, South Wynn Road, Oregon, hypertension.

Studenka, Mary, 93, Metamora, Ohio, myelodysplastic disorder.

Wallace, Carol, 66, Neapolis-Whitehouse Road, Whitehouse, hepatic encephalopathy.


Divorces granted

Lucas County

Gregory Cross, Jr. from Sharn Gipson.

Yolanda Oliver from Cylde Hawkins.

Seronda Robinson from Archie Harris.

Courtney Walker from Brian Walker.

Steven Parnell, Sr., from Curtress Foster.

Laura Vasquez from Alfredo Vasquez.

Laverna McGee from Larry McGee.

Katie Cousino from Kelvin Mays.

Orlando Rivera, Sr., from Olga Rivera.

John Turntine from Evon Turntine.

John January from Chery January.

Michael Hannah from Brisida Hannah.

Christina Varwig from Michael Varwig.

Vanessa Vespo from Mohammed Nahhas.

Danielle Douglas from Daniel Douglas.

Devoren Garn from Douglas Garn.

Douglas Garn from Devoren Garn.

Trisha Butera from Randy Butera.

Randy Butera from Trisha Butera.

David Wonacott from Vonnie Wonacott.

Vonnie Wonacott from David Wonacott.

Nicole Reece from Boyd Reece, Jr.

Tyler Hollenkamp from Samantha Hollenkamp.

Joshua Guilda from Erica Beard.

Joseph Wasserstrom from Martina Wasserstrom.

Christopher Burns from Jennifer Burns.

Jennifer Burns from Christopher Burns.


Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

William Marquis and Krista Marquis.

Linda Jones and Tyrone Jones.

Matthew Diakonis and Desiree Diakonis.

KaraPastorek and Gary Gates.

Tysir Stelmaszak and Jason Stelmaszak.

Daniel Reihing and Rocleen Reihing.

Charlene Metzger and Ricky Metzger.