Daily Log: 1/29





Mercy Health St. Charles Hospital


Hayley Stout, Toledo, boy, Jan. 24.


Megan and Daniel Barhite, Toledo, boy, Jan. 27.


Jeanna and Kyle Beck, Elmore, girl, Jan. 27.


Rachael Gorney, Toledo, boy, Jan. 27.


Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center


Barbara and Cody Ward, Swanton, girl, Jan. 23.


Stacie and Christopher Feix, Rossford, triplets, two boys and one girl, Jan. 26.


ProMedica Toledo Hospital


Angela and Jamie Collins, Toledo, boy, Jan. 25.


Adriana Ruiz and Marcus Harrison, Toledo, boy, Jan. 26.


ProMedica Flower Hospital


Alicia and Jonathan Reitz, Northwood, girl, Jan. 23.


Cayla and Joshua Davis, Blissfield, Mich., girl, Jan. 23.


Amy and Mike Brumley, Oregon, boy, Jan. 25.


Sierra Bernal, Toledo, girl, Jan. 24.


Coroner’s rulings


The Lucas County Coroner has ruled in the following deaths:


Jane Bennett, 43, of Walbridge, Sept. 5, at Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center. Accidental, multiple blunt force injuries sustained from vehicle accident.


Jean Bigler, 94, of Toledo, Dec. 9, at St. Luke’s Hospital. Accidental, complication of a hip fracture; deceased fell at home.


Lauren Burgin, 24, of Holland, Aug. 27, at home. Accidental, combined drug toxicity (fentanyl and cocaine).


Robert Cordrey, 79, of Rossford, Ohio, Dec. 11, at Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center. Suicide, drowning; deceased drowned himself.


Joshua Douglas, 30, of Findlay, Ohio, July 1, at anoxic encephalopathy due to cocaine toxicity.


Brandon Goebel, 42, of Walbridge, Ohio, Aug. 26, at ProMedical Toledo Hospital. Accidental, fentanyl toxicity.


Robert Hahn, 79, of Toledo, Nov. 8, at home. Accidental, drowning; deceased was found submerged in water in bath tub.


Scott Hibbs, 58, of Toledo, May 27, at home. Accidental, combined drug toxicity (acrylfentanyl, amitriptyline, cocaethyline, and cocaine).


Robert Howe, 63, of Toledo, Dec. 9, at home. Suicide, asphyxia; deceased hanged himself.


Connie Hughley, 62, of Toledo, Aug. 6, at home. Accidental, chronic obstructive pulmonary; deceased had recent cocaine usage.


Sean McLaughlin, 31, of Toledo, Aug. 19, at home. Accidental, polysubstance usage including cocaine and acrylfentanyl.


Casey Monroe, 21, of Burgoon, Ohio, Oct. 16, at Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center. Accidental, multiple blunt force trauma to chest and abdomen sustained from vehicle accident.


Harley Tinkler, 48,of Toledo, Oct. 16, at home. Suicide, deceased hanged himself.


Patricia Van Allen, 89, of Holland, Dec. 9, at Hospice of Northwest Ohio, on South Detroit. Accidental, complications of blunt force trauma to head sustained from a fall at home.


James Yonts, 32, of Bloomville, Ohio, Aug. 5, at ProMedica Toledo Hospital. Accidental, complications of cocaine toxicity.