Daily Log: 8-26



Mercy St. Charles Hospital

Lori and Matthew Decant, Perrysburg, girl, Aug. 23.

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

DeShana and Corey Layson, Jr., Toledo, girl, Aug. 21.

Jenna and Jonathon Wesolowski, Erie, Mich., boy, Aug. 23.

ProMedica Bay Park Hospital

Tanika and Michael Carter, Sylvania, boy, Aug. 21.

Alyssa Sharp, Toledo, girl, Aug. 23.

Jasmine Bucher, Napoleon, girl, Aug. 24.

ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Krystal Bennett, Oregon, girl, Aug. 2.

Michelle and Michael Sharp, Toledo, boy, Aug. 22.

Jamie and Luke Powers, Fayette, Ohio, boy, Aug. 22.

Alexa and Alex Crahan, Toledo, boy, Aug. 22.

Danajuah Holmes, Toledo, boy, Aug. 23.

Ashley Winter, Toledo, girl, Aug. 23.

Emily and Chad Clark, Toledo, boy, Aug. 23.

Janelle Evan, Toledo, boy, Aug. 23.

Kohrea McKinney, Toledo, boy, Aug. 25.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Aug. 22, 2014

Stephen Cox, 29, pipefitter, of Vienna, Ohio, and Alison Quinn, 25, event consultant, of Waterville.

Christopher Boyd, 26, premise technician, and Cortney Fontaine, 23, both of Toledo.

Michael Barnes, 31, laborer, of Luna Pier, Mich., and Kerri Griffin, 36, secretary, of Temperance.

Matthew Bellfy, 48, tool maker, of Toledo, and Danielle Prayther, 46, medical laboratory technician, of Lambertville.

Kevin Meyer, 50, supervisor, and Dawn Pier, 43, nurse, both of Toledo.

Earl Edwards, 62, truck driver, Joan Murray, 54, both of Toledo.

Miguel Martinez, II, 23, forklift driver, and Jessica Brimmer, 24, preschool teacher assistant, both of Toledo.

Kenneth Harper, 31, Marine Corps, and Kyle Gould, 23, Marine Corps, both of Whitehouse.

Myron Colins, 50, attorney, of Toledo, and Amy Deily, 46, sign language interpreter, of Maumee.

David Digby, 45, supervisor, and Denise Digby, 49, manager, both of Toledo.

Armand Gary, 31, operational supervisor, and Aisha Clayworth, 32, phlebotomy, both of Toledo.

Charles McBride, 28, material handler, and Alizia Moore, 27, probation officer, both of Toledo.

Aaron Eubank, 42, HVAC installer, an Sara Mandrelle, 29, homemaker, both of Sylvania.

Edmund Matuszynski, 45, painter, and Loraina Knoblauch, 33, both of Toeldo.

Joel Molina, 27, driver, and Linet Machin, 22, manager, both of Toledo.

David Smith, Jr., 25, delivery driver, and Jessica Taylor, 24, toddler teacher, both of Toledo.

Dennis Broaden, 45, dietary, and Precious Braswell, 31, student, both of Toledo.

Sean McCarthy, 25, construction manager, and Rachel Hanus, 24, medial aesthetician, both of Toledo.

Corey Smith, 23, train conductor, and Jasmine Levesque-Neal, 24, teacher, both of Toledo.


Lucas County

Albert, Essie, 75, Mulberry Street, anoxic brain injury.

Bellner, John, 88, Nautica Court, Maumee, sepsis.

Burford, Donna, 43, Navarre Avenue, Oregon, urosepsis.

Clay, Joyce, 65, Sandringham Drive, subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Conley, Rivers, Jr., 89, Sugarmaple Lane, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Crawford, Robert, 79, Perrysburg, hypernatremia.

Davis, Eugene, 99, Copland Boulevard, Alzheimer’s dementia.

Gonzales, David, 30, Bradmore Drive, pending.

Greunke, Gladys, 96, River Road, coronary artery disease.

McGovern, Constance, 71, Iroquois Drive, Oregon, coronary thrombisis.

