Daily Log: 9/4



ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Genesis Lopez, Toledo, boy, Aug. 31. 

Shannon Notestine, Toledo, girl, Sept. 1. 

Melissa and Todd Poma, Temperance, boy, Sept. 1.

Mariah and Peter Samberg, Perrysburg, girl, Sept. 1. 

Samantha Tibble, Toledo, boy, Sept. 1.

Jami and Vincent Bolton, Wes- ton, Ohio, boy, Sept. 2. 

Allison Roberts, Swanton, boy, Sept. 2.

Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Michael Arndt and Mary Arndt.

Valerie Hummer and Donald Hummer.

Lisa Yost and Troy Yost.

Heather Hoffman and Scott Hoffman.

Kevin Tawes and Jamie Dowling-Tawes.

Jennifer East and Bradley East.

James Peace and Tammy Peace.

Richard Confer, Jr., and Heidi Leroux-Confer.

Rhonda Risner and Michael Risner.

Nicole Foley and Trina Foley.

Irene Collins and Michael Collins.

Amy Isley and Jeremy Isley.

Rikarah Neal and Marvin Neal.

Amanda Geraghty and Thomas Geraghty.

Stacy Saccucci and Thomas Wilhelm.

Natalie VanEtten and Steven VanEtten.

Latoya Lott and Evor Grier.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Rita Myers from James Myers.

Crystal Clegg from Everett Clegg.

Leilani Skiles from Mark Skiles.

Christina Overvee from Brian Joseph.

Allison Schroeder from Nicholas Schroeder.

Nicholas Schroeder from Allison Schroeder.

Rachael Scott from Teddy Scott.

Teddy Scott from Rachael Scott.

Scott Krotzer from Michelle Krotzer.

Alison Reardon from Patrick Reardon.

Patrick Reardon from Alison Reardon.

Jaclyn Eshman from Chad Eshman.

April Sanchez from John Robinson.

Earl Patterson from Darlene Patterson.

Darlene Patterson from Earl Patterson.

Kevin Hornbeak from Rhonda Harris.

Rita Farnsworth from Michael Farnsworth.

Monica Torres from Carlos Torres.

Carlos Torres from Monica Torres.

Brandy Loera-Martinez from David Loera-Martinez.

Danielle Manning from Joseph Manning.

Angelica Montez from Richard Adlington.

Heather Curry from Carl Curry.

Marlena Perez from Armando Perez.

Nicole McKenzie from Derek Greenley.

Kimberly O’Meara-Schmidt from Jeffrey Schmidt.

Toni Lynch-Bradish from Jonathon Bradish.

Napoleon Howard from Dana Bowman-Howard.

Joanna Martin from Fredell Martin.

Myra Larkett from Gregory Larkett.

Walther Loney from Tina Loney.

Samanya Sankofa from Bomani Sankofa.

Ayesha Osborne from Lyndell Osborne.

Lyndell Osborne from Ayesha Osborne.

Dana Leidy from William Leidy.

William Leidy from Dana Leidy.