Daily Log: 9/10



ProMedica Flower Hospital

Alisia Brewer, Toledo, boy, Sept. 5.

Kathryn and Nicholas Capaul, Ida, Mich., girl, Sept. 7.

ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Caitlin and Shaun Young, Blissfield, Mich., boy, Sept. 6.

Alexsia Garcia, Toledo, girl, Sept. 7.

Victoria and Joshua Palenske, Swanton, girl, Sept. 7.

Cheniqua Gibson, Toledo, boy, Sept. 7.

Marriage licenses

Lucas County

Sept. 5, 2018

Kenneth Austin, 50, and Ariel Grant, 36, both of Toledo

Michael Angel, 29, recruiter, and Vanglorious Burres, 26, accountant, both of Whitehouse.

Austin Lett, 27, machinist, and Alicha Stevens, 25, medical assistant, both of Ottawa Lake, Mich.

Timothy Mawhorter, 40, sales, and Erin Keyes, 33, physical therapist assistant, both of Oregon.

Sept. 6, 2018

Steven Fuller, 25, grocery store clerk, and Amanda Kelleym, 24, receptionist, both of Toledo.

John Dickendasher, 27, engineer, and Amber Mayle, 24, customer service representative, both of Toledo.

Rasheen Burrus, 46, real estate investment, and Colena Green, 37, nurse, both of Toledo.

Terry Stachowiak, 41, manager, and Laura Nofziger, 28, nurse, both of Toledo.

Alexander Miron, 28, theater operator, and Kellie Ward, 27, customer service, both of Maumee.

Riley Sproul, 27, and Brianne Walsh, 28, dog groomer, both of Toledo.

Jessica Wood, 25, server, and Kaitlin Brown, 25, sales representative, both of Toledo.

Daniel Morrin, 30, self employed, and Christina Robinson, 29, electrician, both of Toledo.

James Beuregard, 28, driver, and Kimberly Huber, 26, barista, both of Toledo.

Eric Klingensmith, 30, web developer, and Shaelyn Taylor, 32, pharmacy technician, both of Toledo.

Crime reports


Patrick Long, assaulted and robbed of cell phone, prescription glasses, and wallet with contents on street in 2600 block of Tremainsville.

Jared the Galleria of Jewelry, store in 5000 block of Monroe robbed of merchandise.

Dollar General, cashier threatened with handgun and robbed of cash from register at store in 5700 block of Secor.

Kenneth Moore, assaulted and robbed of wallet with contents in 700 block of Locust.


Cerina Winters, keys from residence in 1300 block of North Superior.

Queen of Apostles School, nothing reported stolen from school in 200 block of Courtland.

Frances Brown, jewelry, televisions, and clothes from residence in 1100 block of Country Creek.

Craig Willis, lawn tools from garage in 2500 block of Robinwood.

Benjamin Cannon, safe, medicine, cash, credit cards, and personal documents from property in 1900 block of North Holland-Sylvania.

Robert Truss, handgun and windows from residence in 600 block of Avondale.

Dollar Tree, merchandise from store in 500 block of Dorr.

Romanoff Electric Co. LLC, nothing reported stolen from business in 500 block of Fassett.

Dominique Carrington, television and cable box from residence in 900 block of West Woodruff.

Hannah Hurt, dog from residence in 3100 block of Corydon.

Chad Brown, television and cell phone from residence in 300 block of Graham.

Yousaf Sultan, nothing reported stolen from property in 2000 block of North 12th.

Jasmine McCall, nothing reported stolen from residence in 300 block of Steadman.

St. Martin de Porres Church, nothing reported stolen from church in 1100 block of Bancroft.

Crystal Booker, video-game systems with games from residence in 400 block of Southgate Circle.

Salomon Garcia, assaulted and robbed of cash, bank card, and cell phone at Gordon and South Hawley.

Erin Caskey, nothing reported stolen from residence in 4400 block of Fairview.

Keisauna White, clothes from residence in 100 block of Ravine Park Village.

Jake Harrigan, air conditioner and copper pipes from residence in 1500 block of Colton.

American Legion Post 553, liquor and cash register with cash from building in 200 block of South Byrne.

Bryan Coutcher, carpet, heater, and duffel bag from residence in 2200 block of North Erie.

Michael Brown, cash from residence in 600 block of Ogden.

Allen Beat, lawn maintenance equipment from garage in 5900 block of Gany Mede.

Melanie Hicks, televisions from residence in 700 block of Buffalo.

Villa, mannequin and merchandise from store in 500 block of Dorr, with mannequin later recovered.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, television from building in 1300 block of Collingwood.

Ronnie Tucker, television remote controller from residence in 1000 block Indiana.

Jonishia Dotson, bed headboard from residence in 5100 block of Norwich.

Zacchaeus Cooper, cash from residence in 1800 block of North Summit.

