Daily Log: 9/4



ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Deborah Idialu and Clement Ubunama, Toledo, boy, Aug. 31.

Trisha Hernandez, Napoleon, Ohio, boy, Sept. 1.

Cassandra and Joshua Bishop, Sylvania, girl, Sept. 1.

Sheena Bounds, Toledo, girl, Sept. 2.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Sara and Corey Roberts, Sylvania, boy, Sept. 4.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Aug. 31, 2018

Lance Mushung, 52, architect, and Kelley Babb, 45, designer, both of Monroe.

Osama Francis, 40, manager, and Andrea Hudak, 37, librarian, both of Holland.

Travis Reid, 26, production worker, and Arianna Pigram, 18, homemaker, both of Toledo.

Hisham Bassiouni, 53, physician’s assistant, of Oregon, and Hana Orabi, 49, architect, of Windham, Conn.

Frank Nagle III, 28 project coordinator, of Monclova Township, and Alyson Lundy, 31, marketing specialist, of Sylvania.

Mohamed Ahmed, 28, social worker, of Burnsville, Minn., and Sarah Alfaham, 32, social worker, of Toledo.

JaVon Randolph, 27, factory worker, and Kristianna Harpe, 24, factory worker, both of Toledo.

Caleb Croniser, 25, nurse, of Toledo, and Felicia Van Dress, 22, teacher, of Holland.

Terrance Grainger, 38, truck driver, and Danielle Foltz, 39, production, both of Toledo.

Padraic McClure, 28, attorney, and Tasha Patek, 28, wellness coordinator, both of Toledo.

Mickey Fisher, 30, painter, and Alexandria Estvanik, 26, registration, both of Toledo.

Matthew Lackey, 23, cashier, and Tessa Kennedy, 24, both of Toledo.

Jedidiah Kania, 23, sales, and Alexandra Dowell, 21, both of Toledo.

Eric Moody, 49, and Veronica Santana, 40, both of Toledo.

Forrest Manning, 23, banking, and Stephanie Baker, 26, physical therapist, both of Toledo.

Jon LeMay, Jr., 30, and Kayla Dickes, 30, both of Toledo.

Jordan Rincon, 24, maintenance, and Kayla Lawrence, 22, homemaker, both of Adrian.

Timmy Slone, 48, auto worker, of Romulus, Mich., and Shelly Piddock, 47, FedEx, of Toledo.

James Watts II, 43, nurse, and Heather Kinsman, 44, administrative assistant, both of Maumee.

Christopher Walczak, 46, skilled operator, and Michelle Guzman, 31, both of Toledo.

Eugene Coker, Jr., 56, production worker, and Krysta Green, 47, direct care worker, both of Monroe.

Heather Bedford, 22, bartender, and Ichrak Keraani, 26, student, both of Toledo.

Zachary Todd, 25, pipefitter, and Kendra Hawk, 22, dietary server, both of Toledo.

Jacob Benson, 30, sales representative, and Katelyn Gotha, 30, human resources, both of Toledo.

Richard Ticey, 49 weather technician, and Rubalyan Staples, 44, housekeeping, both of Toledo.

Sean Lewallen, 30, financial analyst, and Emily Schneider, 30, human resources manager, both of Holland.

Abdullah Baawad, 26, student, and Savannah Koehler, 19, sales associate, both of Toledo.

Kevin Snyder, 33, mechanic, and Angela Potes, 28, medical assistant, both of Adrian.

Matthew Matey, 26, sales, and Kelsey Gajdostik, 28, medical assistant, both of Toledo.

Ramon Juarez, 25, and Michelle Torres, 27, factory worker, both of Toledo.

John Poole, 46, welder, and Jasmine Olinger, 27, both of Toledo.

Joseph Rozek, 59, self-employed, and Lorenzo Williams, 68, retired, both of Toledo.