Mikesell, Charles, Jr., 72, Perrysburg-Holland Road, Holland, multisystem atrophy.

Preciado, John, 56, Westbank Road, suicide.

Rombkowski, Eleanor, 83, Parkridge Lane, cerebrovascular accident.

Tanner, George, 81, Gibson Drive, metastatic sarcoma.

Tate, Daniel, 52, Glendale Avenue, liver failure.

Crime reports


Demarko Davis, punched in the face after giving an acquaintance, who stole the victim’s cell phone and cash a ride at Airport and Bookview.

Stephen Henning, robbed at gunpoint of clothing in the 5800 block of Yermo; clothing was recovered.


Richard Miller, lawn mower and Bible cover stolen, shed and vehicle in the 200 block of East Weber.

Jeffery Lathon, numerous electronics and jewelry stolen from a residence in the 1100 block of Marmion.

Charles Lancaster, unknown person broke in home in 2500 block of Rosedale, no loss reported.

Jodi Perez, computer from residence in the 3700 block of Leybourn.

Rozanna Navratil, TV from residence in the 500 block of Arden.

Sammie Butts, handgun and personal papers from residence in the 600 block of Waverly.

Shirley Berry, various electronics, jewelry, air conditioning unit, and food from residence in the 300 block of Hiett.

State of Ohio, stove, freezer, and scrap metal from residence in the 1500 block of Belmont.

Warren Sherman Flats, money orders from residence in the 2300 block of Ashland.

Marsha Kramer, electronic tablet and accessories from residence in the 300 block of Champion.

Kit Richland Properties LLC, copper pipes from vacant property in the 1800 block of Arlington.

Rose Matthews, two TVs from residence in the 200 block of Knower.

Thomas Babcock, motorcycle, two leather jackets, and black leather chaps from garage in the 500 block of South Detroit.

Jim Stychala, dirt bike from garage of residence in 700 block of South Westwood.

Ahkeela Brazzel, unknown person broke in home in 2500 block of West Village, no loss reported.


Barbara Bauer, electronics from residence in the 500 block of Lodge.

Christopher Essex, electronics, sunglasses, book bag, credit cards from residence in the 4500 block of Monroe.

Antonio Villarreal, tools from residence in the unit block of Magyar.

Ronald Komives, guns from residence in the 400 block of Whittemore.

Jennifer White, furniture and electronics from residence in the 2900 block of Tremainsville.

Roger Raby, medication from residence in the 1300 block of McClure.

Evelyn Kelds, tools and electronics from residence in the 5400 block of Douglas.

Stanley Woody, tires and rims stolen from vehicle in the 6000 block of Willowvale.

Denise Snyder, medication from purse in the 2200 block of Cherry.

Rodney Farthing, two coin-operated washing machines, two stoves, one dryer from residence in the 4300 block of Hill.

Imagine Clay Avenue Community School, 30 laptop computers from school in the 1100 block of Horace.

Randy Fidel, tires and rims from vehicle in the 5600 block of Gay.

Apollo Scott, personal papers from vehicle in the 1700 block of North Westwood.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

James Clayborne from Regina Finney.

Mary Pechette from Ty Pechette.

Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Glenn Harris and Luanne Harris.

Genesis Downey and Paul Burkhardt.

Mikhail Galperin and Ludmila Galperin.

Scott Arend and Karen Arend.

Derek Sowell and Violet Sowell.

Jodi Sabino and David Sabino, Sr.

Lamonica Bronaugh and Anthony Bronaugh, Sr.

Helen White and Edward White.

Jennifer Hildebrand and Benjamin Hildebrand.

Gregory Jones and Deborah Orloff.

William Sterling and Yanile Sterling.

Michael Stachowiak and Erin Stachowiak.

Alice McCourt and Cecil McCourt.

Libertye Leszkai and Aaron Leszkai.

Keith Godlewski and Amy Godlewski.

William Anderson, Jr. and Noel Anderson.

Jamison Lane and Davina Lane.