Arthur Purtee, assaulted and robbed of cash and credit card during burglary at residence in 600 block of Platt.

Amer Singer, video-game system, televisions, CD and DVD players from residence in 400 block of Utah.

Krista Walters, burglary reported in 1500 block of Watova.

Brandyn Hedges, cash and vehicle with tools and equipment from residence in 400 block of Mayfair.

Derrick Murphy, vehicle, smart phone, pairs of shoes, television, and video-game system with accessories from residence in 2200 block of Walnut.

Thomas Boyce, lawnmower from garage in 1700 block of Wilton.

Karen Traczyk, purse with contents from residence in 700 block of Linda.

UNB Soul Food Restaurant and Cafe, cash from registers at restaurant in 1800 block of South Reynolds.

Cricket Wireless, nothing reported stolen from store in 3000 block of Glendale.

Philomena Adams, nothing reported stolen from garage in 5600 block of Home.

Asia Turner, television from residence in 5500 block of Lewis.

Bridget Sniadecki, tools and equipment from garage in 200 block of Shoreham.

Patricia Bitticks, rims, fishing poles, and lawnmower from property in 200 block of East Oakland.

Jarret Cloutier, nothing reported stolen from garage in 700 block of Linda.

Mikayla Alexander, threatened with handgun and robbed of cash during burglary at residence in 1800 block of South Ottawa Cove.

Angelo Walker, assaulted and robbed of cash at Brame and Kelly.

Michelle Thomas, video-game system from residence in 3200 block of Glenwood.

Bria Allen, motor bike from residence in 3900 Block of Berkeley.

Samuel Garner, air conditioner and clothes from residence in 200 block of Rockingham.

San Marcos Taqueria, register with cash and boxes of liquor and beer from restaurant in 2000 block of West Laskey.

China Palace, cash from register at restaurant in 3300 block of Glendale.

Midtown Food Mart III, cash, jewelry, handgun, and rolls of lottery tickets from safe at store in 6200 block of Hill.

Schaedler Enterprises Inc., batteries from business in 1800 block of East Manhattan.

Deoshia Long, televisions from residence in 1500 block of Brooke Park.

Ray Woods, television from residence in 4500 block of Vermaas.

Tramayne Overton, television, food-stamp card, and calling card from residence in 2300 block of Airport.

Sue Ohler, jewelry and coins from residence in 3200 block of Oak Grove.

Evangeline Ford, tools and cameras from residence in 1700 block of Locust.

Divorces granted

Lucas County

Dana Leidy from William Leidy.

William Leidy from Dana Leidy.

Latazia Williams from Alonta Palmer.

Shnitra Rizo from John Rizo.

Alonzo Baker, Jr., from Noella Baker.

Neda Archie from Dawuan Smith.

John Abshire from Jennifer Abshire.

Leah Bauknecht from Dylan Martin.

Jamie Neal from Eric Neal.

Jennifer Pellegrini from Eric Pellegrini.

Esteea Scott from Herman Scott III.

Corrina Pierce from Jimmy Pierce.

Trina Chandler from Phillip Chandler.

Terrance Grainger from Donella Speigner.

Abra Jackson from Joey Jackson.

Jennifer Mann from Brent Doerfler.

Zheng Huang from Ying Deng.

Ying Deng from Zheng Huang.

Tony Simmons from Tonya Gray.

Valerie Hager from Allan Hager.

Shawnda Hill from Mark Hill.

Charles Harris, Jr., from Jessica Harris.

Sierra Frank from Dustin Frank.

Damita Frazier from Norman Frazier.

Donald Stuchel from Andrea Stuchel.

Donna Chiles-Strickland from Walter Strickland.

Cheryl Luna from Joe Luna, Jr.

Renee Roberson from Dakarai Roberson.

Richard Navarre from Shawnee Navarre.

Jolene Leese from Jesse Leese.

Ashley Jones from Christopher Jones.

Stacy McGinister from Blaine Thomas.

Angela Gangway from Timothy Gangway II.

Rebecca Rouppas from Logan Rouppas.

Mitchell Marshall, Jr., from Melody Chiles.

Dora Yockey from Mark Yockey.

David Sharp from Cassie Sharp.

Bethany Harris from Gary Harris.

Charles Shoudt from Christina Shoudt.

Gail Post from Mark Post.

Eric Worden from Gloria Worden.

Gloria Worden from Eric Worden.

Michael Miller from Wendy Miller.

Jennifer Wilson from Brian Wilson.

Brian Wilson from Jennifer Wilson.

Rebecca Breidenbach from Scott Breidenbach.

Larry Phillips from Amy Phillips.

Dissolutions granted

Lucas County

Jenny Archer and Robert Archer.

Willie McKinney, Jr., and Ronnell McKinney.

Donald Kerlin and Patricia Kerlin.

Gary Valerio and Julie Valerio.

Michele Henderson and Shanin Herderson.