Daily Log: 9/11



Mercy Health 

St. Vincent Medical Center

Mary Pustay and David Bland, Toledo, boy, Sept. 4.

Alayna Braswell, Toledo, boy, Sept. 7.

Kayla and Boston Demecs, Tole- do, girl, Sept. 10.

ProMedica Flower Hospital

Gina and Jason Howard, Delta, Ohio, boy, Sept. 5.

Jessica and Ryan Spann, Sylvania, girl, Sept. 6.

Erin and Jeff Gratop, Toledo, girl, Sept. 6.

ProMedica Toledo Hospital

Shari and Grant Norte, Sylvania, boy, Sept. 2.

Dontaisa Phillips, Toledo, boy, Sept. 4.

Jennifer and William Seal, Sylvania, girl, Sept. 5.

Veronica Bigelow and Kennedy Yarber, Toledo, boy, Sept. 5.

Shardae Gipson and Moe Allison, Toledo, girl, Sept. 6.

Alexandria Bernier, Toledo, girl, Sept. 6.

Tasnim Jueitem and Ayoub Alnajjar, Toledo, boy, Sept. 6.

Sonya and Gregory Bracho, Toledo, boy, Sept. 7.

Andrea Gant-Brown and Lance Brown, Toledo, girl, Sept. 8.

Crime reports


Andrea Ginter, jewelry from residence in 4900 block of Jackman.

Adam Cummins, handgun from vehicle in 700 block of North Erie.

Scott Laplante, license plates off vehicle at Jay and Oak.

Jessica Mendez, medicine from 700 block of Western.

Linda Campbell, bicycles from vehicle in 2900 block of Middlesex.

Hayley Rinke, personal checks, jewelry, and nursing bags from vehicle at Shelbourne and Sherbrooke.

Karen Hall, debit cards from vehicle in 700 block of Continental.

Ahmad Abdulhak, wallet with contents from 200 block of Middlebury.

Michael Barclay, debit cards, cell phone, and keys from vehicle in 1000 block of Brookview.

Quincy Russell, medicine from residence in 1300 block of Felt.

Justine Childress, handgun from 5800 block of Yermo.

Martin Jones, handgun from 1800 block of Miami.

Khadijah Abdulrahman, wallet with contents from 200 block of North Huron.

CLM Midwest Inc., equipment from porch at business in 5300 block of Secor.

James Austin, credit card from 1500 block of Western.