Daily Log: 9/6



Mercy Health 

St. Vincent Medical Center

Haley Williams and Christopher O’Blenis, Toledo, boy, Sept. 1.

Alexis Circle, Delta, Ohio, girl, Sept. 1.

Heather Beasley, Toledo, girl, Sept. 1.

ProMedica Bay Park Hospital

Rheanna Addison, Port Clinton, Ohio, boy, Sept. 4.

Mackenzie Seckel, Genoa, Ohio, boy, Sept. 5.

ProMedica Flower Hospital

Sasha and Ryan Puppos, Lambertville, girl, Aug. 30.

Brittany Dewitz, Toledo, girl, Aug. 31.

Carolyn and Antonio Gomez, Maumee, girl, Aug. 31.

Rebecca and Patrick Nowacki, Dundee, Mich., boy, Sept. 2.

Julia and Nicholas Randles, Perrysburg, girl, Sept. 4.

ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Selecia Lawson, Toledo, boy, Aug. 26.

Shannon Notestine and Sean Hatch, Toledo, girl, Sept. 1.

Shari and Grant Norte, Sylvania, boy, Sept. 2.

Alicia Hickle and Kyle Fleck, Toledo, girl, Sept. 2.

Tia and Zachary Rost, Sylvania, boy, Sept. 2.

Lindsay and Collin Rayle, Toledo, boy, Sept. 2.

Jalinda Shavers, Toledo, girl, Sept. 2.

Sabrina Beczynski, Toledo, boy, Sept. 2.

Olivia Clark, Toledo, boy, Sept. 3.

St. Luke’s Hospital

Tiffany and Bruce Guyer, Malinta, Ohio, Sept. 4.

Alyse and Cory Snider, Bowling Green, girl, Sept. 5.

Crime reports


Tyler Evans, fatally shot in 2400 block of Glenwood near West Delaware.

Felonious assaults

Melvin Dysart, assaulted in 800 block of Oakwood.

Rodney Stewart, shot in 700 block of North Michigan.